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  1. We have a Farmall 560 Diesel here that appears to have been sold new from there. Was told we bought it from an auction that Larry Polk had in the 90's. I was walking through Worthington Ag parts yard a couple of years ago and came across there sticker on a 1460 combine that had been salvaged.
  2. Heard that 3 are going to the Netherlands, one to Arkansas, one to Ohio, unsure on the rest.
  3. Here are a few on tractors that have made their way here over the years. The Sharp Hardware Co one i found on a combine in a salvage yard.
  4. We have a set of like new O-6 metal here and at one time had a decent used set for an O-4. It got matched up with a tractor that was missing it's metal, similar to your case. Hope this gives you enough hope to keep the O-4 from being melted. I am glad to see there is still quite a bit of interest in these older orchard tractors.
  5. If that's the same tractor I saw yesterday it has black cast around dash and gold paint around air cleaner door.
  6. http://www.riceequipmentinc.com/store/fuel-tank-parts.html They don't have a fuel tank listed, but might be worth a phone call.
  7. Our service records show repairs done in 2010 to a Farmall 826 D SN:15733 here in Ontario. Not the one you are looking for but not very far off.
  8. Going to share a few pictures of our I1206 we cleaned up the past couple of months. It seems to be a good running original tractor. Managed to track down a good used pair of 24.5x32 Traction Field and Roads, something I did not think we would be able to do. The first couple pictures are of when it arrived here from Manitoba. The final pictures are of the almost finished product, minus the proper batteries and covers.
  9. I'm 99% sure I recognize that tractor. I saw it sell a few years back at an auction in Binbrook Ontario. It belonged to a very well known IH guy here in Ontario. He told us he bought it off the side of the road in Saskatchewan. It rode back to Ontario in the back of an old IH truck (can't remember model) a long time ago (35+ years ago I believe). He was reducing his collection at the time of the sale. Only reason I remember it was because of the MTA decal and its patina. Not sure if you bought it at the auction or through someone after the sale but I'm almost certain it is the same tractor. What brand of tires did you put on the back by the way? Like the tread pattern. Looks Good.
  10. We just finished cleaning up one of the 1206's on your list in Canada. Thought I would share some pictures while on the topic. Tractor came out of Ohio in 2008. It made its truck ride up here with this 806. The plan was to sell one of them keep the other. They are both still here so we all know how that plan played out.
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