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  1. The tractor is rare in two ways. Firstly most 660s were diesel and secondly those rear wheels are rare too. I believe those wheels wee a factory option. What type of farming was the tractor original used for? Regards from Michael H.🛠️
  2. I have found it. The tractor is a 1930 build. That tag, once I cleaned the grease off it, reads "*.18.30", The first digit is unreadable. The serial number plate is missing but I found the engine number KC 178315, which suggests 1930 build year. Regards from Michael H. 🛠️
  3. You'll need a shady spot to work in. Here in southern Australia we're being hit with summer heat and humidity! I'm following your restoration of this British built crawler with interest. Regards from Michael H.🔧 Australia
  4. I'll try that. I remember my uncle used to have an restored 10-20. I was told it was a 1926 model, the serial number plate was missing, but underneath I found the stamp you mentioned. From memory it said "TW ?? ??26" which may mean "Tractor Works ?? 1926"
  5. The 500 C used essentially the same model D-155 diesel engine, as the IH 385 & 395 utility tractors, so Case IH should be able to help with engine parts too. The earlier 500 and later 500 E were tough little tractors and there a quite a few still "earning their keep" like your 500 C!
  6. A question for people who know their way round 1920 to 1939 McCormick-Deering tractors, particularly the 10-20 & 15-30. Where do I look for Casting Codes and Engine serial numbers on these old tractors? I have learned from experience of that serial number plates are either missing or unreadable on these very old machines. I know that casting codes didn't exist before 1931 but engine serial numbes can help approxiamately date a tractor. Regards from Michael H.🔧 in Australia.
  7. Possibly to comform to European road registration rules.
  8. Great video! It appeared on my YouTube "feed" so I watched it! I know nothing about the Hydro transmissions built by IH so this video educated me! Regards from Michael H,🔧
  9. Michael Halsall


    Do you have a B-250, a B-275 or both? The part number for the B-250 grille is 704 139 R92. I only have a B-250 parts book! I don't know if the B-275 used the same part number. Run that number past Case IH or Messicks etc. Case IH don't seem to have a listing for the B-250 but have a listing for the B-275. A majority of parts are similar or the same. Regards from Michael H. in Australia🔧
  10. Put a photo of it here, it sounds like it's still a good machine!
  11. I have recently seen an online auction of a lot of unrestored farm machinery, here in Australia. An item that caught my interest that was an LA ? LB? farm engine. Serial number was LAA 53501. The serial number plate was unreadable, other than tha serial number. I didn't buy the engine but I'm curious to identify it. My GUESS is a 1.5 to 2.5 HP LA from 1939. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Regards from Michael H.😍 in sunny Australia!
  12. 😎 Happy Christmas and all the best for 2022! Hopefully this COVID problem will be conquered soon and we can get on with living a normal life again! All the best to the very knowledgeable boys and girls and the RED POWER FORUMS! Regards from Michael H.😍 in sunny Australia!
  13. Just a couple of questions about the B Series of the TD-5 crawler Here in Australia there was a TD-5 Series B sold in an online auction. It was a Ag. model with a PTO and Three Point Hitch. Its serial number was given as 4017ADT and it was described as a 1961 model. Serial numbers for the B series TD-5 aren't easy to find, the ones for the earlier TD-5 seem to finish in the #22 .. range in 1961 according to the Tractordata website. Did the B series tractors serial numbers start at #4001 in 1961? What is the difference between original series and the later B series tractors? Regards from Michael H.🛠️
  14. The No.55 baler is listed as having either C-60 (Cub) OR a C-113 (Super A) engine (1954 US domestic specifications) I have a service manual for the C-113 engine as fitted to the No.55 baler. According to my service manual there are two serial numbers listed for this engine. The POWER UNIT (chassis) serial number is on a plate on the carburetor side of the flywheel housing (55B..... ) The ENGINE serial number is stamped on the magneto side of the engine crankcase and to the right side of the magneto (IMAM.....) This engine is a specialised version of the U-2A power unit. The standard U-2A uses Farmall Super A tinwork. The baler engines looked very different to this as they had a mesh chaff screen box as their grille and an almost flat plain metal panel as their hood. Regards from Michael H.🛠️
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