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  1. Nice Collection. How many''International'' brand ?
  2. Last week 1/14/21 a 966 BS sold on a On Line estate auction at Reedsburg WI. for $16000. Did I miss something special on this farm tractor.
  3. Father in law was friends with a Draeger south of Waterloo WI
  4. You may need to find one for a pattern and have one made. I had to do that on my 404s. Wayne
  5. Looks like the 404 mountings, need the measurements.
  6. Try adjusting the pto control handle it should snap over center.
  7. I have a 5614- 14' lift. lifts most anything. Big weight box on rear is almost too much, does not like soft ground
  8. nepoweshiekfarmalls.. Where did you find those instructions?
  9. It will fill itself from the hyd. pump. Did you notice the broken ear on the red slotted piece?
  10. I would like to know the serial number of the 404 utility
  11. With the snap ring off, axle assembly can be removed. Take out the end cap bolts and the axle can be removed from the housing. the hubs can be REAL hard to get off several ton.
  12. The Rupp snowmobile was also Jim Skarr's. The ''good old days''
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