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  1. Unfortunately they're not . BUT I have found some information for you. The T3 suffix means "kerosene option" when its used on a engine and "T1" means "gasoline engine". I have found a production list of engines built for the T-6 crawler and that engine serial number was from early 1948. I assume this is the original engine fitted to the crawler. I assume this tractor was used for farm work as it has no dozer blade and the TVO fuel option was mainly used on farm tractors. There was a British built equivalent model called the BT-6 which was, to the best of my knowledge, only built in the TVO style. The engine in used in the T-6, from that era, is largely the same as used in the W-6 & Farmall M tractors which is handy when sourcing engine parts.👆 Regards from Michael H. in Australia.
  2. Hello IH crawler nuts, this question has probably been asked before. Does anyone have a list of the "T* " suffixes used on crawler tractor serial numbers in the 1940s I am trying the particularly to find out what T3 and T7** stand for. I know T4* was code for Military Use. Regards from Michael H.🔧
  3. TBKM 5701 T3 T= TracTractor BK= Series 6 M= (motor /engine) First production unit was #501 in 1940, so yours appears to be the 5200th engine built. T-3 is a "track option" I assume you are located in Britain as you say "petrol / TVO" rather than the American "gasoline/distillate" or the Australian "power kerosene" regards from Michael H.
  4. I have just discovered that the Farmall 140, in the last couple of years of production, requires a different Operator's Manual (serial number 62741 and upwards) to the earlier ones. What changes were made to this long lasting tractor model that made this necessary? Changes in the operator's area? New options? New implements or attachments? Does anyone here own a mid 1977 or later International Farmall 140? Regards from Michael H. in Australia. 🔧 P.S. This won't affect any Australians as the Farmall 140 disappeared from our market in the late 1960s.
  5. I have found a listing for the C-282 engine as fitted to the 403 & 503 combines. Is it the same engine as 282 six cylinder engine used in some IH trucks or is it completely different? These combines seem to be the only "Ag." listing for this engine. Regards from Michael H.🦊
  6. 334 engine. I assume you are talking about the C-335 (334.5 cubic inch) four cylinder engine as used in a W-9 tractor or similar.
  7. It has probably been asked before. Does anyone anyone know the serial number break on for the introduction of the D-310 engine in the International 706 / 2706 tractor. I have found that Farmall 706 changed to the German D-310 engine at Chassis #37237. The Internationals had different serial numbering. I am also trying find out if anyone outside North America owns or has owned a 706 with a D-310 engine. The only ones I know of in Australia seem to be the early D-282 powered style. Regards from Michael H.🦊
  8. The DVT-800 engine had an indifferent reputation in the giant 4568, 4586 & 4786 tractors. I have seen a couple of these tractors for sale here in Australia and they have usually repowered by other brands of engine as it is cheaper to use another brand of engine than rebuild the original IH engine.
  9. In 1962 IH was selling three different forms of diesel engine technology. In the crawler tractors the Direct Injection DT-817 powered TD-25 was at the top of range. In the middle of the range were Gasoline start Diesels the TD-20 (201) & TD-15 (151) and below that Indirect Injection TD-9 (92), TD-6 (62), TD-340 & TD-5 tractors. Ultimately the Direct Injection Diesels who won out.
  10. The DT-817 diesel engine first appeared in the TD-25 (250 Series) crawler in 1959. Apparently it was IH's first factory built turbo diesel engine. Was it a Direct Injection diesel or an Indirect Injection diesel with pre-combustion chambers and glow plugs? IH was busily introducing a range of Indirect Injection diesel engines in the late 1950s (D-236 & D-282 engines). The first US built Direct Injection diesel engine used in farm tractors was the D-361 in Farmall 806 (1963 onwards). Regards from Michael H.😎
  11. The DT-466 was the best diesel engine IH built!
  12. The 660 is a very rare tractor in Europe, I believe they were never sold in Britain, is yours a "collector's import" from say Canada? Knowing the engine number is critical when ordering parts for the D-282 engines. There were several updates during its production from 1958 (Farmall 560) to the 1973 (Inter. 656) Yours appears to be an early one going by its engine number. What build year is it? Regards from Michael H. in Australia.😎
  13. The 424 & 2424 were built at Louisville. Getting these pieces from an ex-Louisville employee makes sense.
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