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  1. Hi, just a brief question about the Farmall H & M tractors. My question is what year did the operator's seat, fitted with a spring, become available? I am trying to approximately date a tractor in a photo. The Farmall H in the photo has "McCormick-Deering" rather than "McCormick" decals, and the old style unsprung operator's seat. Regards from Michael H.😎
  2. I assume that is the "whole unit" (chassis) serial number. It appears that it was built was at Farmall Works in 1948 from the information I found on the Wisconsin Historical Society (McCormick International) website. Is there a suffix after the serial number? These codes often tell what machine this power unit was attached to. The actual engine should have a separate serial number like a tractor engines has.
  3. Brilliant information particularly about the early Gasoline Start diesel engines. I have just printed out the whole book as seen here as a PDF. Thanks for sharing this booklet here!πŸ˜†
  4. A "natural gas" version of the U-4 power unit is new to me. i know that series of engine didn't get a factory fitted LPG option until the Farmall 300 tractor. I have seen a "gas" fueled U-4 power unit in a Youtube video and assumed until now that it was an aftermarket modification. Interesting engine!
  5. Great to see one of these old engines restored! There was also a P-200 which was the 10-20 tractor engine.
  6. Dear all, I am trying to find some information on some of IH power units of the late 1930s. IH used a "P"model prefix for their 1930s model power units (PA-40, PD-40 etc) At the end of that era the model P-20 was updated and became the U-7 and the model PA-50 became the U-21. There was a power unit called the U-10, was it a new model or an update of an earlier "P" series engine? Regards from Michael H.😎
  7. Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2019! Regards from Michael H. in (sunny) Australia😎
  8. I assume the 7288 was the intended replacement for the 6588 and the 7488 was the intended replacement 6788 Regards from Michael H. in Australia.😎
  9. A general question about IH "gasoline start" Diesel engines as built from 1932 to 1962, I was trying to explain what an IH gasoline start Diesel engine was, the person I was taking to asked me was it a "Direct Injection" or "Indirect Injection" type of Diesel. My '"educated guess" was an early style of Direct Injection as the injection nozzle enters the top the combustion chamber near the intake valve. My understanding of Indirect Injection diesels engines is that the injector nozzles are above combustion chamber, in a separate space and then fuel flows down past a glow-plug. The person responded that Direct Injection is more modern style of diesel engine. Any comments from any-one on this discussion board? P.S. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2019 - Regards from Michael H. Australia🐨
  10. I have been largely absent from the Red Power Forums so I thought this would be a great chance to get back to asking endless questions about IH machinery! All the best from Australia where December is in the middle of summer! Happy Christmas and all best for the coming year! Regards from Michael H.😎
  11. There is a reprint of the International BD-264 & BD-281 engine Service Manual available. It's original number is International SM-13A and it's availble from Agrimanuals.com in Great Britain and probably others in Europe. it is a service manual rather a parts catalog and should have the information you need.
  12. The Farmall B-450 was imported into the southern parts of the USA in the early 1960s. The British built B-450 tractor used the glow plug style BD-264 Diesel engine was only loosely based on the American built D-264 gasoline based diesel engine. Not many parts are interchangeable. Try a business called HISTOPARTS in the Netherlands for spare parts and English language service manuals try AGRIMANUALS in Great Britain. The Farmall B-450 is listed on the Case IH parts website, but make sure you are searching for the British B-450 and not the American Farmall 450 which is significantly different. Regards from Michael H.
  13. 4386 Black Stripe edition, I assume it is from the late 1970s Regards from Michael H.😎
  14. I agree. It had the advantages of the 2+2 tractors, big tractors with small tractor tractor agility, with a more conventional appearance. The style of tractor could have been offered as an option on across the 7100 series. Regards from Michael H.😎
  15. Dear IHers, I am trying to find out some information to help somebody who is restoring a WD-40 tractor. The person who owns the tractor has acquired a parts manual but needs to know the torque wrench settings for the cylinder head bolts and main bearing caps. I have been able to find a service manual for the later style UD-14 power unit which I assume also covers the TD-14 crawler's engine. My understanding is that the earlier "D-40" (TD-40 & WD-40) engine was internally much the same as the later style engines. Would the torque wrench settings be the same? I'll try to find out what angle the injectors are. apparently were differences in heads of the WD-40 tractors as they went along. Regards from Michael H. Australia
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