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  1. This topic is of pretty great interest to me since my employer is in the business of dairy cows. I try to keep up but with having no dairy experience, I get lost in numbers, 100weight, butter fat, etc.. I hope that 2020 is a better year for your dairy guys!
  2. Why ruin the page with green square?
  3. Ive never seen it done so i was curious
  4. How does one go about repairing a belt?
  5. Do you use an innoculant in your bales?
  6. So it was officially a year ago July 31st that I left the lumber business that I knew for 15 years and jumped into this career at Agri King. Time sure has flown by, which makes me believe that I made the right decision by accepting my boss wanting me to drive for them. Of course there are some mundane days where the same road and the same farm grow tiresome, but I still enjoy my job greatly. Keeping my trucks looking good is important to me as I strive to have one of the best looking straight trucks in the area, but those milk trucks in WI are hard to keep up with. I have learned that bein
  7. But the shade of tractor paint does matter! 😀
  8. Couldnt resist this shot...perfect lighting at 6:45am in Belmont, WI
  9. I built a nice one for my Schnauzer a couple years back. It was something kind of unexpected and i will admit i cried like a baby the entire time.
  10. Since it is hay season, here is a lineup to meet all your needs.
  11. From 1927....they were bringing out the big horses!
  12. I dont think i had ever seen a W series until getting onto this forum. Definitely non existent in my part of IL
  13. At the 8U level for softball, we as an organization try to stay as local as possible...which is 40 min. away for league games and most tournaments. Des Moines, which is 3hrs away is the furthest we have been, which was for nationals this year.
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