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  1. Since we are supposed to by walking by our selves...
  2. 696IH

    The Dog Thread

    Scout the Kelpie and Pippa the JRT ( wanting belly rubs....) trying to get them to sit still was fun...
  3. can you link apache to rural wrecking?

  4. This is my idea of restored, running but in working clothes.
  5. The fibreglass blanket I ordered arrived in today's post, so the mufflers went in to their permanent home. And dummied up to the headers.
  6. Two 15" hotdog mufflers in series per side should tame it ( I have to be under 96 Db). The inside of the hotdogs And they will be hidden inside here.
  7. Got a bit more done over the past weeks, radiator and grill are in, headers tacked together, the aircleaner is a gutted oil bath off a f700 ( I think).
  8. Yea, that is mark 3, version 7.4......I think........... Hopefully it will pass inspection. ive got a set of headers made and am about to start the side pipes tomorrow. pics when I'm done.
  9. Bump! I've been chipping away at the rod most of the year, the steering was tricky to get right ( lots of hours sitting on a tractor helped) but I sorted it eventually. Oh and I found a use for a Briggs & Stratton Conrod....... Best use I've had for a bang & stop in years..........
  10. Few more pics, I custom made some brackets to suit SBC engine mounts ( cheap and easy to find). And a few pics of the adapter I made to bolt up the T56. I started with a four cyl 3 speed bell housing. I lathed up a donut out of plastic that went over an old hyd centre bearing and inside the hole on the bell housing, then made a MDF template for the bolt holes. Then I transferred it all to a lump of 10mm plate and cut/ drilled it out. When I mated it all up I found that the clutch plate didn't fully engage the splines on the input shaft by 8mm, so I stuck the bell housing on the mill and took that off the back. I then decided that the being a cast bell housing I would put some reinforcement under it to take the bulk of the strain. Now I know that the whole thing is concentric I can tidy it up.
  11. Cheers Kevin, I'll take note of the cam timing. As for EFI I looked into it and concluded, not at this stage as the budget won't allow it. The RPT manifold does have bosses for injectors on it so if I went to EFI I would probably have the manifold drilled and buy blank fuel rail and drill to suit etc
  12. And back together Made up a pilot bush in the lathe......... And my adapter is concentric, whew.......
  13. Had a play with the gearbox this week, to get the shifter where I wanted it I had to get a relocation kit. This meant ahh some rather serious surgery needed to be performed And looking rather naked
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