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  1. Pretty sure those early fergys were mostly aluminium castings.
  2. 696IH

    High hour 2188

    Depending on how far you’d have to drive I’d look at the 2188, 5400hrs on an 8.3 isn’t too bad if it’s been looked after. Final drives are good for 4000hrs between rebuilds, trans are pretty solid but can creep out of 2nd ( might just be an Aussie thing we tend to run fast in 2nd). I’d look closely at the top hydro coupler, take some large grips and grab the shaft and see how much play it has. If it has a big top or other grain tank expansion check under the front axle for cracks. You could also ask around about the quality of the dealers workshop, if they have a good rep it’s probably safe to say the $20k in it would make it worth the drive. Just my 2¢ Andrew
  3. Can I point out that the sticker on the charger say “Nullabor “ which means this is on the Nullabor plain between Western Australia and South Australia and it’s literally miles from anywhere... let alone the power grid, that said a solar array would be better albeit about 5-6 times the cost of the genset. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nullarbor_Plain
  4. Yep, one of my favourite tool stores here in Oz does this. It’s called “ The wall of shame”..😬
  5. Wonder what they’d say about my fire break mix Glyphosate Sharpen 2,4-d Ecopar Intervix.......
  6. I know this is an old thread but I found this today ( been looking for it to post here ) Genuine Marshall start cartridge.
  7. Mmmm.....,bucket list toy......
  8. Pretty sure he did, there is another video on his channel showing him running the Motor on a bench as well as a few other projects.
  9. Yea, that’s what I love about it ! It has that old school pushrod V8 note to it, most of the V8 bikes are made from 800-1000cc road bike motors and still sound like them.
  10. Found this browsing YouTube. I want it !
  11. Happy Canada day!
  12. Bold statement on a forum that consists of people that collect machinery, pour money into it then put it in a shed and parade it once or twice a year..... ( not all members ) besides it was probably a small dip in JCB’s advertising budget.
  13. Why am I not surprised Guy Martin was involved..... and it’s 500 hp short of the Bugatti Chiron.... still bloody impressive though.
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