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  1. They may have a reality show soon.Oh boy, we were both surprised by this one, lucky for us the iPad got bumped.Another reality show TMI !!!!! Anyone seen the movie SexTape? Haha
  2. That is a nice truck ad Gary. My brother has a Fargo too but about 15 years newer. Not much family resemblance there. Here is an International ad for the S series trucks . New for 56. There is that trucker hat in that IH ad that was discussed a few pages back.
  3. A manure spreader would have been a real luxury when we were kids Ray. We had to load it by hand (manure fork) onto a flat top wagon and then unload it all , again by fork, out in the field. Farm kids in those days got strong hands from milking cows and forking manure. Not a bad thing but those days are gone. These good looking IH manure spreaders were available in 1979. Interesting how in the ad, they didn't even bother to wash the tires. In almost non working ads for IH, they made sure the tractors really stood out & were shiny. But maybe it isn't as important to shine something up that will be covered in sh*t it's entire life.
  4. big chain! Must have an Industrial's only plow day - red tractors need not apply!
  5. I see that Cub ad had some advertisement telling you to tune in on saturday nights on NBC.............wonder if there was some sort of IH sponsorship with that show. I can imagine that mounted plow on the 4300 weighed a few pounds & is that a lift chain running back to the top link of the tractor from the plow?
  6. Good for you for pointing his work ethic out & your gratitude for him working for you. Lots of guys I know take for granted a hard worker until they are gone.
  7. Makes you wonder why someone felt they had a need for such a machine! It looks awkward as h$ll.
  8. The cotton palace - never heard of it. Of course, NW IL isnt exactly cotton country so I zero knowledge of cotton except I know that I wear it everyday when I put my t-shirts on in the morning. I don't think hauling cotton that way would fly today!
  9. Actually I could just walk out on the ice and chop a hole around the mower, hook up a chain, etc. I'll see how inspired I feel next time I'm over there. Come on, Ralph! You rescued the 1939 Ford and the 1952 Merc. You can do the mower too!! I know you can!!!!! Some more of my Facebook gatherings: A late IH pickup posed at some small town dealership, like so many around Central Montana. Isn't that correct MN Red? IH Dealership in some small town with IH pickup.jpg A much earlier McCormick-Deering IHC dealership with truck and tractors. IHC McCormick Deering dealership, tractors truck red.jpg And I may have posted this one, but having been an IH parts man in my younger years, I like this anyway. Gary International Harvester IH Service Parts Department in dealership.jpg Love the 1st picture with the white binder! Looks like someone still cares for the older dealer building - the IH's & CC signage still look nice. The service dept. picture must have been taken in the early fall???? I see they have a heater house displayed on the tractor.
  10. Gary, speaking of horses, this one showed up on facebook today and I thought it might be interesting to some here. I question whether it is faked as I can't see two horses getting a load of logs that big started. They might keep it moving on snow and ice but any downhill run is going to see them run over by that load. Brakes on a sleigh? Photographed in Michigan 1899. A library of congress photo. How did the lumberjack get all the way to top & how will he get down?
  11. I actually noticed that also. I just thought since it was 1920s that was the norm in the country
  12. No, not a machine ad but still interesting. I'm guessing maybe early seventies vintage? I've got a few of those old home catalogues here too. I think this page dates to the 1920s. The "Maple Shade". Gambrel roof design. As kids when we saw one of those roofs we would say, "hey its a barn house". That is hilarious Ralph, sitting here in the chair with my 2 year old son on my lap I had the ad enlarged so I could read it and my son pointed at it and said "barn". Haha
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