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  1. There’s a shot tower still standing just south of Hobart, Tasmania. 192 ft tall built in 1870. It’s a looong walk to the top.... https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/about/articles/the-shot-tower And this smokestack at the old No 3 pumping station on the CY O’Connor pipeline about an hour north of me in Cunderdin, West Oz. ( it’s a museum now)
  2. Love the Milwaukee M12 & M18 cordless gear just added a M12 sander/polisher and a 3/8 ratchet to the collection, I already have an 18v drill, 1/2 impact and angle grinder. Hitachi is popular down here as well, boss has the brushless angle grinder with the electronic governor, takes a fair bit to slow it down on a full battery and will idle back when you lift off as well.
  3. Yea mate I get what it’s for, I did at least 50 shakers from 14xx to the new xx88 series when I was a Case IH tech, some Dealer tools you just don’t need.
  4. Ok, did some googling and saw the tool I think you mean and yea you don’t need it. Get the offsets and press in new bushings ( or have the dealer do it, only about an hours work with a good hyd press) then follow what I copied below ( I wrote it out a while back on a 2388 shaker thread, I wasn’t retyping it....) Take the drive belt off, mark the shaker drive pulley at 12 o'clock, then turn the pulley by hand and see where the mark is. If it isn't at approximately 6 o'clock, you haven't put the system back together correctly. You need to loosen all the bolts on the bushings and centre the shaker on its stroke ( mark the extremes and find the centre) then you need 3 people, one to hold the pulley and the others to tighten the system. Throw the impact wrench in the tool box and leave it there it has no business being near a shaker😬 then Start with the bolts that go thru the header frame then the move on to the ones on the shaker fram and then the eccentric bolts and the two at the back on the upper lower transfer arms. Then check the 12-6 position again. Also check the auger bed hasn't dropped on its bolts ( they do crack around the bolts on the sides we ( the dealer) had a local metal fab shop punch out 1/4 steel strips with double the holes and reinforced the sides if the auger bed ) and as was said in another post make sure it's not hitting the auger bed. Another thing to check is that the main shaker hex shaft bearings are square to the frame of the machine. Find a point on the main frame ( there is a C channel there that works ) of the machine and measure to the bearings ( the eccentrics need to be off for this) it should obviously be the same. Lastly ensure its shimmed central between the shaker arms, ask your dealer for the page out of the service manual that shows the amount of washers that goes between the arms and the frames, it gives you a start point but you may have to add or delete a washer somewhere to get it central. Andrew.
  5. What do you mean “ dealer alignment tool” ? There is a set of tools for pressing the bushings out and back in. Unless the US dealers got tools we didn’t get in Oz, we used to set up the bushings as per the service manual with a pair of rulers ( one across the bushing and the other to measure the offset. Press kit.
  6. 696IH

    Australian fires

    Yea you guys have sent some specialists in meteorology and fire management and Canada has sent firefighters and aerial support.
  7. 696IH

    Australian fires

    Just to give you and idea of what’s happening here.
  8. 696IH

    honda atv milaege

    My 01 Honda Trx 350es has 38000 kms 24000mi ( approx) on it between me and the previous owner the electric shift has its moments but it still starts like new. The trailer was built by me, mainly for carrying stragglers when shifting sheep.
  9. Just finished Chrissy lunch here. Vegetating on couch now
  10. Delrin (acetal) will crack eventually as it’s not uv stable, dad made some out of delrin to replace the loader hydraulic handles and they cracked in about 3-4 yrs. Nice lathe work though.
  11. 3 words, Absolutely f**king brilliant!!!! Go see it! Dad and I made the 2 hr trek to Perth today to go see it and it was so worth it, plenty of racing action with just enough drama to keep it interesting.
  12. Harvest in west Oz in full swing, harvesting a very average barley crop in the 2388.
  13. I believe they call it chindogu, “ the art of the useless invention” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chindōgu
  14. Yep, Foden, Nissan, Rootes Group, Holder, Napier, Burmeister & Wain, Doxford, Junkers, Fairbanks Morse, Wartsila-Sultzer and Mitsubishi ( to name a few) all made multi cylinder 2 stroke or Uniflow Diesels aside from Detroit and EMD, most were for power generation ( including Locomotives) or marine. Some got put in tractors like the Nissan UD6 in the West Oz built Acremaster and the Foden and the Rootes TS3 ( Commer knocker) were used in trucks. The big ship “ Cathedral” diesels can get nearly 50% fuel efficiency i.e they convert 50% of the energy in the fuel to the crank, compared to the 30-35% that most diesels achieve is pretty amazing.
  15. I spent my fair share on the rear shelf of our MF850, I used to last one maybe two boxfulls before the Perkins lulled me off to sleep. 😂
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