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  1. 826 Hydro Gasser

    It was a crummy day for a sale, but she brought $12,700! I text the seller and Seller is beyond happy. Any of you guys buy it?

    those foundry weights on the 660 are so cool
  3. 826 Hydro Gasser

    The seller was given knowledge of what he has and after talking to him, he is excited to see what $$ it may bring.
  4. Tariffs

    endless waves of grain..nah...endless waves of radish leaves!
  5. Small town

    if its not uncommon to see a forklift, lawn mower, or farm machinery driving down main street
  6. 826 Hydro Gasser

    Since this thread is closed, I can't comment on it, so I will start a new one. Come to find out, a guy that I am doing some blueprints for has his dad's farm sale coming up & he tells me he has a 826 NF in the sale. Never mentioned it to me that it was GAS! I've learned that not to many of these were built.
  7. Custom combining in the old days

    I bet those guys took it nice & slow on the roads hauling like that. I have no knowledge of how much those models of combines weigh, but I imagine that it was pushing the load limits of those trucks.
  8. Vintage Ads
  9. Vintage Aerial

    I found 2 of the farm I have never seen before 1960 & 1976 I have 1983 & 1995 framed in my office. I was born in 83 & the farm remains unchanged in buildings & layout as of the 1995 picture.
  10. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    roger that!
  11. I found this also...not the only court case they were in I noticed
  12. looks like it was a logo for a seed company...not an actual seed brand
  13. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    there you are Rick..I was expecting your M contribution to the party & you didn't disappoint!
  14. Toys we never got to play with

    Just pit out my orange juice
  15. Toys we never got to play with

    I have that exact Amaco truck...but in much better condition. I think I got it when I was 4 or 5. I was always extra careful not to damage my toys I guess.