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    756 gas purchased new by my father in 4/70. Inherited upon his death in 2010.

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  1. 21256 and 21456

    I don't think that they were carved out of the I- 1256 and I- 1456 production stats. I know the whereabouts of 3 of each in North America. Four of those same 6 are in one shed. Certainly a rare bird. Having either one at any RPRU would certainly be a treat. Who knows, maybe one will show up this year in AL................ That would be a great piece next to a cotton picker
  2. Why??? 1206 top link

    The broken one on the bottom would be the latest one in the series. It has the heavy cast center. So with 6 there, you likely have more revisions than you think. That CLAW end has a part number stamped in it and you likely have 2-3 different ones of those if you look close. I do also see that you have the ultra rare black one at the top of the photo. It fits an 88 series. PM me if you need any parts. I have springs, eyes, finger pull rods, and stainless steel balls in Cat II and Cat III. My covey has 8 of those claw end links at this time. They make good trading material.
  3. Forum problems??

    typical Russian hack with lots of bots and fake news. Something about the name " Red " Power has them curious. We will likely be seeing ads for "Make John Deere Great again" if they use their same MO as last time.
  4. 340 504 2504 industrials

    MMI, The top photo of your three above is a true 340 Industrial. It has the long INTERNATIONAL emblem. The INDUSTRIAL emblems is hidden by the top horizontal bar of the front end loader. As you can see it has the heavy duty cast iron grille surround and "hammermill" lower grille insert, just like the second photo in the middle. I would call the lower photo of a 240 just a yellow painted Utility 240. Not an INDUSTRIAL 240. I have found no evidence that IH ever made a 240 Industrial. Yes, lots of yellow 240 Utility tractors out there. The bar under the 340 is ribbed. It is the same exact emblem as the Farmall 340 gas emblem. All IH did was paint it black instead of red and give it a new number. BUT, the 460 Industrial emblem was a stand alone emblem that was created for the 460 INDUSTRIAL only . It is the small 2 pin oval like all INTERNATIONAL 460 emblems are and it has the same ribbed bar as you find on a 340 Farmall or 340 Industrial emblem. Since the FARMALL 460 gas uses a larger 4 pin oval that is the same size as the 560 and 660, IH needed to make a smaller oval emblem to match the 340 Industrial. The period literature above is somewhat misleading on the black emblems. That is not a white letter or number you are seeing against the black backgrounds. It is naked aluminum. Shiny silver. Only one paint color on any emblem that went on a yellow IH tractor from 1958-1966.....BLACK. Every other color that you think you see is just bare aluminum and the reflection of light.
  5. Things to see on way to red power

    Pete, Go through Nashville after St Louis. Head down I-65. When you get the AL state line, your rest area has a Saturn 1 rocket sitting there that will get your attention. Not everyday you see a real 225' rocket at a rest area. That is just the precursor to going to the US Space and Rocket Center at Huntsville. That is a big day of space adventure and history. Fun for all ages. Check it out on the web. You might get "aroused" standing under the Saturn 5 rocket on display. 335' of "made in the USA" rocket (all done by the lowest bidder). It's cool to see how technology changed since you were a kid. They have a shuttle there too and stuff for the kids. Great tour but, don't be in a rush. Last time I was there several years ago they had a SR-71 Blackbird in the parking lot. Nothing but COOL at this place.
  6. 340 504 2504 industrials

    OK, I stand corrected. Diesel Industrial 340 and 460 did not state Diesel on the black background oval emblem. Just the bar under the numbers like the gas Farmall version base plate. I do think that the parts book has a misprint as I do not believe that the black UTILITY oval 375446r1 ever went on a INDUSTRIAL like the parts book states. This contradicts the 5/1960 Industrial memo that UTILITY is not to be used on INDUSTRIAL tractors. That descriptor in the parts book should state that 375446r1 goes on a yellow painted gas engine Utility. In the end, for the 340 series, there will only be 3 black background oval emblems. 375226r1 = INDUSTRIAL gas or diesel Same baseplate as the Farmall 340 gas, just painted black 375446r1 = yellow Utility Gas Same baseplate as the red International Utility, just painted black 375447r1 = yellow Utility Diesel Same baseplate as the red International Diesel Utility, just painted black. The black INTERNATIONAL emblems on the 340 hood would be: 375439r1 = yellow Utility tractor gas or diesel, 23 inches long, 6 pins, silver letters over black background. Same emblem size and design as the red Utility International's except reverse color scheme. 375225r1 = INDUSTRIAL 340 or 460. 30 inches long, 7 pins, silver letters over black background. Same emblems that you would find on a yellow International 560 or 660. It is NOT the same black 7 pin INTERNATIONAL emblem that fits an International 706-1206. Although both emblems are black and have 7 pins, the pins are in two different patterns and cannot be interchanged without hood modifications or pin relocations on the emblem.
  7. 340 504 2504 industrials

    All 340 series sheetmetal is the same throughout the series. The engine hood skirt (rippled tin) is the same for a Farmall and the International. The 340 oval badge with the bar under it is for a Farmall gas if red background and silver numbers or Industrial gas if black background and silver numbers. If it was a diesel Industrial 340, it uses the same 340 Diesel oval emblem as the Farmall 340 Diesel. Radiator side panels for any 340 fit any 340 in the series other than the T-340 or TD-340 crawler. Yes, I can rework the long International emblems and the oval emblems to the correct condition and color. PM me when you want something done. Jeff
  8. 504 HC propane

