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  1. Same thing this spring on my 244 front crank seal. Figured I would replace the front seal since I was regasketing, I made my own gaskets but thats another cost savings story. Anyway online or CIH it was a $50 seal! Measured it up and found a cam seal off some late model car was the same size $8 got me going.
  2. Finally getting back to this thing today, after 2 weeks ago breaking water temperature fitting, there brittle. It was great fun drilling it out and tapping it upside-down so shavings don't go down the clean water jacket. Governor went back together with a new seal and I added a washer to the one linkage to tighten it up with some fresh grease too. I went alittle OCD on the side cover and aligned all the screw heads. I just have the oil pump to clean and build. The water pump will need alittle clearancing at the top as it hits the head (effect of milling alot off the head and alittle off the block).
  3. Thats impressive! Good to know for future reference!
  4. Replace the muffler with a stainless pipe?keeping the factory tail pipe as it probably is stainless coated or whatever to keep it long lasting. What may have killed the muffler is the weap hole got plugged to relieve the condensation.
  5. Yup I have saved 10's of thousands on car, tractor and household items. There was a point when appliances were considerably cheaper too, I think that door has slammed shut though especially with shipping and taxes being tacked on. I remember when I replaced my moms fridge around 2012 with a counter depth Samsung in the store was $2900, online was $2200. All my cars were found online!
  6. My only thought is a water/muratic acid mix. The acid will help break down any thing remaining including rust. I was told 50/50. For short term, remember a acid neutralizer is baking soda so if you know you can't get it all out you can dump that in one of your last flushes.
  7. Agreed ? but didn't feel like making a post about it.
  8. Yup one time I broke a bull gear on my 656 I went out back a grabbed a bull gear out of the farmall H carcass. Went right in?. The only thing I know for sure that is common is they both have a 5 speed with single reverse transmission. But I am not aware of any parts that they actually "share", between a 656 and a H. By the way you could at one time through IH and M&W make a C263 a C291. I am doing it with custom sleeves as the 263 has a bigger sleeve flange then a 291 block. Scott
  9. Looks sharp! Like the finishing on some of the rough castings. What red is that! Automotive paint? Scott
  10. Ahhhh first off topic is in wrong forum, should be in IH or Coffee shop. Are we talking gas or diesel? Assuming it is a gas, it is right side just toward the rear of the center 3&4 intake port. You can see it here in this picture here of the pipe thread near the head studs.
  11. Use it to buy odds and ends. Found some rare IH stuff over the years. Also sold some odd ball IH stuff here and there. Still have a couple things on there. Scott
  12. Lotus The one guy swares by it! Says if you can get past the cheaper gun and ground clamp it will weld like any other machine at least for the car guys. Scott
  13. I have kicked around the same thing but have not yet pulled the trigger on a tig. I really would consider a Harbor Fright one. Look at the reviews! There is another brand guys are using on the car forum I frequent, I forget the brand. What is a welding shop going to add in support that is not already on the internet?
  14. Before you scrap it I would be interested in the manifolds, head, valve cover, rockers and balancer.
  15. Wow man and I thought my 1966 656 C291 had some challenges due to age and technology. You have me beat hands down. You look like your working in the Henry Ford Museum!?
  16. Paul Marlatt tractor has a gear reduction starter for pulling I think it is around ~$350. I will consider this for my 656 if I have issues with my 9:1 compression vs rebuilding the old starter. Should be the same 460-560-656. Scratch that its actually Lemmons and its $400. https://www.lemmonstractor.com/pulling
  17. When me and dad did a lot of pulling with these gas engines in the late 90's the early 2000's before we moved on to a 282 head. I had sworn we used a rubber gasket for the valve covers not cork. Now it seem like all you can find is cork. Am I confused or did something change? Or does someone have a source for the black rubber gasket? Thanks, Scott
  18. ASAP (All State Ag Parts) has replacements as does Ebay. Can't speak for there quality but will soon as I need one as I have a leaking shut-off on my 656. Scott
  19. Finished the head assembly and install today. Used ARP studs and silver paint method with a NOS Felpro gasket. We have a whole collection of rockers from over the years. Note the design changes. Dad said some of the pullers that use stock rockers are after the early style for strength. I choose the middle with the nice's shafts I could find and flipped the wear side of the shaft to the top. I will be call Smith Brother Pushrods on Monday to order a set of slightly stiffer push rods. Getting closer! Scott
  20. I reached out to Ed about a clutch question and was shocked to have learned that he has caught Covid19. From what he text me, he contracted the virus 2 weeks and it sounds like he has been in the ER for a night. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Scott
  21. Well maybe common for a 60 year old block. That said I would not run that. Looks like they mixed the LP bottle up with NOS bottle?
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