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  1. I have two 4 cycle and two-2 cycle plus a few parts mowers. good mowers in their days
  2. I may be able to help you with some info and parts.
  3. After I hook up the mower I put 1 or 2 bolts in the check chain links to shorten them.
  4. Good people to work with, know there stuff. Bought several times from JP tractor
  5. I found 966 BS with old paint. No serial tag by the Hyd. filter or bell housing, has rivet holes in the bell. How can I get the year? did they have casting dates or something?
  6. The IH dealer I worked for in the 70's used all Bobs Grinding and was good stuff. He used a grey hound bus for deliveries. I think he may have had some tax issues.
  7. Anyone seen or have a Farmall - Utility 404 with diff lock, has a right side pedal pushed by your heel.
  8. May be worn distributor shaft to get the odd cylinders
  9. I would like to see a serial number list for the B 275. i have S/n 20062 its a Hi Utility with 38'' rear tires
  10. Did IH put black stripes on any Yellow Industrial tractors ?
  11. Never noticed the 544 leak before it was on a tractor ride. Has any one used the breathable dipstick?
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