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    GM 2.4L Issues?

    I thought the 2.4 was a good engine? I had heard guys were building sand rails using the 2.4 and adding a turbo with no issues. I have a 2008 Cobalt (it's a Sport so 2.4) with one just about to turn 180K, mom has a Saturn Aura also a 2008 it's in the 170K range both are relatively good cars with just oil changes and exhaust manifolds. Scott
  2. Did a cheap aluminum aftermarket from EBAY on my 656 gasser rebuild after I ruined the original from a acid rinse. I will keep the old one just in case, I only worry about going over rough ground and cracking it. The aluminum one is a nice piece for the money. Although it does not see too much rough ground but if it does the old one will be record.
  3. Rolls eyes....? You should start a internet etiquette class!
  4. There is a place in the NW that will rebuild the balancer I believe he is in Washington state? Dale something??? look up harmonic balancer rebuilding if can't find a used one. But I agree replace that balancer ASAP.
  5. You should check out my 656 build thread then.
  6. My point about the sky is the limit, you can sleeve and stagger the bores and go 4.125 bore, seen one through the shop that was 460 plus cid. That was 4.125x5-3/4, was a monster for that little engine.
  7. Correct. Yes several out to 4", but note there was a IH service bulletin of concerns on taking a 301 .060 over. I just have not seen any on the ones I took out to roughly ~.187. HP? Sky is the limit? How much money do you want to spend and how long do you want it to last? To answer your question truthfully back in the 90's with the gas ag head configuration. 4x5-1/2=414cid with open RPM which was more like about 3500rpm on the pto dyno. We were at 200pto hp made 220 with a 2-1/8" zenith carb. I have also done 366 chevy piston which is 3.94 bore with success. Scott
  8. We did sonic test years ago and did find differences in bore thicknesses between a 263 without the sleeve and a 301. If we could have take a 263 out to a 4" bore believe me we would have used those blocks vs the 301's.
  9. That would make any parts rep squirm! Telling and showing them the truth! Good for you!?
  10. The problem with the H-560 rear end housing is its lack of reinforcement between the bull pinion and bull gear. IH attempted to remedy this by adding 4 dowls in the top cover and reinforcements in the top cover. I have know a guy in the NA class running a 300 series in a 460 with a 18.4 radial breaking a rear end housing between the bull pinion and bull gear. The conclusion was he was not running any kind of top cover. My dad struggled with his LLS 460 where the bull pinions would start to delaminate even though it was pressure lubed, and this was with a 301. Before selling he was gathering parts for a 656 rear end to replace the 460 due to high maintenance.
  11. If they are smart they will do this! This will be a big FU to us as it should be!
  12. Well the block started as a D282 stamped on the side...the received a really thick deck plate and 6 large holes.
  13. I have built alot of these engines, also 600+ hp 440cid D282 with a custom built crank and ATI damperand hub that was a tighter tolerance then IH. Never used a instalation tool, always a block. As you have discovered the threads are to big on the end of the crank to use a universal tool. There was a thread on one of the engine forums about this. How much force would it actually take to destroy the thrust? More then one would imagine. On another note be really careful on the outer edge of the pulley it will crack with a block of wood if your off center. I broke one in the past... Last one I installed I used socket down in the center of the hub. Scott
  14. Bought my 92 Mustang out of Port Richey, Florida and drug it back to Michigan in December of 2009. It came with a trailer too, farthest purchase by far. Second would be the 244 from eastern PA which helped that I was already in Ohio for a RPRU.
  15. BJ, Trying to modify my signature. Tried on both desktop and mobile versions. Can't seem to find it? Can you help? Thanks, Scott
  16. I was lucky when I sold the JD 318 it had a blade and chains. I kept the weight and the 244 also came with a few weights. Its needs bit of weight for anything on the 3pt.
  17. So last Thanksgiving I bought a 6' blade for it to use for snow plowing around my place. As always I use it before redoing. Well it passed the test. I believe it is a King Cutter, had it blasted and painted to look like a IH blade of the same erra as the 244. Because of our recently purchased house has a asphalt drive I found a source for some UHMW black plastic for a blade edge. The black paint is the non glare from CIH that maybe some day the rest of the chassis will see. The red is the bright red with clear coat.
  18. Earning its keep after fixing leaks this past April. Discing garden for mom.
  19. This little unit has juat over 1600 hours on it. I can tell it was run hot cutting grass in Pennsylvania but for the most part was taken pretty good care of. I have been chasing minor fuel and oil leaks here and there since I got it. O-rings on top of injector pump, oil pan gasket, put rod bearings in while pan was off. For some reason front cover was off at one time and of course it was not sealed up right. It was one of my covid projects when I was off work this spring. It required a split to do it right. Also 2 years ago I sent the injectors to Ed to have them redone, not due to hours but for there age. Also radiator was redone lower tank had lots of corrosion so had to be remade. So far no more leaks!?
  20. So this goes back to 2013 when I purchased this during the Ohio RPRU. I took a break during the show and rented a uhaul trailer and swung over to eastern PA and swooped this up. Came with a finish mower. I needed or wanted to fill a gap after selling the JD 318, and upgrading to a 60" Bad Boy zero turn, at moms place. Wanted a tractor to pull a trailer and pull trees etc. Plus always wanted a 88 series but was not actually practical to own so this fit the bill nicely. Before this purchase I actually drove from Michigan to southern Ohio to almost buy a rusted up POS 244. This one I was very cautious on. As purchased: Traveling back to RPRU At 2013 RPRU with the rest of Dad's fleet: Any way the upgrades: After finding out it could barely get out of its own way on a sheet of ice hauling a trailer of wood the first winter turf tires had to go. Plus R1 tires make it look more like a big tractor! Front tires are just standard 4 lug 15" ag rims with VW lug bolts since this is all metric. Rear tires SAT II on 12.4x24 rims Kubota that I purchased from a local dealer with my designed centers that I had made up. Front grill screen was replaced and repaired to fit lights properly, missing left screen were purchased.
  21. Awesome paint work! Someone appears to know there way around a paint gun! What paint? Automotive? Color? Brand?
  22. Ahhhh I interpreted it as the disc was frozen to the flywheel or clutch. Sorry carry on.
  23. Nothing beats a 88 series puller...
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