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  1. Thanks for sharing those, I've read several accounts of operating from Thule, a very unforgiving place to fly from for sure.
  2. There were quite a few made, they were used extensively in combat during the Korean war. This is the one and only XP-82, there is the one other production variant under restoration, and 2-3 in museums. Here's a link to the XP-82 project. http://xp-82twinmustangproject.blogspot.com/p/photo-gallery.html
  3. It's most definitely real. Half a million people who were at Oshkosh last summer will vouch. And there's an E model Twin Mustang up in Minnesota also being restored to airworthiness.
  4. Somehow hadn't managed to see this thread before. I'll play with some of mine.
  5. MX210 or MX230 would be about the best balance of comfort, power, price, and reliability you could shop for.
  6. Our '63 706 came from the factory with clamshell fenders, but sometime later it got a set of white flat tops and the clamshells got switched to their M. There's a picture of it circa 1968-69 with the white fenders. Nobody has told me specifically, but it seems quite likely that a 1206 got an aftermarket cab and those fenders were sitting at the dealer available for a cheap price.
  7. My better-looking half works for a cardiologist firm that serves ten locations in Iowa. She was laid off two days this week, they are running a skeleton crew to staff the office and only seeing about 1/4 the normal number of patients per day. In the wake of this corona trainwreck, there WILL be an uncountable but significant amount of people who are casualties of not being able to go for their routine checkups or scheduled elective procedures.
  8. Hmm, definitely overdue for some homemade pies here too.
  9. There are channels to get a unit to do that and I'm sure they would love to, but probably would be best to set up something for a memorial gathering at some point after this current frenzy returns to something like life as normal.
  10. Man, this news is hard to take. Randy was a national treasure and it sure was a privilege to get to talk to him so much here. Have a good flight, sir.
  11. What the heck, I might as well add some more. Need to get the 5488 we still plant a lot of beans with in there, too. more.
  12. Well, it's not exactly new, my 1250 is a 2011 model and we've been pulling it with a tractor that has over 8k hours.
  13. I plant lots of contours, hundreds of terraces.
  14. That's not really true, I plant several patches that are 3 acres or less with a 24 row quite easily. Row clutches are a lifesaver. And it's only 12' 6" wide in transport.
  15. Just wait till you experience the tingly sensation of using brake cleaner instead of TP.
  16. My better looking better half works the front desk at a cardiologist office, in a clinic with several other practices. This is pretty much what is going on there.
  17. Yep, can't think of a single reason why those old couplers are superior to just having ISO ones that everything else and everything more modern uses.
  18. The hospitals have people in them who have conventional influenza, pneumonia, etc. Too bad nobody cared about that stuff that routinely happens every day enough to have a national meltdown crisis....
  19. The layperson wouldn't realize that the prospect of restoring/operating a B-36 isn't just somewhat more difficult that a B-17/24/29, it's EXPONENTIALLY more. Not to mention that Fifi, Doc, and the others make a lot of their tour revenues to keep them going at moderately sized municipal airports that couldn't handle the size and weight of a 36 even when it's not combat loaded.
  20. They have to be squawking a transponder, FR24 is not actually showing primary radar returns.
  21. Here’s the installation in my 1086. (Yeah, I know she needs a good cleaning but this tractor has been living on the grain vac for a while.)
  22. This is correct, I did it with new parts from their kit and know of at least one other 1086 locally who did the same.
  23. Interesting, and makes some sense considering the difference in engine blocks. Just for confirmation, I went and looked at the old Nebraska tractor test reports on the 1466 and 1468. The unballasted front axle weight of the V8 was 160 pounds less.
  24. Guess I never really understood the point of them either, but there must have been some sort of legitimate reason for IH to make tooling and think they would sell some.
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