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    IH emblems. Collect, buy, sell, trade, repair, repaint, reconstruct, re-invent emblems from Cub-1456.


    756 gas purchased new by my father in 4/70. Inherited upon his death in 2010.

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  1. jeff311

    606 Diesel Hi-Clear

    I concur with 006 that this is #4 of the 606 Diesel HC's now publicly known. Two are in WI one in IA and then this one. I know of 4 gas 606 HC's. One in OH and 3 in IA. I know of one 606 LPG HC in IA. That makes 9 total that are "out in the open". Both of the ones that I restored had 3pt hitches on them. I know a guy that has the correct emblems for this #4 that say 606 Diesel Hi-Clear on them......😎
  2. jeff311

    2404 what is it worth?

    If it is a bareback with no 3pt and it if has no power steering, that would be a low side of fair market value. If it has PS and a 3pt and/or a 2 speed auxiliary transmission then you are about $1200-$1500 low especially if it has a new engine.
  3. jeff311

    Since it’s 10/26 today

    So......I'll get you a pic of my 756 on August 25th, one day before the 8-26 photo is due. New IH math 756 = 31 days of July + 25 days= 825 😎 Numerology can be taken to a whole new level with a calendar and a beer.
  4. Spoke to Lee Klancher today. He has an upcoming photo shoot with Max Armstrong and some retired IH engineers at the St James Farm in Naperville IL on Wed 11/14. He his looking for someone in that area that has a 5488 or 2+2 that can bring their tractor over that day and show it off. Sounds like the feature tractor for a new TV spot and calendar shoot. The St James Farm is where Brooks McCormick lived. Located near I-88 in Naperville IL. You guys can google the St James Farm for it's IH history. You all know the work that Lee puts into a calendar, book or TV spot when it comes to detailing the IH heritage to the general public and to us die-hard IH red bloods. Here is your chance to have YOUR tractor as the next centerfold. Contact Lee at I'm just the messenger. Lee will give you all the details and choose the tractor/owner based on his criteria.
  5. jeff311

    Featured tractor on Classic Tractor Fever

    That Gold 1026 HC is the real deal. He has plenty of back-up documentation for each of his GD's in his collection to ensure they are the real deal before they are restored. . Good folks. Run a big pumpkin farm on Long Island too. I've reworked several emblems for them. The PA shop that does their restoration work (Stauffer's in Myerstown) is top-notch. I've had the pleasure of a tour there and was totally in awe of their shop capability. Stew in FL has the other one of two known made GD 1026 HC's He thought his was the only one made a few years back until this one came out of the weeds in 2015. My guess is there are more 1026 HC's out these but just not factory gold.
  6. jeff311

    Winter Project: IH 1026 Hydro

    This one won't take long to strip down to power wash like you generally start each project......
  7. jeff311

    606 and 656

    That same tractor was for sale earlier this summer on Ytmag. I passed on it although the price was not out of line.
  8. jeff311

    606 and 656

    The 606 was only marketed in the INTERNATIONAL utility chassis. Basically the next generation of a 460 Utility International. Neither tractor has frame rails to hold the a possible front bolster. Both had swept back axles with the wishbone attached to the front of the clutch housing. The Farmall 606 above is absolutely a Farmall 504 with a transplant engine and (maybe) slightly longer hood. Could also be a stock 504 hood since they were designed for the same front mount equipment that you had with a 460/560 Farmall. He did a nice job. The 606 was only marketed in the standard Utility version although some "Hi-Clear" 606's have been found in the USA. They were not "officially" marketed by IH but some were made. So far, there are about 6 each of gas and diesel 606 HC's found. These would be the same chassis configuration as the 460 Hi-Utility with 38" rears and longer frontend knees/knuckles. Other than that, it is a regular 606.
  9. jeff311

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    Just to clear the air.... Not my first auction and not my first time at an auction conducted by this Auction Company. I'm the guy that thought he was high bid on a item that you don't see everyday. The bidding ended and I was not recognized as the winning bidder. I made my objection to the auctioneer and he choose not to reopen the bidding. That was his auction to run, not mine. Yes, I was disappointed in how it went down since this part was not your everyday item and the bid level was enough to take notice. About an hour later, the auctioneer and I had the opportunity to chat at length. We did, we both spoke and both listened. In the end, we both had the chance to speak our peace, explain our positions and leave it behind us. That was Friday noon. I had ample opportunity to chat with the auctioneer again several times (and we did) during the course of the two day auction. We are good. We shook hands more than once and made some memories from this event. I would not hesitate to attend another event conducted by this auction company, neither should you. MY apologies that this scenario has received so much press.
  10. jeff311

    606 power steering

    James, A 606 is a 504 Utility with two more cylinders and a longer hood and hood skirts. ALL the parts on a 606 will interchange with a 504 Utility. Same tractors. 504 is a 4 cylinder utility. 606 is a 6 cylinder utility. James are you looking at the NH 606 for a puller?
  11. jeff311

    Top Link for IH 4366/86 or 4568 or 4586

    I have a NOS one laying here right now. I had it a RPRU in AL earlier this year. PM me . Jeff in INDY
  12. Look on Ebay for IH 284 stuff. I'm parting a 284 D with the Nissan SD16 engine and can help with several parts. I have new manifolds and other items you can see on Ebay. PM me for more details. Jeff
  13. jeff311

    Planting with the 856

    What is the backstory on that 856 front end? From the photo, looks like a Farmall wfe under that International 856. Maybe it is just the angle of the picture....
  14. Yeah, I don't mind that I'm missing one International emblem that was found on about 15,000 tractors from this era and the 2 emblems that were only made for a handful of tractors in this series are both in my possession. Now that this tractor is on display with a "rare" label, it will be fun to see how many more come to the surface. I still do not believe there were more than 10 made and that could be way too high. Time will tell.
  15. Well, It's here. Now the fun begins. Serial 16373. Runs and drives but, has some issues like they all do. Needs a T/A and clutch for sure. We will take it down and go through it like it should be done. Our last two International Hi-Clears were a 606 Diesel HC in 2013 and 606 gas HC in 2014. Just about the same tractor except a 4 cylinder LP engine. Both of those took up about 350 sq ft of Devon's shop floor space when we got them tore down. This one will finish out like those two with upgrades to rear spin-out's and dual hydraulics. As I did my walk around today, I thought although it looks pretty tough, this one is in better shape that the two 606's were when we started with them. Pulled this one out of Unadilla NY. The 606 gas HC came from NW of Philly and the 606 Diesel was found hear Hartford, Ct. Now sure why all these rare International Hi-Clears from the mid 60's are common to the upper east coast but, they are all within a 200 mile radius of NYC. This one is 1 of 3 that I know of in the USA with this engine and the Hi-Clear International chassis. Production numbers are uncertain but, this series was after the 460 LPG HU and they only made 13 of those. The 504's were not as popular as the 460's so, my guess is IH made less 504 LPG HC. That will be a fun investigation. More photos as we get the gal undressed and apart.