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  1. Defiantly doesnt happen alot. I been doing it 30 yrs and had 5or 6 times. Had a 5488 was a freakin pain.
  2. May help. Also check at bottom of cab were hoses go to steel pipe sometimes they will crimp there
  3. They can get air in them and be a pain to bleed
  4. Original radio power supply i believe Mike
  5. teflons seal better and work better. the metal ones wear into the housing as mentioned. I never use the metal ones. Mike
  6. I'm a huge Metallica fan. All of their stuff new or old. Its what gets me pumped up to do bills and the end of the week. LOL!!!!
  7. I have nice cushions for the seats that have the tilt rod going across the front under side of seat cushion. If you have the beer can tab style cushions are not available. Km has a wood core seat to bolt in but its not that great. Feel free to call me Mike
  8. Tony see if they make a hydra boost brake system for it. I put that on my 1979 f250 and that bugger stops on a dime. I put disc brakes all the way around to Mike
  9. If you need any help Nathan dont be afraid to give me a shout Mike
  10. Absolutely. Anything you need on an 86 I can help you with. If you some tech help along the way dont hesitate to call. As always that is FREE. Mike
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