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  1. I H Dairy collectors

    I'm not a dairy equip collector but do farm a little and use mostly ih equip. I have a ih compressor for a cooler given to me by my sons friend. he found it amongst some items he picked up for scrapping and thought I might like it. I keep it around but have no use for it.
  2. A situation I'm not involved in except I have friends on both sides. 4 farms drain across the 5th farm where it dumps into an open creek. the 5th farm owners says his tile needs replaced it is over 70 yrs old and I don't doubt that does in fact need replaced. He wants the other 4 farms to help pay for this and none of them want to. Who is right?
  3. 1086 will not start

    On an 86 series I only ever saw a clutch safety switch on the firewall directly in front of the clutch pedal, you wouldn't have touched that working where you were. probably starter or starter wires I would use a pick light to find the problem
  4. Is their a shortcut to replace park gear

    Trust me it needs a gear,,,, I have a cup full of teeth to prove it. wishful thinking though.
  5. I swear I saw this topic come up not more than a year or two ago but can't find it now, someone was trying to change the gear without a total strip down of the rearend.
  6. 3688 fuse diagrahm

    Here is what I have, says for hydro couldn't find gear drive. Probably same anyhow.
  7. 1066 fenders

    I'm looking too, I called bates the salesman told me originals with them are next to impossible and said the aftermarket ones that they carry are now very good. he admitted some of the first reproduction fenders did not look good I'm hoping someone reading this is familiar with their quality and will speak of it. I would be very upset to drive 230 miles one way to find junk.
  8. Another S/N question

    It has dual speed pto, dual remote, tilt wheel and hydraulic seat. used to have hyd clutch assist. that's all the option I can think of that pertain the this tractor unless the front weight bracket could be, which it does have.
  9. Another S/N question

    Thinking about selling my tractor went out to take a few pics including s/n plate expecting to see the SY suffix and saw what looks like AA also. I searched and searched but cannot find the meaning of this, the dash between the Y and the A looks different than the one between the S and Y makes me think this was put on later.
  10. 1086 countershaft nut backed off

    Sounds very do 'able my main shaft is still good and planning on both new bearings for counter shaft anyway. Found out he wants $250 more than one I found from a 1086. I was hoping to go with the one from 886 I figure less hp since new would translate to less wear on the gears but for $250 I'll go with one from the 1086.
  11. Bought a 1086 with trans problems hoping for the best but prepared for the worse. I figured the nut came off the counter shaft but was hoping the damage wasn't so severe. The case is chewed up at the needle bearing and all the gears show damage torched the counter shaft 3 places to get it out. Looks to me like the best way to go is complete trans replace, I know of a 886 with fire damage being parted out is that the same trans?
  12. Tomatoe Farmer where are you

    I live very near Groveport less than 10 min away I usually go there at least twice a week if I can help in any way I will. I also remember reading the posts when they were current and he was trying to get the tractor running. I'm almost certain the tractor was not near Groveport or else I would have been happy to volunteer some time to help him if I remember right it was 60 to 70 miles away and if memory serves me right he was a college student. My guess is the address you sent it to is a rental where he lived while attending college in Columbus.