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  1. https://www.agkits.com/International-D361-D407-Camshaft-Bearing-Set.aspx#.Yq1B0-T3YWM
  2. There are shims to change amount of force required to trip bottoms, I made thinner ones for mine
  3. There a fitting right behind mcv valve has about a 5” metal line that comes out of valve and goes to rear end housing, should be a tee with a cap on one of ports. As for moving it back and forth has a stopper that comes loose when engaged. You are able to turn it to make hooking up a shaft easier i believe it is a number 4 jic
  4. Had mine out in about 2 hours find someone with a boom truck. Granted this a Cummins instead of IH but same principle. They really are pretty simple to pull. Worse part is dropping tools and climbing steps
  5. Yep push pull don’t have to move or hold anything else
  6. Off Amazon, they do have different threads available had to come up with a 8 to 10 orb male male believe I had to get a orb to jic and put an oring on jic side
  7. Heres what I did on my 856 they new style push/pull
  8. Little cover on side of pump has 2 flat head screws that hold it on
  9. Not much to them get it in time and pull pump. If Injectors are stuck in brass tubes drain antifreeze before getting serious with them, if tubes come with injectors will dump antifreeze in cylinders
  10. The hoses run to front of loader to another set of couplers so yes pressure runs both ways can only use front or back but for us that is not an issue. Couplers are on loader mount so can uncouple them to remove loader if needed.
  11. I’ve done it 2 different ways, one tractor I replaced the loader control valve with a sandwich valve from surplus center, has a joystick plus one more valve for third function. On other tractor I put tees into rear remote valve and ran hoses up to loader so have ability to use at front or rear of tractor. Will try to get u pics today. Honestly I wouldn’t like an electric valve, no fine control unless u using a diverter valve that switches between bucket curl and 3rd function
  12. Rebuild it, at least u know what u have, can have engine out in 2 hours. Granted this is Cummins but same mounting, had to pull to fix oil leak between front housing and block
  13. My local new Holland dealer still has a few pallets of old hytran
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