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  1. My suggestion was to talk to the people on the Red Power forums Trucks section. If the original power unit (UB-240) has been replaced by a similar truck engine (BD-240) then the "truck guys" would be more knowledgeable about that engine. Regards from Michael H.
  2. DVT-573 Hough 90 Payloader

    TD-20C used the DVT-573 engine
  3. My understanding is that UB-240 power unit was based on an IH 240 truck engine. I wonder if anyone on the "truck" section of the Red Power forums would know more? It looks like the original carb and governor has been swapped, possibly with units from another truck{??) engine.
  4. TD 340 engines

    The D-166 ( not D-168) engine is a bit of an oddity, it was only used in the TD-340 crawler and 340 Series farm tractors. Endurance Power Products Inc.(google them) claim to have parts for that engine.
  5. Hough H-70 Payloader

    I am asking here if anyone has any knowledge of the US built Payloader H-70 wheel loader? I am trying to find out what engine did this model it used. I have just received an antique sales brochure for the British built BH-70 "tractor shovel" (wheel loader) which used a Leyland 6 cylinder diesel engine. I assume the US version used an IH built engine. Regards from Michael H.
  6. In Australia we had our own AOS-6 which was also always explained as "Australian Orchard Special - 6" The term "grove" was never used on them. In our part of the world an orchard always means fruit trees (apple orchard etc.), whereas a grove could mean ornamental trees (palm grove etc.) Regards from Michael H. P.S. The AOS-6 was built in the 1950s and had some "Super" features such as a channel frame.
  7. Hydro option models

    The hydro option makes a lot of sense as a transmission in industrial tractors because of the "shuttle" ability. What fluid did they use, automotive style automatic transmission fluid or something special? Regards from Michael H. P.S. Hydro style Farmall tractors are a rarity in Australia. The Hydro 70 & 100 were sold in small numbers as was the 1026 H. The 826 Hydro and 186 Hydro models are listed in the Australian catalogues but seem very rare indeed.
  8. Hydro option models

    I know nothing about hydrostatic transmissions. I have only have ever had anything to do with gear drive tractors. IH offered a Hydro transmission option on many models including the 656 (656 Hydro), the 666 (as the Hydro 70) and the 686 (as the Hydro 86) What were the advantages and disadvantages of a Hydro over the a gear drive tractor? i assume that the 656 etc. Hydro was dearer than the 656 etc. Gear Drive. I have read that the hydrostatic transmissions lost some power compared to the gear drive transmissions. Regards from Michael H.
  9. rough terrain fork lifts

    I have seen photos of a Harlo fork lift attachment fitted to the larger Inter. 560 & 660 tractors too
  10. rough terrain fork lifts

    I am asking here if anyone has any knowledge of the IH 4000 & 7000 rough terrain forklifts. These big machines appear to be "reversed" IH wheel tractors fitted with a mast style fork lift attachment. Does anyone know what tractors these machines are related to? What engines did they use? Has anyone here owned or used a 4000 or 7000 fork lift? Regards from Michael H.
  11. International Harvester Ag part

    Looks like parts of a tractor pulled mower. Pitman (??) arms to drive cutter and end piece (??) on the outside of cutter bar. Regards from Michael H.
  12. 21256 and 21456

    The earlier 21206 was only built in very small numbers, apparently 10 units in total. I assume the 21256 & 21456 were probably built similarly small numbers.
  13. 574 vs 674

    It has probably been discussed before, but how different were the 574 & 674 tractors? They both used the D-239 diesel engine and the US built models both had the option of a C-200 gasoline engine. The production dates of the US built 674 largely overlapped the US built 574 too. I have seen a British built 574 diesel tractor here in Australia but have yet to see a 674 tractor firsthand. Regards from Michael H.
  14. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    That problem of no money for R & D purposes forces a business to re jig current models rather introduce completely new models. The Cummins powered 7688 & 7888 AWD may have been the answers with Cummins designing and supplying the engines and IH building up a tractors using existing components. It seemed that making the 2+2 tractors bigger and more powerful was already in IH's plans. The last two 2+2 models used the DT-466 engine and the DT-436 was dropped from the range, there was no "7088" (6388 replacement) Regards from Michael H.
  15. 7288 & 7488 tractors

    Tractordata website lists the production dates for the 4386 & 4586 as 1976-81 and the 4786 as 1978-81 The production dates for the 7388, 7588 & 7788 are listed as 1982-84 Regards from Michael H.