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  1. redequipmentfinder

    Dirt Boyz Yard Art ,

    Now that's sharp. Mark
  2. redequipmentfinder

    Farmall 230

    Welcome to the group, lot's of good advice here. Good looking tractor.
  3. redequipmentfinder

    One piece at a time...

    Someone taught him well, rare to see that kinda work ethic in young people these days, awesome job.
  4. redequipmentfinder

    Cleaned up and done till next year

    Glad you got everything out, that's a sharp looking machine there.
  5. redequipmentfinder

    1566 Engine Noise

    I don't think the worms had anything to do with the knocking, I've had fuel blockages many time's with no problems afterwards. Mark
  6. redequipmentfinder

    Grandpa Ross

    Sorry for your loss. Mark
  7. redequipmentfinder

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Wow, that's pretty cool, mid 80"s here today. Mark
  8. redequipmentfinder

    Tractors cleaned up for IH featured show Brookville indiana

    Sharp looking tractors. Mark
  9. redequipmentfinder

    New to me pickup

    That looks sharp, need to see them on the truck now.
  10. redequipmentfinder

    1206 serial number registry

    I have. I-1206 8170 S-Y
  11. redequipmentfinder

    70 Fleetstar

    Nice looking truck for it's age,great pictures.
  12. redequipmentfinder

    My 1086

    That's a sharp looking 1086, great job. Mark
  13. redequipmentfinder

    1066 ready for another year

    Is that some kinda spreader bar to pick up those cabs? If so can you post a picture of it. Thanks. Mark
  14. redequipmentfinder

    Throtle stuck on cub

    Mine done the same thing and I broke the little cast peace, so how do you get it off, to replace it, not a lot of room in there? Thanks. Mark
  15. redequipmentfinder

    My 856

    Very nice clean tractor,I've never seen an adjustable front axle on one of those. Mark