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  1. Wow, my idea is getting a little more response than I expected. Since I kinda started this and everybody seems to be digging out their stash of goodies, should we try to go ahead and split a new thread out for brand x stuff, maybe even old automotive etc., and keep one for strictly IH? There's neat old seed corn and feed company ads, tons of stuff out there that could be shared. I can't wait to see what other people may post that I haven't seen before, I just wonder if there should be a little effort at organization if this turns into dozens of pages of pictures. And a little teaser... I k
  2. I've been looking around on Amazon and found some hand held wand scanners that are reasonably priced and look like would be real handy to have around the shop and for office work anyway. Think I am going to give one of them a try for this. Like Loadstar said, if I am going to take the time to do this stuff it might as well be organized with some notes so it's not hard to dig for in the future.
  3. Like this? lol, maybe there should be a separate deal for rainbow colors. I will keep this predominantly IH.
  4. I've acquired a pretty sizeable stack of old Farm Journals, with some ads I've seen before and quite a few I haven't. If anybody is interested, I can dedicate a thread and throw a few of them up here every week while winter has everybody cooped up. On a related note, I just took this with a camera, albeit a pretty decent DSLR. I really hate to fold these treasures up and run through my scanner, if anybody has a better idea to preserve this stuff digitally I would love to hear it.
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