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  1. If my memory serves me right, both Cat and IH used the same supplier for tool-boxes - hence the look-alike.
  2. Great to see such a valuable tractor rescued. I hope all goes well with the restoration - I had trouble finding parts for mine.
  3. Nice work, but be careful - move your car it will end up RED!
  4. You made that into a nice workable tractor, Stageone (who I now know as Scott), excellent work. Don't loose too much sleep over the 'correct Police'. Just remind them who owns the tractor! Sorry I was on vacation when you where in the UK, would have been good to swap stories. Next time, try and give me a bit more notice - you will always be welcome. Regards, John
  5. Would that be FORD blue? Now what we going to call it - Intordapillar? (my spell check doesn't recognise this!)
  6. Nice work stageone. However, you will get a bit of trouble from the correct police!! As I always do (mostly with decals). John
  7. Stageone. You are making a very good job - all credit to you. I know the feeling, its a shame when work get's in the way! Looking forward to more pics of your progress. Regards John.
  8. Hi Macgregor. I see use an image of my TD18 on your profile. Ah well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Good luck. John.

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