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  1. hillbillyhim

    Chev Silverado RHD Conversion

    IH offered rhd until 1980. My dad had a 76 Scout 2wd and an 80 4wd for the mail route. He ended up with a Jeep Cherokee with a rhd conversion.
  2. hillbillyhim

    450 air pipe

    Thanks for the help. Was asking about the air cleaner to carb.
  3. hillbillyhim

    450 air pipe

    Is the air intake pipe on a 450 the same as an M?
  4. hillbillyhim

    Bringing home another one

    Thanks. I'm second owner of the 1600.
  5. hillbillyhim

    Bringing home another one

    Yes it does. Only thing I've done so far is pull the battery and put it on the charger.
  6. hillbillyhim

    Bringing home another one

    Picked up a 74 500. Brought it home on my 74 1600.