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  1. I asked this on Facebook but haven’t had much response. What’s the weak link on the hydro for pushing it on the pto? Will the input shaft let go? Looking at a 13”x104’ auger. Says it requires 150-165hp. Will that tractor handle that reliably?
  2. So when I do the diagnostic the light just blinks non stop. It never pauses....is the seat messing it up ?
  3. Hey guys. Was running my auger loading a truck and about 1/2 way through the pto just decided to shut off. Where do I begin on something like this? Is this a normal problem with these tractors? Haven’t had an issue with it till now. 5500 hours.
  4. Darin doesn’t count. Everything is 110% over down there.
  5. I listened to a video by Bud Yule on YouTube not too long ago. He was in charge of the 2+2 program for IH. He said every 4840 was coming out at 200 hp from Deere. Did IH meet that with the 5488 or were they all around the 187 rating.
  6. Found a little mx110 I am interested in. Do you guys know what these did on the dyno when new? What’s a safe limit to turn it up to? I know the 100 and 110 have a different pump with no aneroid and smaller mfd axle. Just don’t know what the limits of the machine are compared to the larger ones. Thanks.
  7. Question for you guys. According to a SAE paper published by IH the 5088 and 5288 have the exact same differential. The ring gear is a 10/22 tooth and the rest of the guts are the same. So why does a 5088 shell a diff all the time compared to a 52? Plus your running more hp through the 52. The 52 does have some final drive issues but not as bad as the 50. Both have the busching on the cross as well. Anyone have anything to explain this?
  8. 1) All the 30/60 series tractors use the same front axle. 2) The 37/67 have a different size side drive gear to compensate for the 3 speed tranny. 3) The 37/67 have a super light ring and pinion in the rear end. This was noted in a engineering report that the drivetrain would fail causing a huge recall. 4) The front end of a super 70 is a Raba axle made in Hungary. They used the same axle in the Steiger 91/92/9330 tractors. They are probably 2X as strong as the other 2+2’s. 5) This could be done but who the **** wants to waste that much money on a 1 off tract
  9. It’s probably not a coincidence that if you take 110% of the tractors rated pto horsepower it kind of lines up with what everyone said they were running.
  10. So my original 3900 hr Tractor stopped running. Took the pump in and the governor was shot and it was full of garbage from sitting 20 years. Anyway the pump was rebuilt and I got a call it was ready. They Checked the CC’s and it was already set at 150hp. Would IH have already set it up to that from new ? I told them I wanted it set up 10% and they set it already was. Anyway anyone else have this from a diesel shop? Or are they just saying what I want to hear.
  11. Crazy how people never change. He has been doing this for years and everyone knows. He will screw the wrong person one of these days. For the life of me I can't understand how you can face friends or family knowing your doing this to get by. Great way for your kids to learn about you as they get older.
  12. These were pre production tractors. If you watch "Birth of a Tractor" video you will see a worker entering TX-147 on his computer screen. This tractor is the one he was building.
  13. Here u go. There isn't many of these around. 9 bolt hubs to cast 34" wheel.
  14. SD6788

    4840 vs 5488

    The only proof I have heard is from an actual warranty rep that worked for ih in the 70s and 80s. 1973 came around and Deere out rated IH in the 66 series. He said that ih up the rpm to rerate their hp numbers. He also said everything coming out of the factory was supposed to be shipped 10% over rated hp. This was to ensure that none of the tractors coming up would be a poor runner. I have dynoed a lot of unopened pump tractors. 1456 was 135hp 1466 was 147hp. 1206 was 120hp and a 1206 wheatlands was 112. Makes me think that they set them about right where they were supposed to be.
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