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  1. Is It Really Winter?

    We have had an extra ordinary cold winter here, only 6-8" of snow, but it has been cold since way back in December. Ralph, what do you heat your house with and what is the average cost/winter?
  2. My MX 240

    Very nice job, that is a sharp tractor!
  3. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    Why would you risk destroying the engine in a tractor that a good used head is not available for? You need to sell that to me and get yourself something better suited to be a puller.
  4. Ag census

    Goes straight to the trash can!
  5. I woped pnemonia in tha butt last week all week

    Glad to hear that ya' whooped it Robbie!
  6. Favorite Truck Ever?

    I'll try a pic of my '05 Pete 357 with ISM Cummins and 10 speed with a 20' Scott bed and hoist.
  7. International 1256 with GPS and Auto Steer

    I've been running autosteer since 2009 when I bought my first air drill, I started running it on my combine in 2011 and the corn planter in 2011, today if you took my auto steer away I'd quit! I'm 69 years old and I'm not near as tired at the end of the day when I don't have to stare at a hood emblem all day trying to keep a straight row, or trying to cut a full pass of beans and keep the line straight on that too!
  8. Got my Red Power Today

    I got mine today as well, usually doesn't come til after the 1st of the month!
  9. Pre Christmas road trip.

    Neat story and nice pics! What engine is in a 544 Diesel, we used to have a 656 Hydro Diesel and I still have a 460 Diesel?
  10. South Central KY

    Merry Christmas to you from us near E'Town!
  11. We need to see that demo without the shirt, just the bra!
  12. It says I joined Christmas day of 2004.
  13. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    My 460 Diesel for augering corn.
  14. Dad passed away

    Jere, I know exactly what you have been through, I went through 10 years of it with my dad and his 2 old maid sisters. He had a stroke 2 days before my 55th birthday and then 2 days after he went from the hospital into a nursing home as mom and I could no longer care for him any longer. The last year he didn't even know who I was and we had worked together my whole life. He has been gone 9 years this month, seems just like yesterday. It was a dry fall when he passed and I spent many days after his passing ripping ground, the solitude and peace and quiet were just what I needed.. How is your mom doing now, I know this has been extremely hard on her?
  15. DMC stirators

    If I had to dry corn with stirrators I'd commit sooey-pig!!! I have one in a 30' bin on a rented farm, i haven't used it for several years, I just let the corn on that farm field dry. The last time I worked on it, it made it around the bin twice and quit again, haven't touched it since. I have a Shivvers that all of my corn that needs drying goes through.