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  1. 1949H

    F-14 Heisler overdrive pictures

    Awesome story John. Is that tractor still around? This will go in an F-14. Unlike the overdrive you had in the F-30 which basically gave you only one 'overdrive' gear, this gives you dual range in all gears including reverse. I believe the gear ratio is around 2.3:1 so it will over double the speed in every gear.
  2. I bought this overdrive over a year ago. I guess I fell into the right place at the right time. The guy that had it was in need of some money and sold it to me very cheap considering its condition. He had been through 10 or more overdrives, replacing all seals and bearings as needed. He never opened this one up because of how tight the gears and bearings felt. I replaced all the seals and was amazed that everything was in practically "new" condition. With information from the man i bought this from and from my own research I determined these would have been a bright silver when new. This was just a random silver we had in the cabinet at the body shop. I bought stainless bolts then polished the heads myself to give it a little more detail. Now if I could only get in "gear" and get the tractor done!