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    IH emblems. Collect, buy, sell, trade, repair, repaint, reconstruct, re-invent emblems from Cub-1456.


    756 gas purchased new by my father in 4/70. Inherited upon his death in 2010.

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  1. Check with Cody Agent in Eagleville, TN. He is parting a few 274's and 284's. I think had a ROPS on a 284 a few months back when I was down there. Cody Agent 1-931-212-3602 Might also try Lee at Mid South Salvage in Decatur Al. 256-318-0860
  2. How many hours from roll in to shop to the complete rear end stripped down? How many hands were onboard for the task?
  3. The 383 used a 4 cylinder Nissan diesel engine the SD23. The 274/284 used a 3 cylinder SD16. A Scout pickup used the 6 cylinder SD33 Nissan diesel engine. Basically the same internal engine components per cylinder, just added more cylinders as the engine grew form 3 to 4 and 4 to 6 cylinders. Lots of these SD23 engine parts in Asia and EU. NICE restoration
  4. Look on Ebay for IH 284 stuff. I'm parting a 284 D with the Nissan SD16 engine and can help with several parts. I have new manifolds and other items you can see on Ebay. PM me for more details. Jeff
  5. Yeah, I don't mind that I'm missing one International emblem that was found on about 15,000 tractors from this era and the 2 emblems that were only made for a handful of tractors in this series are both in my possession. Now that this tractor is on display with a "rare" label, it will be fun to see how many more come to the surface. I still do not believe there were more than 10 made and that could be way too high. Time will tell.
  6. Well, It's here. Now the fun begins. Serial 16373. Runs and drives but, has some issues like they all do. Needs a T/A and clutch for sure. We will take it down and go through it like it should be done. Our last two International Hi-Clears were a 606 Diesel HC in 2013 and 606 gas HC in 2014. Just about the same tractor except a 4 cylinder LP engine. Both of those took up about 350 sq ft of Devon's shop floor space when we got them tore down. This one will finish out like those two with upgrades to rear spin-out's and dual hydraulics. As I did my walk around today, I thought although it looks pretty tough, this one is in better shape that the two 606's were when we started with them. Pulled this one out of Unadilla NY. The 606 gas HC came from NW of Philly and the 606 Diesel was found hear Hartford, Ct. Now sure why all these rare International Hi-Clears from the mid 60's are common to the upper east coast but, they are all within a 200 mile radius of NYC. This one is 1 of 3 that I know of in the USA with this engine and the Hi-Clear International chassis. Production numbers are uncertain but, this series was after the 460 LPG HU and they only made 13 of those. The 504's were not as popular as the 460's so, my guess is IH made less 504 LPG HC. That will be a fun investigation. More photos as we get the gal undressed and apart.
  7. The 2 speed Hi-Lo in reality is Direct Drive and Over-Drive. When you have one of these Hi-Lo's installed on a tractor you will really have some fun. Trust me when I say that when you throw that lever forward in road gear and gain another 15-20% speed that you can "find some religion" real quick. I think this Hi-Clear 140 would likely do about 18mph at full throttle. That will make a man pray under his breath. This yellow 140 HC is a beauty and somebody did a nice job adding this unit to the tractor. Likely not many out there as I do not believe this was ever a "factory option" or even a "field upgrade" by IH. I could be wrong and if so, it will not be the first time I've been "under- educated". It's certainly a cool add-on but, not sure it adds "rare", "high" value that some of us consider when investing into tractors. No doubt it would be a fast and fun ride to town to get a gallon of milk
  8. (MY) definition of LIVE PTO is you need to step on the clutch to engage and dis-engage the PTO. It is not an INDEPENDANT unit with it's own clutch pack. The two speed gearbox bolts to the front of the transmission. Since that gearbox is about 12" deep, the normal clutch shaft is replaced with a shorter version. The shorter clutch shaft spins the 2 speed just like it would your normal transmission. The center shaft of the two speed is engine speed and that shaft goes rearward through the hollow top shaft of the regular transmission. That shaft is long enough to go all the way through the rearend and couple to the PTO drive shaft at engine speed. Again, the top shaft of the transmission is not hollow on a regular 140, 240 or 404 & 2404. In order to mount a 2 speed and have PTO, you need to R/R the transmission to replace the solid top shaft with a hollow one that also has a drive spine to adapt to the 2 speed. There are many 404 & 2404's out there with NO PTO in them but do have a 2 speed auxiliary transmission. This was more common on the 2404 for industrial applications to be ordered that way. In those instances, the 2 speed can bolt directly up to the front of the transmission without the hollow top shaft since no PTO drive shaft would be needed to extend through that transmission. I have a half dozen 2 speed transmissions here both Hi-Lo and Fast Reverser sitting on the shelf. They would be complete units for PTO version or PTO DELETE version and have all the parts to add one of these to any 140 , 240 , 404, 2404. PM me if interested in adding one of these unique options to you tractor.
  9. The 2 speed transmission in this tractor would have been sourced from OEM parts found on a 404 Farmall or International 404/2404. The 140, 240 and 404 share the same basic torque tube design as found on a Farmall C/ SC. IH designed a 2 speed auxiliary transmission for the 404/ 2404 series in 1963. Two versions were available. There was a Hi-Lo and a Fast Reverser. Both variations used the same components. The only change was the Fast Reverser had an added reverse idler gear inside to mate with the drive gear. The 2 speed was added to the front of the transmission housing inside the torque tube with a shorter clutch shaft as the drive mechanism. The 2 speed was shifted via a rod out the side of the torque tube to a long shift handle attached to the left platform step on a 404. OK, so now we have a 2 speed bolted to the front of the transmission. We now have no ability to drive the PTO. So IH designed a hollow top shaft inside the transmission for a shaft to run through to attach the 2 speed to the PTO via a coupler. You can not simply add a 2 speed to the front of the transmission and still have live PTO. Since the 140, 240 and 404 share similar (but not exact) torque tube housings, adding a 2 speed auxiliary transmission to a 140 and 240 are just a matter of mechanical detail and shop time. The unit pictured above has a PTO so that transmission would have had to be reworked to add the hollow top shaft so the 2 speed drive shaft out the back could get to the PTO drive shaft. Since a 140 has no left step, the 2 speed shift handle mount would have to be bolted elsewhere. In this case, the left fender is a good choice with minor augment. I do not believe that this 2 speed transmission was ever offered in the 140 or 240 as an IH factory option. I have seen MANY 240 parts shelves in several salvage yards that have a 2 speed on them. They are very common to find in a 404/2404. Most generally, you find the Hi-Lo in a Farmall 240 or 404 and the Fast Reverser version in the International Utility chassis 240 or 404 or 2404 if the guy was using a front mounted loader. Whoever did this one, looks to have done it right. This alteration would take several hours to split the tractor, R/R the transmission, add the 2 speed and shorter clutch shaft, drill a hole in the side of the torgue housing and get all the linkages working. Likely had a 404 donor tractor or this was done by some mechanic at a dealership who had a bright idea one day when working on a 404 and 140 in the shop at the same time. Either way, nice job by somebody. This tractor follows the same path as creating an HTA. Common parts in the next series added to a tractor in the previous series. Got to love America.
  10. Cody, Check you Personal Mail. I can help with more info, parts and a buyer if you need assistance. 317-984-3698 or 317-379-7435 Jeff
  11. Jeff I purchased a front emblem for my T-6 crawler last year from you and was wondering if you have any ideas how to paint background black?

