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    Head shakin' mode here - concur! best, randy
  2. Yup, that's most likely it. Separate deal, been to the Allentown airport several years ago, Bethleham Steel Co. was there and they had a Convair 580. best, randy
  3. Not germane to the rest of the replies that you've gotten here but, IIRC, I seem to dimly recall a metal sign from a l-o-n-g time ago that was about LEHIGH BEVERAGES? best, randy
  4. Randy Sohn

    John Deere

    Yup, concur, dad did that to our 37 F-20 when we converted to rubber after the war. best, randy
  5. Dunno for sure, meb'be was where I ran all the flight controls thru before takeoff. Not too sure, tho, I'd have to look at that movie again to see. I do recall tho for that takeoff that morning, the Navy had decided that they wanted to film the ferry takeoff from another airplane (L.P. always told the story that they prolly thought they were gonna film a crash - chuckle) so they followed us closely with an U-3A that they had. Chuckle, couldn't keep up with us. Somebody asked me why the USN had all those obsolete B-29s and the story I'd heard was that the USAF had given them to the USN to use as targets there at the Navy's China Lake weapon's testing center. China Lake's up near Inyokern, NE of Los Angeles. Best, Randy
  6. Yup, could't recall the name until I read yours and that's PRECISELY who it was!
  7. You got me to thinkin', "halfways between", I used to see a lotta advertising in the MSP Sunday paper from a "Buzz somebody" at Clark, SD. Anyhow, sure used to pass thru the Watertank airport a lot (DC-3s and Convairs and then later DC-9s) on our twice daily MSP-ATY-PIR-RAP-SPF and back flights. best, randy
  8. Chuckle-chuckle, sure t'wuz nice to see all those guy's photos again.. Interesting to see again that stuff about where FIFI (44-62070) was found in that boneyard at China Lake NAS, Cal. and when we got her out'a there after 90 days work (noticed Mac's photo in there, was an I.H. mechanic for an implement co. in the Valley). Still recall that later movie of the takeoff on runway 35 at Harlingen with the film maker (Earle Green) at the runway's end, legal buzz job <g>. Flown about all those planes we had in that movie, good ole days! best, randy
  9. Yup, agree, the ".22 caliber" solution works well on them. best, randy
  10. I was told same on the Al-Can/Alcan highway to Anchorage. best, randy
  11. Yup, sure had forgotten all that but, after reading yours, recalled all - ABR was one of our stops in the Dakotas, used to transit there many times before I'd retired (North Central/Republc). best, randy
  12. Mmmmmmmmm, seems 'a me that I recall reading in the MSP paper about that Lear's crash near ABR, wasn't he a golfer? best, randy
  13. Chuckle chuckle, hadn't heard that one before but pretty much instantly deciphered it! best, randy
  14. Yup, or meb'be an R-4360 (Corrncob). best, randy
  15. Reminded me of what Tony Edwards told us wide-mouthed kids about building the AlCan hiway in (circa) 1942,
  16. Chuckle, like we used to mutter to the student - "Lt., pay attention!" Try'n to think/recall, what nation is VH? besty, randy
  17. Mike, did the readers note that the decal on that Farmall in the period photo sez "McCormick-Deering"? best, randy
  18. Yup, used to have a little crank just like that one on the F-20 to open/close the radiator's shutters in that pre-Prestone era, don't recall tho grabbing the engine's crank and having that happen as a result. Separate thing here tho, this made me recall the F-20's "spark advance/retard" control on the steering wheel's column. best, randy
  19. And to add something to this section, knew both Buddy and Waylon when I was instructing in B-25s at Reese AFB in Lubbock, TX (1955-59). Buddy went to LBB highschool with my former wife and Waylon is from Littlefield out there on the "high plains". best, randy
  20. Randy Sohn


    You made me think back to recall the days now long goneby spent BS'ing with Scotty Crossfield and Joe Engel cuz, IIRC, either one of them or both had flown the Blackbird. Further, now that I think back, had gone over to the London Airshow many years ago and the SR-71 came out of the west over the No. Atlantic after a record time transit. Then they shoved it into a hangar there. best, randy
  21. Can't remember now but I also did notice the small crank for the radiator shutters in that photo on here. best, randy
  22. Randy Sohn


    Ya'know Mike, somehow, something way in the back of my brain tells me that there was but right now I can't put my finger on it to recall. So guess that I'd have to say all the 38s that I ever was around or flew had the V-1710 Allisons, not the Rolls-Royce/Packard V-1650 Merlins. If you can see it on some of the photos of Lefty's ((Marvin L. Gardner) N-25Y you'll notice that cutback lower cowling radiator inlets, IIRC the later M models had sorta squared off inlets the same as the P-40s. Lefty's was the very first plane I saw the first time that I was at the CAF's hangar at Rebel Field in Mercedes, TX (Lloyd and Doyle Nolen's duster strip). As was said here earlier, 25Y is now with the Red Bull's over in Europe. best, randy
  23. Randy Sohn

    Old photo

    Chuckle, also made me recall the canvas ComfortCover we had on the M. best, randy
  24. Ah-so, copy-copy! Knew it was one of those but been a long time ago now. Halfway recall ferring a CV 440 or 580 out'a there also after they rebuilt it, for the life of me I can't recall now where for sure. Meb'be it was that one that was screwed up landing at Norfolk? Ferried so many that meb'be they all sorta get lost to memory. Mmmmmm, nope, guess another one, the one at OFK had been bellied into a farm field but meb'be that was a DC-3? Seem's'ta me, mebbe the farmer's name was Dave ?. best, randy
  25. Randy Sohn


    Yup, Paul and I used to chuckle 'bout that exact same thing many years ago! I blamed my hearing loss on just over 2600 hours teaching takeoff/landings in B-25s snd I forget now what Paul blamed his on cuz the 29's relatively quiet. best, randy
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