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  1. 1026ON

    searching for tractor

    https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/29280801/1955-international-300 Nicest original looking 300 utility I have ever seen.
  2. Could be headed to Canada. A guy that lives about half an hour from us bought a restored 1468 with canopy at online auction a few weeks back somewhere in MN or ND can't remember. Detroit and Port Huron are popular crossings for most equipment imports our way. Would that line up with the direction it was spotted heading?
  3. 1026ON

    Massey Harris fans

    This one made it's way down the Trans Canada Highway on the tail of a double drop trailer 3 years ago. Came from Rosetown area. Not many clean original models in our neck of the woods.
  4. 1026ON

    686 article in RP Mag??

    Any idea how many gas one's made? Would assume 686 was the last gas engine farm tractor sold by IH?
  5. 1026ON

    NH 7070?

    They have a good reputation in our part of the world. Mostly on dairy and small cash crop farms. In May we took in a T7030 with 2500hrs and a really sharp tractor, used it to plant corn. The guy that dealt it loved it and it shows when you look at it being a 10 year old tractor.
  6. 1026ON

    TIres for 966

    We like the look and feel of them. These are 34's, have used a number of 38's as well. These are SAT's.
  7. 1026ON

    I Wish....

    How many gas hydros made? Let alone a demo. Have never seen one before. Thanks for sharing.
  8. 1026ON

    First Day Gremlins

    Nice to see a well kept Genesis. Still quite a few of them around here, hard to find one under 6000 hours now.We still run an 8670 and an 8770, however not near as pretty as that one. Probably the easiest tractors to sell used on our lot, but also the hardest to pry out of the hands of the owners.
  9. We have a set of like new O-6 metal here and at one time had a decent used set for an O-4. It got matched up with a tractor that was missing it's metal, similar to your case. Hope this gives you enough hope to keep the O-4 from being melted. I am glad to see there is still quite a bit of interest in these older orchard tractors.
  10. 1026ON

    Some good 5488 company photos in the field

    The pictures you shared of the 5288 made me think of a tractor around here. We have a 2wd 5288 here that we bought off Case IH in the early 90's. Supposedly was a yard tractor used for moving and running equipment at the Hamilton Ontario Plant. We picked it up in Hamilton right at the old plant when Case IH was liquidating what was left when they discontinued Case IH production there. It was offered to dealers through sealed bid. The tractor shows in somewhere between 1000-2000hrs, cant remember now, and has a 2355 loader attached to it. Still has road wore BFG Power Savers on it. Always makes me wonder how it ended up there and what stories it has to tell.
  11. 1026ON

    Cheap combines 7088

    Watched this one sell. $60,000-$90,000 less than ones with 1000 more hours on case IH dealers lot.
  12. 1026ON

    nice original 7110 ----3900hrs

  13. 1026ON

    nice original 7110 ----3900hrs

    Any idea what the Row Crop 5000 Ford brought?
  14. 1026ON

    Wheatland fenders?

    They will bolt right to the platform as shown in the picture I posted from our 966. You will need that platform as you can see it is different than the one used with flat top fenders. Good Find!
  15. 1026ON

    Wheatland fenders?