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  1. T Red

    Hydraulic oil help

    I have left it setting since originally posted and no separation at all. Water or air. Looks exactly the same. Wayne I have done some research and it appears that aeration may be to blame in some of those cases( and maybe this one also). I did not find anything on the oil breaking down. No way to leave the PTO in our case as it shuts off if you shift out of park.
  2. T Red

    Hydraulic oil help

    I think you may be right. Maybe there's enough water dissolved in the oil to make it look like this but not saturated to the point of separating. I've never seen it quite like this. AW32 is just 10 wt hydraulic oil.
  3. I'm working on a truck that has a pto pump that drives a hydraulic motor. I runs a screw compressor (that has a completely separate lub system). This is what the hydraulic oil looks like. I thought it had water in it but it has set for more than 48 hours and no separation. Any ideas on whats going on? I called the folks who installed the system and they said it uses aw32(they were useless and I wonder how long he'd been on the job. I've never seen anything like this.
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