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  1. This topic is of pretty great interest to me since my employer is in the business of dairy cows. I try to keep up but with having no dairy experience, I get lost in numbers, 100weight, butter fat, etc.. I hope that 2020 is a better year for your dairy guys!
  2. Why ruin the page with green square?
  3. Ive never seen it done so i was curious
  4. How does one go about repairing a belt?
  5. Since it is hay season, here is a lineup to meet all your needs.
  6. From 1927....they were bringing out the big horses!
  7. I dont think i had ever seen a W series until getting onto this forum. Definitely non existent in my part of IL
  8. I'll ask one of our doctors or nutritionist today.
  9. I was sick Tuesday morning as soon as my alarm went off at 2am. Did my usual route all day....nothing worse than being on the road and being sick. Plenty of stops alongside the road and convenient store bathrooms.
  10. I need to check out that museum next time I am in town. Weren't Olivers made in South Bend also?
  11. I go to South Bend to watch the Irish!
  12. Looks like a neat little shack for the kids to wait for the bus also....ya know, the ones you see at the end of a long driveway.
  13. interesting...haven't heard of that at work yet? Will have to ask my guys I deliver to Tuesday/Wednesday (Avoca, Cottage Grove, Cobb, Albany, Darlington, Mineral Point to name some stops)
  14. i've been thinking that the past couple weeks here in NW IL...thinking how I wouldn't want to be driving a mounted picker in this kind of weather BUT our grandfathers and fathers did it. My grandpa would always say..."I didn't pick corn till the beginning of November"
  15. Smoke Rings. (In the dark.... @billonthefarm )
  16. sooooooooo it doesn't stay that clean for long? ?
  17. What does the red machine do?
  18. BBG, what year would that be, I'm not well versed in yellow wheels.
  19. Way after the days of steel, but Hiniker offered more to the farmer, not just a man who wanted an after market cab
  20. do you have any idea what year steel was still offered as a FACTORY option for tractors?
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