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    756 gas purchased new by my father in 4/70. Inherited upon his death in 2010.

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  1. It’s not time yet. jeff
  2. Temporary land line issues with my home phone. Best to email me. jeff
  3. The black oval 340 emblem is the same baseplate that you would find on any Farmall 340 gas tractor. Just painted black for the Industrial division of IH. The long silver International emblem is the same that you would find on an International 560-660. So, even though the 340 Industrial is just a heavier duty 340 Utility IH had to put a different hood on it since the holes for the emblem pins are in a different spot on the Industrial hood vs the hood on a Utility tractor. The International emblem on a 240/340/460 Utility is a smaller size than the International emblem on the 560/660. To my knowledge, the emblem pin hole locations are the only variant to these two hoods.
  4. It's the same tractor as any 340 Utility except heavy duty front end and cast iron grille surround. Could be ordered with our without the same components as a regular 340 Utility could be ordered. Most times, these have a loader and backhoe on them. Common to have a shuttle shift in them too. The T-340 crawler shares the same components as a 340 Utility also in engine and transmission components. There was a 460 Industrial too that was the exact same tractor with just a 6 cylinder engine instead of the 4 cylinder engine in the 340. Both tractors had gas and diesel engine variants. IH had these 340 and 460 Industrials from 1958-1963.
  5. Mdntspec, - No worries man. We are all ion this together. THANKS for posting the timing photos. I was in that mode at the same time you where but my photos would not upload. Just as well it came from you. This info will help a lot of guys with Char Lynn timing. My biggest frustration is always marking the case so they go back together with the mounting holes in the right spot and the lines all fit in the same spot. I always get in a hurry and forget to mark the housing before I pop it open.
  6. The above information is INCORRECT. The wider tooth end goes in the power end drive and not the gerotor star. I've had many of these apart. Put the narrower teeth end of the double tooth shaft into the gerotor star. I make the single gear end drive shaft for these units.
  7. I'm setting up Tuesday am near the runway in my usual spot. Should be a good show....again.
  8. If your Char Lynn torque generator is seized up, you likely have a broke internal control end drive spur. That is common on the S-101, S-102 and 207 generators. Char Lynn had a problem with the teeth breaking off one end of that spur gear inside the torque generator gerotor. I remanufacture that drive spur. PM me for more info.
  9. That 460 Utility LP tank on the side of that 706 LP Wheatland is hard to find. Hope that new owner doesn't scrap that item.
  10. The Levy hydraulic assist FWD was also available to go under an '06 IH . Have seen one under an 806 and one under a 1206. Both are owned by a member on here. That white Levy dust shield on the Oliver 1750 is one of the hardest items to find on the planet. It fit the Oliver and Cockshutt models. The Deere and IH kits from Levy did not have that front cover.
  11. There is one on YTMAG and some on Ebay too. Search for IH clutch booster.
  12. For Sure, one of the top collections in the USA for quality and quantity. Your tour with Ken and Dick will take a few hours so, don't be in a hurry. Be prepared to be amazed at what is at that old dairy farm. A true Midwest treasure if you are an IH buff.
  13. Make sure you go see the Iwo Jima statue and the Vietnam War memorial park. Both are a great tribute.
  14. Leaving tomorrow am. Note quite Sanford and Son......but close.
  15. Check with Cody Agent in Eagleville, TN. He is parting a few 274's and 284's. I think had a ROPS on a 284 a few months back when I was down there. Cody Agent 1-931-212-3602 Might also try Lee at Mid South Salvage in Decatur Al. 256-318-0860
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