    I pulled a 504 DHC out of CA a decade ago. it was fully dressed too. Twin remotes under the tank, PS, all the right stuff just like you have. Had a 4 row front mounted cultivator on it. It got parted and is mostly in OH now. You did a nice job getting this one back to correct. The tank lines are the bugger to find.
  9. 340 504 2504 industrials

    Yep, correct emblem with the straight ends, not tapered. There is a Sales Bulletin for 340 460 Industrial for sale on ebay right now (not mine) that will get you some additional reference to the correct emblems and specs. Search "IH 340 460 INDUSTRIAL" on ebay and that item should come up.
  10. 340 504 2504 industrials

    MMI, That long INTERNATIONAL emblem on this side of your hood is not the correct emblem for that tractor. That black INTERNATIONAL emblem with the tapered ends goes on a late 656-1456 and nothing below that series. You also have shock mounted headlights with the rubber housings that would not be period correct for a 340/460 Industrial or a 2504. If you take those long INTERNATIOANAL emblems off the side of that hood, you could identify if there are more holes under that 7 pin emblem in other mounting patterns. If not, you have the correct hood for an INDUSTRIAL, just the wrong emblems. If you find several other holes under those emblems, would could have a dealer optioned tractor. At least you have the correct cast iron grille and INDUSTRIAL emblem. Best luck with your continued search. More photos of the hood less the emblems would be helpful.
  11. 504 HC propane

    Eason, Certainly not an expert here but, IH marketed the INDUSTRIAL 340/460 on and same literature sheet. To MY knowledge, you could not get an INDUSTRIAL without the cast iron grille and INDUSTRIAL nameplate on that grille assembly. If you find a yellow 340/460, don't assume it is an INDUSTRIAL. Regular Utility grille sheetmetal would generally indicate just a yellow tractor from the factory. The long back INTERNATIONAL emblem on the hood that is 30" inches long instead of 23" long would be a key indicator of an INDUSTRIAL 340/460. Hey WORM, Believe it or not, you have a fully dressed factory 504 LPG HC. One of the rarest tractors IH ever made. Looks like you have spent some time getting this one back to the way it was with all the little details. This is not a C-Rider by any means. The factory HC's are easy to spot vs a Chisholm Rider. This tractor is about as rare as a 21456.
  12. 504 HC propane

    The difference between the REAL 340 Industrial from the factory and a yellow 340 Utility with the heavy duty cast iron grille would be found in based on the emblems. Although they look the same at first glance, they are not. A factory Industrial 340 will have a (white lettering over black) INTERNATIONAL emblem on the side of the hood that is 30 inches long and have 7 mounting pins. This is the same emblem on the side of a yellow 560 or 660. They put it on a 340 and 460 International Industrial also. The normal emblem on a red 340 or 460 International Utility is (black lettering over silver), is 23 inches long and has 6 mounting pins. If it was a yellow International 340 or 460 Utility they put on a (white lettering over black) emblems that was 23 inches long and had 6 pins. So, look for the longer and taller INTERNATIONAL emblem whenever you see a yellow 340 Utility in a boneyard. if the emblem is 30" long and looks just alittle out of place, you likely have the real 340 Industrial in from of you. That is why the hood is a different number on an Industrial. its the emblem holes. The radiator side panels are different because the top front hole on an Industrial does not hold the headlight. Headlights are in the grille on a Industrial thus the top leading hole in the radiator side panel is smaller since the wiring harness does not go through it anymore. Those are the only sheetmetal difference that I'm currently aware of between a 340 Utility and a 340 Industrial. But I'm certainly not an expert.
  13. 504 HC propane

    The Industrial 340 is not that rare of an animal. The "industrial" parts would only be the heavy duty cast grille, INDUSTRIAL emblem, and heavy duty front axle that I am aware of. All that stuff interchanges to a 340 Utility International. Any 40-60 series yellow tractor down the line at IH would have had black background emblems on it instead of red background emblems. Pretty common to find a yellow I-340 in about any salvage yard in America.
  14. 504 HC propane

    If you have the International chassis version in Hi-Clear, before the 504 series came out, those would have been called "Hi-Utility" The 460 Series "Hi-Utility" came out with a 6 cylinder engine in gas, diesel and LPG. The 460 LPG HU is known to have had 13 produced. The 504 HC LPG on the International chassis is very likely to have been produced in fewer quantities than the 460 was. If you have a real 504 LPG HC INTERNATIONAL, you would be the 4th guy in the US that I know that has one. (but who is counting) It's the same story on the FARMALL chassis 504 LPG HC. This chassis is the really tall one that everyone refers to as the Hi-Crop. I know of 3 of those in the US. The 504 International is very much the same chassis as a International 340 Utility other than steering components, hitch components and sheetmetal so just consider it A NEWER 340 Utility. The 606 International is the next generation of the 460 Utility. A photo of this rare bird on here would be a real treat for us.
  15. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    Kal, Am I seeing a red square Farmhand sign down on the corner of the lot right in front of that old U-Haul truck? As I recall, Newton had some shortline stuff and Farmhand was made in Grinnell. There is also a blue pylon sign on the roof of the dealer next to the red IH. Looks like a 86 series tractor just east of the main building and south of your pickup so maybe this is late '76? If I had a dime for every time I drove through that lot between 1977 and 1980........