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  1. I'm awfully happy with my Keens, they're light for steel toes and after trying USA made Red Wings and several other things I haven't had anything else that has lasted longer before starting to give me back pain or other signs that they're wearing out. Put a lot of time and miles on Keen sandals in warm weather, and they've held up great too. Honestly the most comfortable and sharpest looking work boots I've ever had were Doc Martens, but I tried them twice and had the soles come apart in just 3-4 months both times. They're just not built to take the punishment of some of the conditi
  2. Well, there's a girl flying Thunderbird 6 this season- she was faster than anybody on the track Sunday Nascar was a fun sport to follow when the cars weren't boring and they were being driven by characters like Earnhardt, Wallace, Waltrip, Alison, Shrader, Gant, Elliot, Petty, etc. Just don't see any way they can really make it quit sucking after they've gone so far in the wrong direction.
  3. Tin Can Sailors is an excellent read, as is everything else of Hornfishcer's that I've picked up. Neptune's Inferno and Fleet At Flood Tide I would also highly recommend to anybody with interest in the topics we are discussing in this thread.
  4. Randy, the spelling was most definitely Gayler with an "E."
  5. Tanker, as far as I know it has not been proven 100%, but the preponderance of evidence is that there is some VERY interesting history to that Wildcat. There were many Wildcats and some pilots originally assigned to VF-3 that were transferred hurriedly to VF-2 and embarked on Lexington for the Coral Sea battle in which she was lost. This F4F was marked F-5 while with Fighting 2, but quite likely that was painted over what was previously F-13 with Fighting 3. (For whatever reasons, but lots of that sort of thing was done in the chaos of the early Pacific operations). The other side of the c
  6. Worth remembering that the rated test depth of most WW2 US Navy fleet submarines was either 300 or 400 feet, depending on which class of boats. Hull destruction would likely occur at a 50% to double increase of that amount, obviously depending on a lot of factors like any battle damage. (At least one incident recorded of a boat that was recovered from an emergency at 600'+, but.... unfortunately all the guys who found out what actual crush depth was never came back to tell anybody the story.)
  7. Jerry was from our town originally, he just passed away recently.
  8. I wondered if that would have been a famous enough story to have made it through your circles back in the day.
  9. Randy, I've got a book about the Blue Angels in the F-4 Phantom era that has a story you'd love. As you probably know, back in the 1960s and 70s the team would sometimes do formation landings if they were at a large enough field. Can't remember without going to dig the book up whether this was told by the #2 or 3 pilot, but anyway was either the right or left wingman of the diamond. So, early on in their transition to the F-4 the team flew to Lambert to visit the McDonnell plant in St. Louis. As they are landing at Lambert in the Delta formation, the wingman is watching his paint on Boss a
  10. Hoping they do a much broader release, the first time around we were still harvesting and was no way I could get away to Iowa City for the closest theater.
  11. Totally agreed, almost anything you need to put a wrench on is much more accessible on the Steigers. And I've got enough experience with having too small of a tractor on too big of a cart to know how awesome our 385 is at yanking an 1194 Avalanche.
  12. Well, all you have to do is pull your corn planter with an articulated 4WD- lots less constraint on fitting everything into a package that lets the front wheels work at row crop settings and still have a decent turn radius if you go to something like the 335, 350, 370 Steiger.
  13. A large factor in the modern design configurations is to get enough cooling capacity crammed in there that they can handle hydraulic requirements of things like the 24 row+ corn planters, large air seeders, etc. that are being run today vs. when the 5288 or 4640 was a big row crop tractor.
  14. Can't say off the top of my head what the price was last time, but I've gone to buying Hytran in 330 gallon totes. If you haven't blown a hose on a hydraulic drive center fill vac planter in the dark, you don't know how fast you can put 30 gallons on the ground....
  15. Can't remember the last time I chose to eat at Subway or McDonalds, there's always a better option with better food not too far away for not much more money. And if I'm on a road trip, I refuse to eat at any chain place that's the same as what I could go to at home. Part of the fun of the trip is to find great little family owned joints along the way. Start watching Triple D...
  16. We had to change fouled plugs in my girlfriend's Odyssey as well.
  17. I've really been slacking on my thread. Sorry this was a pretty poor quality scan
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