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  1. Saskatchewan 1256 in MA

    Dad tells stories from the late 80's on of trailer load after trailer load of tractors coming back from the west on backhauls when they had little collector and farm value. 706 through 1206, 656 through 1456 are the ones I remember the most showing up around here in the 90's. Before those days it was 2 cylinder John Deeres and W4 through 650's being brought back in empty cattle trailers. We were lucky enough to get and hang on to a few at what now seem like bargain prices. The internet changed the game as well. Still some 66 and 86 series trickling in, can usually tell them apart from the rest due to lack of three point hitch, but overall cleaner appearance than most from originally around here.

    http://www.riceequipmentinc.com/store/fuel-tank-parts.html They don't have a fuel tank listed, but might be worth a phone call.
  3. Looking for

    Our service records show repairs done in 2010 to a Farmall 826 D SN:15733 here in Ontario. Not the one you are looking for but not very far off.
  4. One of my favorites. 1066 sold new by my great uncle. Dad tells story of driving this tractor brand new as a 16 year old out of town from the dealership around Christmas to a shed we had where it was to be kept out of the snow. It was sold new to a guy locally. This farmer had an auction sale and it was bought by a neighbor. Years later the tractor was traded back to us (approx late 1990's) with a spun bearing in the engine and weathered paint. Dad had tried and tried to sell it as is for $5000 on the lot. One day my grandfather was up and told him there may be a day he regretted selling it. A straight old 1066 fender tractor. The engine was rebuilt and tractor was repainted. I have been told many times by my dad that no matter what happens as time goes on to never let go of this tractor. I think it ended up meaning more to him than he thought it did. Have used it at many local tractor pulls and the odd plow day.

    Here is a picture of an open station platform from a 966 with full coverage fenders.
  6. Carlisle tires

    Put a pair on front of Farmall 806 Gas a year ago. We don't use it much but haven't had a reason to say anything bad about them. Quite a few guys around here running their 11L-15, 9.5-15 tires on wagons and implements.
  7. Did this tractor sell? Where was it advertised?
  8. 1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    Not sure how many parts are interchangeable but Polk Auction has a Farmall 460 LP in dead row of Labor Day sale this year. Looks pretty rough, not sure condition of the parts you need.
  9. 1981 786

    Here is our 786. Came out of Ohio originally. Was repainted by dad 25+years ago. Hasn't seen much sunlight since.
  10. Newly purchased 986

    Our 79 Red Power 1586.
  11. Something you don't see every day...

    That is the straightest, unmolested one I have ever seen. Somebody got a good looking tractor there. Most I have seen are wore out, banged up and covered in oil leaks. There are a bunch floating around that factory cabs were taken off and fenders bolted back on, missing many of the correct parts to make it look like a factory open station. Wish that one was in our barn.
  12. Going to share a few pictures of our I1206 we cleaned up the past couple of months. It seems to be a good running original tractor. Managed to track down a good used pair of 24.5x32 Traction Field and Roads, something I did not think we would be able to do. The first couple pictures are of when it arrived here from Manitoba. The final pictures are of the almost finished product, minus the proper batteries and covers.
  13. 656 Hydro

    Watched this one sell last spring.