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  1. I have found the 4030 crane tractor listed in the 1974 Australian IH general catalog. I believe it was based on the 574 diesel farm tractor that was listed in the same catalog. Engine is listed as an IH D-239 diesel and the clutch is listed as an 11" Dynalife. I have been in contact with the people who put the Youtube video up and suggested they try either a farm machinery wrecker's yard to source parts such as the dashboard panel and the bonnet (hood) and ask for a IH 574 tractor parts. Possibly a Case IH farm machinery dealer may be able to help with new parts as the 574 is still listed on their spare parts website. Regards from Michael H. in Australia🛠️
  2. Thanks muchly, I'll get this information to the owner who is trying to advertise the machine in an upcoming auction. Regards from Australia.
  3. Just a quick question. Where is the chassis serial number plate (data plate) located in a Payloader? 🔧The model of the machine is an H30C. The owner can't find it anywhere. Regards from Michael H. in Australia🔧
  4. Please educate me. An 8020 with a ???? in the middle and a 50?0. My knowledge of the JD multi-cylinder tractors only extends to the first and second New Generation tractors (**10 & **20 models) The 8010/8020 and Wagner built Deeres have always grabbed my attention due to their oddity value. Regards from Michael H.
  5. Are you talking about the JD 8010 & 8020 4WD tractors of which only about 100 of each were built? IH sold only 44 (?) of the giant 4300. Both were the 8010 & 4300 were probably too big for most farmers in the early 1960s and both were pieces of construction machinery gone farming rather than balanced, practical farm tractors. JD later contracted Wagner to build their second generation of giant 4WD tractors. I'll have to buy Mr Klancher's book to get up to date on big IH and JD tractors! Regards from Michael H.
  6. The question has probably been asked before, but what IH tractor was equivalent to the JD 5010? The JD 5010 was an enormous big standard tread tractor. I remember seeing one as a child and thinking "What a BIG tractor!" I've recently read that special tires had to be developed to fit the 5010, it was bigger than anything other than wheeled industrial tractors. Regards from Michael H.🔧 P.S. Has anyone here had any experience with a JD 5010 or 5020 Jolly Green Giant?
  7. The Austin engine was the same as used in the Nash Metropolitan car which was sold in North America. In Britain the same engine was used in Austin commercial vehicles as well as Austin cars. It was a sturdy but unsophisicated OHV engine. It was probably sourced by IH to save time and development costs. This engine worked well on British roads but overwhelmed on American Freeways!
  8. This is just a quick history question from me about the Metro-Mite van. This little van was fitted with a British sourced Austin "B Series" engine. What years was this engine fitted to this van (1959? to ??) ? Does anyone on this forum own or has owned one of these interesting little vans. Regards from Michael H. (Australia) P.S. I have been told that the Austin engine was a bit underpowered for the North American market and was essentially replaced by the IH 152 engine in the Scout etc.🔧
  9. The Hebard shop mule in this photo was built around Farmall A & B components. It would have been called the "i-2" Industrial tractor or the "w-2" farm tractor if IHC had built these in house! I am calling it the " -2" as the power unit derived from Farmall A & B tractors was called the "u-2" Regards from Michael H.
  10. I assume the Metric conversion slide rules were designed for the Canadian market. Canada went metric with the other British Commonwealth countries at the start of the 1970s It's great to see the 1950s Super W series tractors and matching implements depicted in the brochures. it seems to be hard to find original brochures of the any of the Super W series tractors. Regards from Michael H.?
  11. I have done an internet search for BTD-6 Service Manuals and have found a place in Britain called AGRIMANUALS.COM who specialize in manuals for various British built tractors. I have bought books from them and they happily posted them to Australia. The British built BTD-6 was different from the US built TD-6 especially in the design of the engine. The BTD-6 had several updates during its producton and it's important to know at what serial numbers these changes occured.
  12. Hi, regards from Australia. I have just read an article about a very rare surviving 10-20 TracTractor, here in Australia , fitted with a steering wheel rather than control levers. I haven't seen the machine or seen pictures of it, so would this "steering wheel" version be a very early production model? I didn't know that the 10-20 TracTractor was sold in Australia until I read this article, apparent less than 500 were ever built, so they were a rarity in North America too. Regards from Michael H. ?? P.S. Has anyone here actually seen a 10-20 TracTractor with a steering wheel?
  13. Great looking restoration! Be proud of all your hard work!?
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