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  1. redneckchevy9

    Tractor Logic

    Found this in the greeting card isle
  2. redneckchevy9


    sooooooooo it doesn't stay that clean for long? 😁
  3. redneckchevy9


    What does the red machine do?
  4. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    be up there again tuesday...I was last tuesday also, right as that storm passes through.
  5. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    I have good support from my boss and tells me to do what you need to keep them nice...they are a rolling billboard after all!
  6. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    Thanks sledge...i like shiny things on my truck.
  7. redneckchevy9

    5388 getting updated 😎

    I was wondering the same thing
  8. redneckchevy9

    Gas tank dip stick

    I know that the late 70s CAT grader we have for the township has a dipstick built into the cast that the fuel cap screws is in percentage.
  9. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    That is for sure.
  10. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    Haha, the classic heckler yelling "mines next!" as he drives my you washing your truck. Thanks
  11. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    I did lots of that!
  12. redneckchevy9

    Crop insurance question

    How does crop insurance exactly work? There are several fields in my area that are under water each year except for 3 or 4 acres which is higher ground, yet the farmer plants those fields each year. I wonder all the time, what is the point of even putting the planter in this fields.
  13. How is the availability of body parts and such for a White?
  14. redneckchevy9

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    That is interesting...funny how the members of this forum and their lives seem to mix all together....small world
  15. redneckchevy9

    Slow Day Project

    It was slow at the plant today, so I had sometime to tackle some polishing that I've wanted to do since I started a couple months ago. Diamond plate didn't appear to ever be touched and the tank is a mill it will never come to mirror shine without being properly cut and buffed. I tired my luck with the steps also. I was happy with the results with polish and rags.