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  1. This is not a tractor ad, but it is vintage from 1963. Home design books sure have came along way - actually, every customer that wants me to draw them a house, usually brings in something off the internet for me to modify, reverse, flip, etc...
  2. The 806 sold well here, as did the 706. I've heard of the Egging cab, don't have any ads for it though. I always liked the look of the 66 series cabs but have no experience with them in the real world. Here is an ad from 1973 listing some of the features of the 66 series tractors. Awesome ad!!!
  3. Were there ever concerned with the stack being so close to the lp tank? Also, how many hours did a full tank get you compared to a gasser/diesel? Can't wait for more pictures & to see your progress of no doubt another top notch resto.
  4. So what is going on in this picture? Kinda confused
  5. I have been in Valdez on a repair job since the day after I fixed them. 350 miles from home living in a hotel. no fun I'm sure - that is how my best friend gained 30lbs - working for Deere experimental & living on take out food & beer
  6. Mark, you just jinxed yourself! I have always wanted to go smaller & bigger than my C - so looks like an A & H - Rick wont sell me his M He finds it far to useful to get rid of
  7. How are the lights working on the 460? Have they decided to not work right when you need them, even though they worked a minute ago?
  8. just like grandpa, build it to the max so it will handle anything! That is a great looking functional table that will come in handy.
  9. Looks like a straight tractor. Get some tires & mechanically sound & it would look cool with that patina.
  10. I can tell you are used to driving in all that stuff, I might think twice before pulling my phone out to snap a couple pics, especially the one where you driving down into the valley.
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