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  1. That is definitely a great find when you have a family member right in the vintage ad. I don't have anything that special but saved this one from 1992. I thought it was unique in that it had both mine and my brother's names right on the cover. I find it odd that they used a Case and an IH. Why wouldn't they put on a boxcar or something
  2. Looking forward to more & more pictures Tony - looks like you old guys are making good progress
  3. Cool ad touching upon all that IH has to offer you the consumer. Nice fall scene also and look what dad shot for supper! But why all the stacks of corn stalks?
  4. Thanks for the info Sledge. I see in the background your Scout is without the new rear bumper you fabbed up, so you must of had a wild hair up your a$$ and went to building all sorts of things, or the wife left you alone long enough to have some fun in the garage.
  5. COOL PROJECT!!!! Was a FH planter never made by IH or did you just want to make one yourself?
  6. ANOTHER ONE? Thanks for the post & pictures - can't wait to see both of them all gold again. Which was more desirable a Bosch or Roosa Master?
  7. A good beginning to another 1st class resto I am sure Tony. Do you have any special plans for this one or restore it to exactly how it rolled off the line? I know how you like to implement chrome and stainless accents on your tractors.
  8. Not to many times getting passed on a hill in either of those trucks.
  9. Not to side rail the original post, but has anyone ever made a non original model a goldie? Like a 756, etc...
  10. I thought thats what those were, but I thought no way someone would use those right? I was wrong
  11. Only $530 - I will take 10 please Gary.
  12. not to mention the roads weren't what they are today (although some in this area are still really bad!) I'm sure dad's 2 cabovers ride much better Oh yeah, them got some stretch. That's kinda cheating! A little short day cab single on segmented concrete was no fun. I give it to IH for building the nicest riding shorty tandem I think I was ever inside. (77 model) Made the Freightliners seem like a bucket of bolts. Sadly under powered for the mountains though. X100 on segmented concrete! We have a 12mile road here simply known as THE SLAB & in the 70's & 80's it was a very busy truck road - local gas station sold bumper stickers that said "I survived the slab" Those are the stock frames on those 2 trucks - both have CATS cranked up to around 700
  13. not to mention the roads weren't what they are today (although some in this area are still really bad!) I'm sure dad's 2 cabovers ride much better
  14. This is one skinny cab! I bet they rode like crap.
  15. I think I am looking @ the front axle correct? What is that looks welded up or is it something that shouldn't be there.
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