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  1. Who did they copy...

    Chuckle, concur! best, randy
  2. Meet Boomer ! The Holstein dog

    "Awwwwwhhhhhhh!" <grin> best, randy
  3. What Happens When YOU Exercise YOUR Constitutional Rights

    Ghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr best, randy <chuckle>
  4. Guess that I'm more of an (the) Olds guy. best, randy
  5. Prolly I should'a also included the powerplants, the B-29s had Wright 18 cylinder R-3350 engines, then when Boeing further evolved thst design into the C-97s it had Prattt & Whitney 28 cylinder R-4360s. R-3350s were 2200 HP and the R-4360s (we called it the "corncob" on account of it's 28 cyls, 4 rows of 7 cylinders) were 3500 horses. best, randy
  6. Yup, thanks , now I see, a KC-97. The C-97 was a transport, the KC-97 was a refueler version with a boom, both were double decked modifications of the B-29. Flown them all, and thanks for the photos. best, randy
  7. It wasn`t even opened yet!

    True. best, randy
  8. Looked thru all lhe photos hoping to find/see that 29, wondering which one it is? best, randy
  9. Scary ladders

    Yup, same-oh to SFO before I retired. Interesting to see, was! best, randy
  10. Scary ladders

    Si, concur! best, randy
  11. Scary ladders

    Unh, "burned up" might be a better description than "blew up". best, randy
  12. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Yup, true. Our 1950/1951? Chevy 6400 two-ton had a vacumn shift two-speed rear axe. best, randy
  13. No horses after this round!

    Wow, that sounds even more serious than a brain conclusion. (chuckle) best, randy
  14. Scary ladders

    Iz'zat safety netting/ropes/etc. though that I see there in that photo? best, randy
  15. No horses after this round!

    Wow, that sounds serious, is that worse than a concussion? best, randy
  16. No horses after this round!

    Head shakin' mode here! best, randy
  17. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Jere, X2 from here. best, randy
  18. Something From Mr. Sohn's Neck Of The Woods

    Interesting to see how life has changed. I (born 1934) grew up south of Lake Park, Iowa and then we moved north of town (few miles into Minnesota) in 1945. I was fascinated with having REA electricity and being able to turn on a light with a pull cord instead of having to alight an aladin (kerosene) lamp. And that photo of milking into a pail and when the cow would switch her tail (horseflies) and swat you in the face with that crappy tail. best, randy (good ole days <g>)
  19. New member

    Concur with BOTH! best, randy
  20. Guns

    Sadly - concur. best, randy
  21. Guess ill spend the night in town....

    Have had a lot on the ground here this winter, by this morning a goodly portion of it was gone. Then, about 3 this afternoon, it started coming down, wet, looks like about 7" on the surface here out there so far. best, randy (south 20 miles of Twin Cities in MN)
  22. Seat parts

    IIRC, that was built by Monroe , had a "tip-up" seat. Our M had one. best, randy
  23. Does anyone clean spark plugs anymore?

    Yup, that entry sure brought back memories. So yup, cleaning them is/was fine in my book. best, randy
  24. Guess ill spend the night in town....

    Radio and TV lower "crawlers" are full of school closings/delays around here, Must all be anticipation? Great day here in the Twin Cities area. Anyhow, down home in the NW Iowa (Lake Park/Spirit Lake/Okiboji) area where I grew up we always had snow fences put up in the fall in the fields. best, randy
  25. 500 hour M on page 33

    First quote - re if it looked original, chuckle, I've got some oceanfront property in AZ that you might like. Second quote - did see a few repainted at Les Rowe Impl./Watland Impl./etc. when sold but they used the decals in use at that time, back when it was McCormick-Deering and the IH logo wasn't yet around. Third quote - true, paint used during WW II faded quite rapidily. best, randy (like I said, it's original only once)