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  1. 2404 valve lash

    intake at .014 hot..Exh at.020 hot
  2. 1282 engine vibrates

    Have a 1282 cadet that vibrates and rattles everything. It is the worst above half throttle. Has new motor mounts & drive shaft is good shape. Any ideas?
  3. Can a D361 be made bigger?

    The 361 can be bored for the 407 sleeve & piston and install a 407 crankshaft. Bore and stroke are different.
  4. McCormick B414

    I have a B275 HI Clear s/n 20062, any one know the production numbers on these or units sent to the states. Thanks
  5. 1206 serial number/emblem change

    The 1965s were white decal. #8626 was the first 1966 and had the gold emblems
  6. IH B275 Hi Utility

    Just bought this B275 Hi Utility s/n 20062 38in rear wheels. I would like to know the production numbers on these. Its nice original but needs emblems
  7. Farmall 706 Pedestal Serial Number

    Should bolt right on but I believe they have smaller beatings.
  8. How about an I-404?

    The International (utility) 404s are available, some with loaders. Just many have to travel. I have a s/n list of several and a collection of Utility and Farmall tractors and literature. The C135 motor parts are alittle different but available.
  9. Would like to purchase dad's 856

    Go and talk with them. I stopped or called a family for 12 years on a tractor, got a call last summer that they were ready to sell.
  10. 766 with fast hitch

    Did a 766 come with a factory fast hitch or would it have been a dealer install - swap from another tractor? Any way to tell a swapped on hitch?
  11. Big belly mower

    The mowers were built by Danco, sold by the IH dealers. for road side mowing etc., 66'' & 94'' cut. I have the 66'' mower on a F404 yellow tractor
  12. Common sump for IH 404

    Be sure to also drain the hyd. top rear end cover also, plug is at the right rear.
  13. A recent bought Farmall 404 tractor came with these rims and bolts to the stock hub. Were these factory or aftermarket by who? All galvanized surface
  14. Two new projects

    The 2404 looks good with good options. Is that a Hi/Lo? I have one and would like to know your s/n
  15. I am in the need of a LP gas fuel tank for a 404 tractor, #375864R91 and also a good radiator #376538R91-R92 Thanks