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  1. Just pulled one home from Potomac IL to Lawrence, MI bounced at 40 pulled smooth at 50. Wasn’t a bad ride, they really not all that heavy
  2. Take that line off, cap fitting under/by fuel tank. Hook hose to fitting you are pointing to and run that hose to loader valve, run return hose back to drain plug under right rear axle
  3. Mine is a 3970 just assumed they all used same block
  4. Deere offers a conversion plug for this. Have the box in my toolbox at farm if needed. I pull mine with a 7220 or a mx210
  5. Used might be tough to find can get new thru hy-capacity, or bates corp had them at one time
  6. Spray hi tack brush on permatex number 2 in certain areas transmission assembly lube for most orings and rubber piston seals, pto clutch’s, etc and 515 (grape jelly)
  7. Looks like someone forgot to put bottom bolts in!
  8. My 966 is that way. Still has cork in top hole from factory
  9. No, but have to remember that there are different heights of fenders, so these are the correct height might have come off a c60 I really don’t know for sure but took some looking to find correct ones
  10. Yep I would say baler also but original term is hay press, maybe because even the big ones had to be hand tied?
  11. Lot of BNs around here got turned into John’s forklifts
  12. Here is video of one is 1/3 scale of original. these bales bring good money, just have to market them
  13. Has anyone built one? Have the plans just curious if anyone has any tips or tricks?
  14. Might have a wiring diagram will have to check tomorrow if I remember
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