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  1. 584 engine

    Bad ring might cause issue but hard to say. If that far into it drop pan and pull pistons, sleeves might be getting some electrolysis on them anyway and now a time to address it. They are wet sleeves so pop out easy and go back in with a little oring lube and pressure
  2. Ih 674 pump

    For some reason I think smaller gpm pumps used a spacer between pump and mcv which meant they needed different gears. U either need spacer plate or correct pump. Hope Parts diagrams help
  3. Ih 674 pump

    For some reason I think smaller gpm pumps used a spacer between pump and mcv which meant they needed different gears
  4. 585 grill

    my quick google search said 300 pounds is 423 us dollars
  5. 585 grill

    Or complete. They seem to specialize in utility tractor parts.
  6. 585 grill

    Not sure on shipping but found this place across the big pond
  7. MX Magnum

    I split mine right where red mark is with a torch, and the welded a few angle iron brackets to it with welded nuts to hold it back together
  8. MX Magnum

    I split my shield and made brackets to bolt it back together, can pull shaft without removing anything other than rear side hood panel. Can get ujoints at Napa a lot cheaper than CNH. Can also remove half of shield to get in and grease them every year. Also on oil pain get reinforcements corner pieces, need to get longer bolts for them to. And make sure to check flywheel damper also. I cheated out last time did ujoints and thought damper was okay. But with split shield I changed it in back of field in maybe 2 hours.
  9. Hydro 84 246 engine

    Hope this helps
  10. Hydro 84 246 engine

    I think i have paper in the shop that has serial number breaks will take picture and post later
  11. German overhaul options

    If sized cam bearings wher such a bad idea why do we not have to line bore all engines that we replace cam bearings in? The machine shop that does my work does all sorts of race car engines and said they went in good and camshaft spun easy. Front bearing was wore bad could really see/feel wear in it. Of course this engine has been inframed a year ago and spun a rod bearing. Who ever rolled mains in rolled ones with no oil hole into block side! Honestly don’t know how it ran as long as it did. And was just able to polish crank! Still baffles me
  12. Hydro push manure spreaders

    Do it and don’t look back, lots of choices out there have an H&S wish it was vertical beater but can’t justify the added cost. Newer hydraulics help getting consistent pattern easier. When it’s empty it empty no waiting for last little bits to clean out. This is way oversize for our operation, but it allows us to get manure to fields where it needs it quickly and with a lot less road travel
  13. German overhaul options

    Have rebuild three Germans in last year 2 where reliance kits and one was Anglo(sp) was happy with all of them. Reliance does offer cam bearings that r sized so don’t n Ed to get them linebored. Which is a huge savings. 1 reliance kit the pistons where in sleeves with rings, other kits where noy
  14. Just missing air filters

    Found these while doing a little shop organizing, couldn't find air filters! I think they gonna go on shelf with other IH collection
  15. Nothing wrong with quality, but makes tractor a lot louder. Have been looking at semi straight pipe inserts, just haven't followed thru and ordered on yet!