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  1. Talked to owners son, he wasnt happy with price and thought it should've brought more.
  2. I was just having this conversation with my wife last night.
  3. I've long wanted to call out the announcers, but didn't know if that was in bad taste. IIRC, it was 2015 or 2016 at the Davenport auction. There was an open station 1066 that was a 5th millionth clone....the announcer actually said he is pretty sure it's not the REAL 5th millionth! It's on youtube Come on dude, you think if the 5th millionth IH was at the auction YOU are announcing, a bigger deal wouldnt be made!
  4. just saw that on the ole' FB, sorry to hear the news. Prayers from my family to yours Jacob
  5. there is a list on the fridge that keeps getting longer & longer
  6. Knocked another off my list today...finally put head piece of casing on a door I put in 6 months ago...all with 3 kids supervising
  7. My wife is a tree nazi....comes down 2 days after Christmas....come **** of high water.
  8. We all have that one little project that would take 10 minutes to complete, but day after day, month after month, it remains unfinished. Mine is the fridge door handle...been this way for 7 months...just cant find the time to fix it. The tiny plastic part and screw is $22...maybe that's why I haven't fixed it yet
  9. Better than the new Chevy tailgate commercial
  10. 6k with a weak TA and shows 7300 hours
  11. The ad was updated and it says it's a 1466
  12. Saw this yesterday on a marketplace site I visit. Current owner says he has never seen a cab like this....ya think?!
  13. I got sent a picture the other day of TMC truck in the ditch with the caption "this does not look like destination excellence" made me chuckle.
  14. Make sure you get your royalties of Foxworthy ever uses this as a redneck joke!
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