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  1. Yep, later variants of the P-38 fixed the high altitude problems too, but of course by then the P-47 had been pretty much perfected and given more range with drop tanks and the Merlin Mustangs were coming online. Made more sense at that point to concentrate Lightnings in the Pacific where twin engines were a major safety bonus for long overwater flights.
  2. Timbo, you need to order this book. Wish you could have had it to share with your uncle, but there were very minimal injuries to those on the ground when the food was being dropped. https://smile.amazon.com/Operation-Chowhound-Glorious-Bomber-Mission/dp/113727963X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=266LFJESXWALO&dchild=1&keywords=operation+chowhound&qid=1610692624&sprefix=operation+chowhound%2Caps%2C275&sr=8-1
  3. Gosh, I'm glad you linked that, I was gong to go dig it up this morning but ended up having to bug out and leave the computer. It's not even that they switched to 454s because the Buick motors went out of production, but that they were sending people out to buy those engines from junkyards and ran out of wrecked Buicks that had salvageable engines.
  4. I've got Brian Shul's Sled Driver books that this story is from. Very spendy, but what treasures. Little bit of virtually unknown trivia- when they made that last record breaker cross country flight to deliver a bird to the Smithsonian, it was talked about to make the attempt at Mach 3.FIVE. The jet was very capable of doing so, but the risk of having a compressor unstart and losing the aircraft was deemed unacceptable. Also, the reason there was never an around-the-world record attempt by the Blackbirds is because there weren't enough of the KC-135Q tankers to have a spare tanker
  5. Finally got fire in my pizza oven we've been building that was in the cement mixer post down the page.
  6. The 28" cupola is the kit we used. https://www.brickwoodovens.com/outdoor-pizza-oven-kits
  7. Fireman, if you want I could provide you a link to where I got the kit and plans to do this. Just beware, it's a LOT of work lol. But, we did a trial run yesterday (which kinds sucked) and several pies today which got rave reviews. It's going to be a very fun thing to have around!
  8. Sure wish I could have found one of those mixers close by for this instead of buying a new one from Northern Tool. It got the job done and has been used for several other things too, but it doesn’t have much cool factor.
  9. Read this that just came out yesterday, too. From that ultra-right Trump loving New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html?fbclid=IwAR3URD_3Elcu4l9MO7xGFw5DKs097cIz2U2alKwuqvAOW_NyvSPODLhbx6Y
  10. You should probably come have my Kettle Fried Chicken instead of that fast food crap.
  11. I dabble in it with some luck from time to time.
  12. Some from the trip we took out west last month. Farmall Land, just for gratuitous Red Powerness. Badlands. Rushmore. Fire helos working out of Sylvan Lake, made for a cool backdrop. Stopped by to visit some friends in Montana and rode in combines and airplanes. Bighorn Canyon. Custer battlefield on the Little Bighorn. This is the crossing that Reno's command retreated over when they were routed during the initial encounter with the southern end of the Indian village, and ended up on top of the bluff I'm
  13. The Russians reverse-engineered every single part of a B-29 and built a fleet of hundreds of Tu-4 bombers. Anything is possible if you have time, monies, and willpower. Might not hurt if you have a Gulag for underperforners, too....
  14. Rip the band-aid off. Is there a better time to get the maximum number of people exposed than NOW when it's 80-90 degrees, sunny, people are at their most active and generally most healthy point? Or should we wait until the miserable winter and compound this with the standard cold, flu, pneumonia season? Nobody in the stay at home forever camp will answer me on this simple question wherever I post it. And, for the record- I sleep next to somebody who works for a cardiology firm and has had multiple coworkers and patients in her office that were positive for the Kung Flu. I've got more ski
  15. Glad I learned how to cook when I was a kid and when I was single. Now there are two of us who can cook together.
  16. I have politely asked, in multiple forums, whether it is better to get a maximum number of people exposed to the Rona NOW while it''s 90 degrees and sunny and people are outdoors being active and generally at their healthiest vs. pushing it off till December. When it's standard cold/flu/pneumonia season, the weather sucks, everybody is crammed indoors, the kids all have a snotty nose, etc. I have never gotten a single response from the lockdown, stay-at-home-forever fearmongering people.
  17. We spent several days out west recently, my favorite was the moron at the Custer Little Bighorn battlefield who was sitting in his Ford Mustang, with his windows down, with his mask on but pulled down to his chin so he could smoke a cigarette. Yeah, you're saving the world buddy. Also, we had a great time out where people are being 99% normal and I'm glad we spent recreational dollars there instead of on all the crap that is cancelled. LOTS of people are doing the same. Also, Kristi Noem is hotter than a go-kart muffler.
  18. SDman, we're more or less on the same page- I was just pointing out that these are only what-if scenarios because the logistics, manpower, and calendar for operating the 262 never really had a chance of meaningfully impacting the duration of the war. The low point of the 8th AF daylight bombing campaign in autumn 1943 around the time of the disastrous Schweinfurt-Regensburg raids happened before enough Jumo engines had been produced to put a single squadron of jets in combat service, let alone hundreds. And the lack of fuel, training, the fact that some of those early engines couldn't run 25
  19. True to an extent, but also a moot point. Between the teething problems that everybody had with the first couple generations of jet engines, Germany's shortage of some of the necessary materials, and the attrition on the Eastern front there really isn't a scenario where the Luftwaffe could have put enough jets with enough well-trained pilots up to have shut down the bomber offensive.
  20. Have had pretty good success with lawn mower clippings here. They don't have the weed seed inducement problems that you can get with regular hay or straw bales.
  21. It's not a joke, the Tutors are a magnificent little aerobatic jet and the Snowbirds put on a wonderful demonstration. They don't have the speed and noise of the Thunderbirds/Blue Angels, but for the true aviation people the energy management the Snowbirds do is very impressive. If they're a couple seconds late, they can't just make it up with the lever in their left hand.
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