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    My interest include my family and friends and the "hunt of rare red & yellow tractors" We have a small collection but are focused on the GOLD Demonstrators and Industrial IH tractors.

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  1. 3488 registry

    We own 3488 factory mfwd #840 and 3488 factory mfwd #857 Madisondale Farms LLC Mount Pleasant, Mi
  2. Welcome to the forum Joe, I see your from Michigan what part? If you ever get up by Mount Pleasant area stop in.

  3. Turbo10 as I mentioned in the response if you ever get over to Michigan stop in and checkout our tractors. Also you are right to a point on us selling some tractors and the reason behind that is if I had not sold some tractors along the way I would only have 1 tractor in my collection as I/we do not have the extra money to purchase multiple tractors too keep. Thanks for listening, Chad

  4. Enjoying the hunt of the "RARE hard to find IH Tractors"