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  1. Did IH put black stripes on any Yellow Industrial tractors ?
  2. Never noticed the 544 leak before it was on a tractor ride. Has any one used the breathable dipstick?
  3. On a Farmall 544 gear drive, after a road trip appears to have oil leaking from the breather on the top left side of the trans cover. Any one else seen this and have a cure
  4. The 404 rear housing is nearly the same, but it has a 2 piece top cover and the 3 pt. hyd.
  5. Anyone know the s/n of the first 966 Hydro built, have a local tractor with a real early s/n
  6. I have 8 weights and bracket like the bottom set 608 335 6218 WI
  7. send me your phone # I will try to get you a picture of mine that needs a little work
  8. sounds like possibly the pilot bearing in front of the clutch, first thing try to tighten the bolts holding the center section to the rear end.
  9. A farm sale with all nice equipment. F1256 AWD= $20000. F856 w/f nice original= $9500. F826 w/f = $7050. F656 gas hydro= $5900. M with V-8 383= $4600. F460 w/f gas= $2000. M= $1350 & 2200. 424 with ldr= $3100. Front Weights REAL HIGH
  10. Nice Collection. How many''International'' brand ?
  11. Last week 1/14/21 a 966 BS sold on a On Line estate auction at Reedsburg WI. for $16000. Did I miss something special on this farm tractor.
  12. Father in law was friends with a Draeger south of Waterloo WI
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