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    756 gas purchased new by my father in 4/70. Inherited upon his death in 2010.

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  1. I have Char Lynn torque generator parts here if you are adding the two port IH unit originally supplied by Char Lynn to IH. I rebuild the torque generators.
  2. How many hours from roll in to shop to the complete rear end stripped down? How many hands were onboard for the task?
  3. Yeah, The Cat 2 owner had it on the back of a 706D for years. He used it for dragging timber. It has had some minor repair to the hook. The 2/3 was on the back of a 1066. These two are not staying here. My 756 has a 2pt.
  4. They will be in Bloomsburg IF I still have them in 5 weeks. Can anyone shed some light on the IH tag that is riveted to the side of this Cat 2/3 hitch?
  5. As most of you know, I do a little parts sourcing along with all of my emblem work. It's not any stretch to find me several states away from home on a road trip on any given weekend if I'm on a parts search for "the good stuff". It's been over 18 months since I've had one of either one of these hitches in my possession. I search ALL the time for these and have no problem driving a considerable distance for one. It's been a longer dry spell to find one of these for me than I anticipated. I always seems to be a day late.... These two gems were sourced yesterday from two separate Pure Michigan sellers and were both in the same direction within 4 hours of the house. My hunch is that I may never have a pair of these in the bed of the pickup at the same time from the same road trip ever again. But I'm sure not going to stop trying. It was absolutely a fun day. I smiled ALL the way home today.
  6. The 544 GD that is "odd" is the 544 Row Crop Goldie. Same chassis variant as a Hi-Utility. It's a Utility with bar rear axles, 38' rubber, taller front knees and spindles and is badged Row Crop above the 544 on the emblems. The real kicker on these tractors is the factory installed fender pedestal extensions that is only found on a 544 Row Crop. I was sent a photo of the tractor before they started the restoration. They got it from the original owner that loaded salt with this tractor for decades . The fenders were completely rusted off and only the extensions were left attached to the axle housings. It was a true gold demo with a loader on it. Quite the find. The only other one I know of is in Pine Island MN.
  7. Not that I recognize. Certainly not the IH cat2 that is a collector item. That one has a round welded center tube.
  8. The 383 used a 4 cylinder Nissan diesel engine the SD23. The 274/284 used a 3 cylinder SD16. A Scout pickup used the 6 cylinder SD33 Nissan diesel engine. Basically the same internal engine components per cylinder, just added more cylinders as the engine grew form 3 to 4 and 4 to 6 cylinders. Lots of these SD23 engine parts in Asia and EU. NICE restoration
  9. I concur with 006 that this is #4 of the 606 Diesel HC's now publicly known. Two are in WI one in IA and then this one. I know of 4 gas 606 HC's. One in OH and 3 in IA. I know of one 606 LPG HC in IA. That makes 9 total that are "out in the open". Both of the ones that I restored had 3pt hitches on them. I know a guy that has the correct emblems for this #4 that say 606 Diesel Hi-Clear on them......😎
  10. If it is a bareback with no 3pt and it if has no power steering, that would be a low side of fair market value. If it has PS and a 3pt and/or a 2 speed auxiliary transmission then you are about $1200-$1500 low especially if it has a new engine.
  11. So......I'll get you a pic of my 756 on August 25th, one day before the 8-26 photo is due. New IH math 756 = 31 days of July + 25 days= 825 😎 Numerology can be taken to a whole new level with a calendar and a beer.
  12. Spoke to Lee Klancher today. He has an upcoming photo shoot with Max Armstrong and some retired IH engineers at the St James Farm in Naperville IL on Wed 11/14. He his looking for someone in that area that has a 5488 or 2+2 that can bring their tractor over that day and show it off. Sounds like the feature tractor for a new TV spot and calendar shoot. The St James Farm is where Brooks McCormick lived. Located near I-88 in Naperville IL. You guys can google the St James Farm for it's IH history. You all know the work that Lee puts into a calendar, book or TV spot when it comes to detailing the IH heritage to the general public and to us die-hard IH red bloods. Here is your chance to have YOUR tractor as the next centerfold. Contact Lee at Lee@Octanepress.com I'm just the messenger. Lee will give you all the details and choose the tractor/owner based on his criteria.
  13. That Gold 1026 HC is the real deal. He has plenty of back-up documentation for each of his GD's in his collection to ensure they are the real deal before they are restored. . Good folks. Run a big pumpkin farm on Long Island too. I've reworked several emblems for them. The PA shop that does their restoration work (Stauffer's in Myerstown) is top-notch. I've had the pleasure of a tour there and was totally in awe of their shop capability. Stew in FL has the other one of two known made GD 1026 HC's He thought his was the only one made a few years back until this one came out of the weeds in 2015. My guess is there are more 1026 HC's out these but just not factory gold.
  14. This one won't take long to strip down to power wash like you generally start each project......
  15. That same tractor was for sale earlier this summer on Ytmag. I passed on it although the price was not out of line.
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