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  1. TP

    I have 2 Diesel 284's. One is 2wd, one is 4wd like yours. Need to get both of them new air cleaner filters. Love the way you did yours back in Feb. Would you be interested in making more of those thread extenders? I need two and I'll bet they would sell good as a conversion kit for all they guys out there that want to get away from the expensive IH Jap filter route. As you may know, I'm THAT EMBLEM GUY and have some marketing history. Your little extender could save may guys some big dough if you want to do the work and get some "mailbox money".


    Let me know your thoughts.


    Jeff in INDY

    1. TP from Central PA

      TP from Central PA

      I could make more, that tractor isn't mine, it is actually another members on here.  Let me know how many your thinking.  I will have to see when I can steal it back to see what I did, sort of forget to be honest.  

      Let me know,


      tyler plocinski

      TNT Repair and Service


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