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  1. This is an interesting Lincoln ad also... apparently arc welding was THE thing back on those days
  2. I thought of you @Loadstar& you other canucks when I stumbled upon this nice sized ad from Canada. Looks to me that a C is on pulling duty.
  3. Here is our bought new 1967 756 gasser....I hope to do the same thing you did with yours, without the cultivator.
  4. the step set-up looks very user friendly! Find yourself a fender mount radio & go cruisin!!!
  5. that looks spectacular!! Very nice & a great history to go along with it!!! A head turner for sure!!!
  6. in mot cases, old school & new school don't seem to jive in my book. Although i am fairly young, I like the old school look. Nothing drives me more nuts than seeing a gorgous muscle car with newer style wheels on it.
  7. I didn't even know such a thing existed! Guess you could say we don't have rocks in our peat dirt.
  8. Little bit older than the letter series, but still a nice F Series ad. Notice how the rear wheels in the "action shots" don't match the stationary pictures.
  9. This IH ad sure is purty! Love the wheatland pulling it!
  10. I see Tony that you got your paint guy working on the front weight bracket....gonna load 'er up with some of Jerry's plastic weights?
  11. Good lord Tony! Those front meats look good, but as always, those polished little fittings, etc... is what will set it apart from all others! I thought my favorite was your goldie, but this might move ahead once done.
  12. Ralph....since hay fork rope is important, how about all the other accessories to go with for the farmer's operation. This one is about 30yrs before your Lion rope ad.
  13. That is so cool. Good looking work. That short wb looks pretty neat.
  14. nice photoshop by IH to make the vehicle look longer. Same boy scout looking into the open door & the same tan trousered man sitting inside.
  15. Since it is back to school time, I think this school bus ad fits in nicely.
  16. That is a beautiful ad! The artwork is fantastic....some skilled hands painted that. A real eye catcher.
  17. It does not a loader add but I feel like it kind of goes along with the billing ads that have taken up the last couple pages. Keep the opener apps for bailing season in the summer and then put on these side kits for winter work maybe with the loader in the cattle yard. I've never seen this ad or anything like it so I thought it was interesting enough to post.
  18. What kind of HP did that pull behind call for?
  19. The color of the ground is different than most ads recently posted, but it does involve haw/straw
  20. Might as well thrown in another brand to the baling season mix. Never ever seen an orange baler.
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