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  1. SD6788

    Mx 135

    Gearclash.....do you remember the exact oil you used?
  2. Do any of you guys know if there is a difference between a 135 vs MX100-120 ? Also does anyone else have a load noise when the clutch locks up in higher gears ? For example the F/R clutches are quiet in 1/2nd range. But when you go to 3/4th the clutch squaks and makes a bad sound. I had a dealer say they all make that sound. There is also a additive to put in from Case IH. There is a bulletin out there saying the clutch coefficient is wide and that’s why you end up with the noise. Seems like the late model ones don’t do that. Anyway thanks.
  3. I asked this on Facebook but haven’t had much response. What’s the weak link on the hydro for pushing it on the pto? Will the input shaft let go? Looking at a 13”x104’ auger. Says it requires 150-165hp. Will that tractor handle that reliably?
  4. So when I do the diagnostic the light just blinks non stop. It never pauses....is the seat messing it up ?
  5. Hey guys. Was running my auger loading a truck and about 1/2 way through the pto just decided to shut off. Where do I begin on something like this? Is this a normal problem with these tractors? Haven’t had an issue with it till now. 5500 hours.
  6. Darin doesn’t count. Everything is 110% over down there.
  7. I listened to a video by Bud Yule on YouTube not too long ago. He was in charge of the 2+2 program for IH. He said every 4840 was coming out at 200 hp from Deere. Did IH meet that with the 5488 or were they all around the 187 rating.
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