    1. jeff311


      After you prep the metal, mask it off with tape using an exacto-knife and paint it black. 

    2. Dia480
    3. Dia480


      Jeff. I have an emblem that needs straightening,  is this something you do ? 


      Mike D 

  12. Hi Jeff,

    What are the details on the grill?



  13. I think you have an issue with #5 valve timing. Could be a bad cam lobe, scored lifter bore and/or lifter, bent push rod (check them all for same length), broken valve spring or keeper, or possible faulty distributor cap. Best luck on the investigation. This does suck after all you have done this one to ensure a proper professional rebuild.
  14. Is this the one you are looking for? Call me evenings at 317-984-3698 for further discussions. This one is a composite replica of the original metal stamped emblem. Jeff
  15. TP

    I have 2 Diesel 284's. One is 2wd, one is 4wd like yours. Need to get both of them new air cleaner filters. Love the way you did yours back in Feb. Would you be interested in making more of those thread extenders? I need two and I'll bet they would sell good as a conversion kit for all they guys out there that want to get away from the expensive IH Jap filter route. As you may know, I'm THAT EMBLEM GUY and have some marketing history. Your little extender could save may guys some big dough if you want to do the work and get some "mailbox money".


    Let me know your thoughts.


    Jeff in INDY

    1. TP from Central PA

      TP from Central PA

      I could make more, that tractor isn't mine, it is actually another members on here.  Let me know how many your thinking.  I will have to see when I can steal it back to see what I did, sort of forget to be honest.  

      Let me know,


      tyler plocinski

      TNT Repair and Service


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