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  1. SD6788

    986 turbo install

    2- 3688s that I know of (mine included) dynoed 180 after the turbo install. The NA engine responds extremely well to a turbo.
  2. I know most may not agree with me but here is something I have noticed. Ih 90-120 hp models seem to have the most longevity. Specifically non turbo models. 806-3488 size tractors seem to be able to achieve higher hours than the larger turbo sized models. The pto seems to hold up great, the NA engines seems to run 7-10k hours without cavitation problems. I have seen high houred 400 series engines in 966, 986, 3688, and all the hydro models have very little wear when they get tore down. The 361/407 models seem to exceed the 400 series for longevity as well. I know maintenance is key but this is just a observation that seems to hold true.
  3. SD6788

    MCV bolt torque on 1466?

    20 is the recommended setting so you should be good.
  4. SD6788

    The magnum 2+2

    The one he drove was not the mfd that Danny restored. It was a legit 2+2 with magnum cab and powershift. It was scraped after the demo.
  5. SD6788

    The magnum 2+2

    I purchased the last 3688 built this week. The salesman has been around ih/case since 1973. He told me he drove the magnum powershift 2+2 in 1984. Their dealership had to promise they would demo it out in a field far away from sight. He said it was really crude and had a lot of valves in the cab. Anyway it was built and he said he drove it. It was not finished nicely at that point. Can anyone else confirm this?
  6. SD6788

    Last 3688 built

    Do any of you guys know if number 501 is even around anymore? Do any of you do trucking ? Needs to go from Indiana to SE South Dakota.
  7. SD6788

    Last 3688 built

    Hey guys. I was studying serial numbers and discovered that this might be the last one built. Number 501 was first and they made 2,572 of them. Added together you get 3073 as the last one built. I bought the tractor after discovering it was the last one made. I talked to the owner and he also confirmed that it was the last one to roll out the doors of farmall. Anyway here is the picture. Hope you enjoy.
  8. SD6788

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    The 36 was rated 113.7 pto horsepower and the 4240 110. The 466 is a bigger engine but probably won't lug as good as the 436. The two are a very close match. The 986 was only 105pto
  9. SD6788

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    Friendly comparison of which one is better. Sold a lot of 4240s the last few years but never ran one. Any of u have real world experience between the two? 436 vs 466 non turbo.
  10. SD6788

    NA 436 & NA 466

    How many horsepower have you guys gotten out these engines without a blower. I am talking dyno tested numbers. Doubting you can squeeze much more than 120 without doing major surgery. Is that correct ?
  11. The test unit was designated 6288. It was a 18 speed full powershift that had a DT530 engine. Said they only had it for a little while in 1984.
  12. Danny, I met a man who was a district warranty rep out on the east coast. He said he had a test unit that they ran in their area for awhile. He said it was a full powershift and was basically a 5288. Called it some test number that I don't recall right now. If that's the case there might not just be 5488s sitting around with special features.
  13. SD6788

    IH 5488 fwd Transmission life

    Have had 3 5488 tractors fail at 6-6200 hours or somewhere around there. Seems odd right. They were all about 10 years ago. Funny thing is ih did endurance testing for 2000 hours on about everything. One hour is equivalent to 3 field hours. Well that gets you a 6000 hour life. Don't get me wrong it could all just be by chance but don't think for a minute that they didn't know the life cycle of parts between repair time.
  14. SD6788

    CaseIH MX100, MX110 and MX120 School Me On Them

    Found one in December. Can't get parts for anything for the open station. Even the tilt wheel lever is discontinued.
  15. SD6788

    MX 120 open station

    It's a powershift not a synchro which is good I think. Anyone know where to get a straight pipe for it ?