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  1. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    No, but the equation Dad taught me, Width X speed / 10 is supposed to allow for filling etc.
  2. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    How fast were you going ? 4mph is 20ish ac an hour and 5mph is 24, 4mph wouldn’t do it but 5mph would.
  3. This sort of B.S is why I left the CNH dealer I was at, we were taken over by a larger dealer when our owner retired. I got sick of being told to screw over guys that had know me since I was a kid. For example we used to perform pre season checks on axial flows for $250, we had few in season issues and all were happy. New owners reckon it wasn’t “ thorough” enough so they mandated we spend half a day pulling it apart and charge $600, oh and putting it back together was extra....... but we will waive that if we get the preseason work on it..... The guy that trained me left and took 18yrs of product knowledge with him and left me with all of 4 yrs experience to try to keep things going, then they complained they didn’t have a experienced Case IH guy to run the workshop...... even now 6 yrs later they still have to have one of the senior guys from the main dealer and hour and a half away come down for at least 3 day’s a week to keep the workshop running as they treat staff like crap. They lost 30 axial flow clients when my mentor left as he started his own business, soon after one of my co workers joined him and they can’t keep up with demand..... funny that....
  4. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Oooooo Ford Mainline, wish my grandfather still had his......
  5. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Yea 360cu of American Iron makes for a fast couch......
  6. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Our AMC Matador has a LHD column shift in a RHD car, it is a CKD assembled in Oz as far as I know.
  7. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Your forgetting putting the Durango into neutral whilst trying to indicate........
  8. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Was $10k cheaper for the Mazda crew cab over here in the west, not quite sure how that works
  9. Scary ladders

    Eh.... Amateurs.....
  10. American Iron Vs Japanese Steel

    Just how Japanese is a rebadged Ford.... Dads BT 50 has FoMoCo on literary everything except the badges and steering wheel......
  11. 150 years of IHC book

    Exact point I was making... Farmall 666 was commenting that CH Wendell restored early IH I asked wheather he meant Wendell Kelch who I know does do early resto work.
  12. 150 years of IHC book

    I’ve got a VHS of CH Wendell opening the 1997 National vintage machinery rally here in West oz he looks about late 50’s in it so being late 70’s would be correct.
  13. 150 years of IHC book

    You sure you don’t mean Wendell Kelch? He does a lot of early IHC and others. I could be wrong though.... it’s been know to happen......
  14. What ruled the roads then?

    These were ( and still are ). Considered the big three in Australia. The (GM) Holden Monaro. 308cu Holden V8 also had a 350 or 327 Chevy fitted in various models The Ford falcon XY Gt HO phase 3. 351 Cleveland The Gt falcon is responsible for a famous photo in Aussie motoring history, a journalist had taken it for a test drive to Melbourne and then had to get it back to Sydney by a certain time....... so he wound it up..... a bit... and yes that’s 140 MPH..... Taken on the Hume Hwy between Melbourne and Sydney And last but definitely not least the V8 killing Chrysler Valiant E37 Charger with a 265cu triple Weber Aussie designed straight 6.
  15. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Not me but my grandfather, brought a Ford 5000 selectamatic Engine replace first year under warranty as the old one wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding... gearbox trouble all the time, every time the truck went to town so did it... Brought it on the strength of the Fordson power major and eventually traded it on the 696 ( Geelong built, large frame 66 series back end with D310)
  16. Forum issues

  17. Forum issues

    Bj posted on support a few hrs ago, something about search bots over running the server.... yea I dunno what it means either....
  18. Forum issues

    Literally just got it clicking on this thread....... on iPad.
  19. Deutz

    We ran a DX 160/ 6.50 ( it was badged as a 160 but had the 6.50 trans diff etc) had a engine rebuild at 2000hrs due to a hired hand not refitting the air cleaner correctly, had trans issues but I watched it turn 10k hrs until it broke reverse. It went to dealer and got traded as a wreck for the cost of pulling it apart.
  20. Programmer for c15

    We pull 170 000 gross with a C15 turned to 550 in a western star and have no issues with power, only thing you have to watch is the temp gauge on the hills. It will get to 215-220 on a long haul, we usually manually switch the fan on instead of waiting for it to come in on the temp sender. Id dyno and see what it's really doing, big Cat like that should pull hard.

    8 yrs here massive difference, wore out the first machine at 12000 hrs second one still going strong......

    Thanks SDman, I've been out of the game since 2012. The D60 MacDon is still pretty popular down here although some guys are going to the Queensland made Midwest fronts as they make them up to 60' for guys running controlled traffic.

    Since I assume you mean MacDon...... pretty sure all of the belt fronts up until recently were supplied by them and rebadged as Case IH.
  24. Tell me about stripper heads

  25. 4500 VibraShank

    I'd strip it and take the seals to a hydraulic or seals specialist. They should be able to match them.