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  1. I have a photo here of Paul and his grandson in "FIFI".  If you'd send me your E-mail address I'd send it to you sinc I seem to be unableto put it on the Red Power forum,  best, randy


    randysohn             captsohn@gmail.com

    1. Ihcubguy


      clbing@verizon.net is my address.  Is it something you would like me to post on the site?

  2. tried to send some photos on here of when i was requalifying paul tibbets in the b-29, can't seem to make it work without your E-mail address, anyhow best, randy sohn   captsohn@gmail.com 

  3. art, did u just send me a mesage on pm?  dind't get it, best, randy sohn

  4. can u send me your e mail address, something here from maenads tag ti wanted to fwd to you, best, randy sohn captsohn@gmail.com

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