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  1. redneckchevy9

    Career Change

    Yes they do and it helps out so much with coaching my daughter and her travel softball team.
  2. redneckchevy9

    Career Change

    This is the back has a Cummins. The other truck, with the HD front end with floaters has a nicely tuned C11 in it.
  3. redneckchevy9

    Career Change

    Thanks. I will miss my old boom truck also. Several contractors have already tested me and said how they miss me already. That makes me feel good to know that my skill didn't go unnoticed. I see this as a life change and so far I like it a lot.
  4. redneckchevy9

    Career Change

    Well there are a few things in the works that I will be doing some design work on the side.
  5. redneckchevy9

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    Very true. I think the stigma associated with mental illness is unfortunate, but very real, especially in among the manly men in rural America.
  6. redneckchevy9

    Career Change

    I'm taking a insignificant hit for 6 months. Once Feb. 2019 arrives, I will be at the same $ I am used to bringing home. I have been there 2 weeks now. The hours are awesome and no weekends are a huge positive also.
  7. redneckchevy9

    Career Change

    I couldnt find my original post about a possible career change from the lumberyard biz to working for Agri King delivering their feed. They say a picture is world a thousand I will just leave this. I'm up in WI almost 3 times a week. Darlington, Albany, Monroe, Cuba City are a few of my stops. Don't know if any of you guys on here use any Agri King products or not.
  8. redneckchevy9

    Dirt Boyz at it Again

    So no more orange helmet Danny?
  9. redneckchevy9

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    this is an interview with this guy....neat cat. It sounds he began doing this stuff for practical purposes for his landscaping business
  10. redneckchevy9

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

  11. redneckchevy9

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    i know from many others, your statement is exactly true...especially for the salesmen in the lumberyard. This actually was a big part of the discussion I had and was told that they frown upon their guys going over 40.
  12. redneckchevy9

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    absolutely! There is in the job that was offered to me...not so much in my current job. I have grown in my job, becoming lead draftsman and kitchen designer, but the pay does not reflect that. I am in current talks with the potential new employer about $$. They gave me a number, I gave them a number, they came back at me with a number. So here I am today...thinking.
  13. redneckchevy9

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    i knew that would surface! I figured ****, if they only want me to work 40, I won't ague.
  14. redneckchevy9

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    the odds of raises in my yard are not very good & if I do, it sounds like every few years. This new gig would gave a raises each year. The money conversion is kinda hard for me because this is a salary based position, not hourly (like I have been my entire life). I deliver lumber in the winter & sit on top of my boom truck when its -10outside sometimes. I do running my boom truck & I've already learned & ran the other new boom truck in the other yard. I've been doing the same thing for 15 years & I don't if it is because this new job came calling, but I am finding myself wondering if I really want to be a lumberyard guy anymore. The chance of a promotion is ZERO.
  15. redneckchevy9

    Looking At A Career Change Again