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  1. To go along with that Cockshutt hay season ad, here is what Ford brought to the table in displayed in this ad.
  2. Gary, this is all I could find on these tractors. This is the excerpt from Tractor & Gas Engine Review published in Madison, WI Jan. 1918, Vol. 11 One of the new tractor companies is the Depue Brothers Manufacturering Company of Clinton, IA. Their tractor is a four wheel drive type. The drive is through a large bevel ring gear secured to the upright drive haft, which in turn delivers the power to a heavy type differential on each axle assembly. This arrangement makes possible the same traction power in the turning as in the straight ahead. All of the gears are run in oil and roller bearings are used throughout, therefore a relatively high transmission efficiency is obtained. All working parts are enclosed and protected from dust and dirt. The tandard equipment includes a four cylinder Buda motor, a Dixie high tension magneto with impulse starter, Pierce governor, Stromberg carb, Borg & Beck dry plate clutch and Timken roller bearings. At the present the Depue tractor is built in 1 size only. A machine which weighs approx. 8,000lbs has a wheelbase of 140", drive wheels 40" in diameter with 10" tires or fitted removable lugs. Speeds from 1 1/2 - 5 MPH are obtainable, there being 3 forward gears and 1 reverse. The belt pulley can be rotated so as to give a belt speed of 3000' a minute. A smaller machine will be constructed along the same lines as the larger one which will weigh approx. 4,000lbs and have power at the draw bar to handle 3 plows and other farm implements.
  3. Tony - The way weather is here, I should jump on a plane and come out there for the show. In my younger days, I was known to do things like that. Now Smoker 2 would have a fit unless I brought her along! Lucky man Jerry
  4. Darn $3.50 corn. I don't even want to ask how much you charge for your creations (bet its not enough for all the labor involved). I suppose you have a certain clientele for this awesome minis.
  5. GREAT machinery & pictures. I believe the term 'old school' comes into play here. I many acres do you farm?
  6. I need to look into those. I work across the river from Clinton, IA. This area is full of lumber history & steamer history (I work in Fulton & the h.s. school mascot is the steamers, go figure!)
  7. So what you are saying Tony is that it will not be seeing gravel anytime soon
  8. Jerry, was this a popular option/add on back in the day?
  9. It looks like Tony may have got a hold of your tractor....I seem chrome fittings! That is a really nice look & makes it look even sharper.
  10. Notice the Indians in the bag saying "Ugh, big car" Can't get away with that these days!
  11. Also, watch for the black console. There are still some out there and the owners don't know what they have.
  12. Interested in more info and as mentioned, how is power compared to stock
  13. you steering wheel is on the wrong side!
  14. That's incredible! I like how the farmer said they could dig it up as long they were done by planting! I bet that ground they filled that hole with might never be the same!
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