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  1. Ha ha, I haven't ventured off the construction board in a spell, and lo and behold, I'm a hero :lol: Yeah what Mo said too, before you click "Add into Post" make sure the cursor is where you want the picture. Same applies if you're hosting the pics off-site (like on Photobucket). Glad to help guys
  2. First off, it is best to resize your pictures. I like to take my pictures in the highest resolution (size) possible for clarity, save those to my computer, and then you can do anything you want with them from there. Resizing them for posting helps the guys with slow internet connections because they load faster. Plus, the powers that be on this board have set a 250 KB size limit per post. If you have Windows XP, ******CLICKY HERE*******. This will install the PowerToys Image Resizer. It's from Microsoft so its safe. Just agree to everything it says and you'll be cooking with gas in no time. After thats installed, all you have to do to resize a pic is, when your in your "My Pictures" folder, find the pic you want to resize, RIGHT click on it, select "Resize", then choose the size you want. I use medium, but you can do whatever you want.....free will and all After you click "Ok" it will make a copy of the original thats resized. If the original was named Pic001, the resized one will be named Pic001(Medium). This WILL NOT delete the original, just copy and resize it. Ok now that your pics are resized there are a few ways to upload them to the board. Option 1: Upload them directly to the board. To do this you, when your posting, down below where you type whatever your posting there is a button that says "Browse". Clicky there. That will open up a window where you can locate the picture on your computer. If it doesn't go straight to your "My Pictures" folder, click on "My Documents", then "My Pictures". Choose the picture you want us to see and click "Add This Attachment". After a minute or ten, depending on your internet connection speed, the page will refresh. Now the picture you just uploaded will be listed. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Now you need to click the "Add Into Post" button located to the right of the name of the picture you just uploaded. Now, lather, rinse, repat Seriously now, to add additional pics, repeat the above process for each pic. Once the 250 KB limit for each post has been reached, you will need to click "Post New Topic". Finish typing whatever your telling us first though. If you still have more pics to show us, at the bottom of the post you just put up, clicky on "Reply". Then just repeat the process until all the pictures are up here. Option 2: You can also use an image hosting service. Photobucket, ImageShack, and FlickR are common ones. After you create an account with whichever one you choose, follow their directions to upload pictures to their site. Then they will give you a URL (web address) for each pic. For this it helps to have the pic hosing site and this board open in two seperate windows so you can toggle back and forth. RIGHT click on the URL for the pic you want to add here, select copy, then come over here to your post your putting up. Up above where you type, their is a little button with a picture of a tree. Clicky on it, put your mouse pointer in the box, RIGHT click, and select "Paste", then click "Ok". Repeat as often as necessary Some sites will give you the option of using "Thumb Nails". This puts a small picture in your post here, then readers can sort of see what the pic is, and click on it to make it bigger if they want a closer look. This helps the guys with slow dial up because they don't have to wait for a bunch of pictures to load, and can just look at the ones they want to. Ok. We're all totally confused now and my fingers hurt. Hopefully we will have a pic or two to look at though .
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