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  1. My 95 Cummins with an auto. I just repainted it this summer. Has 220k on it, but still runs and drives great and hasn't been baibied over the years.
  2. nice clean original tractor!
  3. I live just north of Wilkes-Barre PA and burn 2-3 ton each winter. Hard Anthracite and get it straight from the breaker in Pittston PA by the ton.
  4. Welcome Frank! I don't post alot on forums but have ebjoyed following along on this one for years. Its a great place filled with good people. I live nearby in Wyoming county, was raised in Bradford County. I'm a similar age and feel pretty much the same as you,! Currently working on repainting my 95 Dodge Cummins. Beem doing plenty of bodywork and actually ready to spray the color today! Just waiting on the sun to come out to help light my paintbooth and make a little warmth!! Spraying it in an open carport so I dont kill myself with fumes. I agree times like these call for a good project to keep your mind off things.
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