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  1. I'm with Dumbfarmer, not even close to the same tractor , a lot happens and changes over the years but this isn't even close .
  2. Dad had a old sow get out and plowed the yard one time , when Dad got done ringing her she looked just like that !!!
  3. Kristin , not sure if you had this one or not 8310 resides in Albany mo .
  4. Sorry for your loss and family's loss. Sounds like a great man ! Prayers sent from Missouri .
  5. Johnny's and Timmy's kite are stuck on the light wire .
  6. I'm sure this has been brought up many times but I cant find anything so here goes . Got a 460 gas with a questionable engine , have a 360 turbo truck engine on hand . Detailed what all needs to be done to put the 360 in that 460 tractor ? Can it be done ? Thanks
  7. You can give this guy a try, bet he has some , Steve Potts 618 839 5737 , good guy to work with
  8. Bob's ag repair , Albany Mo 660-562-4001
  9. I have a chance to buy a whirlwind plow , which I always wanted one . It is complete and still turns freely . Tires are fair but flat . Looks complete and in decent shape . Just out of curiosity can anybody say what the going price is ? I know there is not a lot of demand but just wondering , Thanks
  10. What is the widest tire size you all have under your narrow front tractors ? We have the usual 7.50 x 15 and 16 but was wondering how wide can I go ? this is under the 1206 I have . Thanks for the help , and pictures is a plus .
  11. Does any one know where this tractor is located ? Looks a lot like my old one I sold 6-7 years ago .
  12. Steve, after realizing that was you I turned around but you all had gone on . Look me up next time your around .
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