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  1. Why am I not surprised Guy Martin was involved..... and it’s 500 hp short of the Bugatti Chiron.... still bloody impressive though.
  2. 696IH


    Check if it has a Cylinder selection switch (on the back usually) and make sure it’s on the correct setting.
  3. 🇺🇸 put ya glasses on.......
  4. We've had the same issue down here with our live export market, sitting on incriminating footage and only releasing it at the right moment for the most gain. It also came to light that people were being paid to film footage on the ships and were being coached to make it look as bad as possible. We ( west oz farmers) have also had a recent spate of vegan protestor f*ckwits traspassing onto dairies in our southwest( going so far as to steal calves to " liberate " them ) it has spurred the farmers to lobby the government to crack down on it and work on creating specific laws and charges for the police to enforce. https://thewest.com.au/countryman/news/farmers-increase-calls-to-beef-up-trespass-laws-ng-b881126600z https://thewest.com.au/countryman/news/pollies-in-a-stew-over-trespassing-ng-b881122399z
  5. This should a good watch!
  6. Flexicoil was king here in the late 90’s when guys started to transition to air seeders from seed drills, as well as Morris, Bourgault, JD as well as Aussie built machine. Then the local manufacturers started building bars to suit our conditions one of “the” machine to have these days is the Ausplow DBS ( deep band seeder) but you need deeep pockets... http://www.ausplow.com.au/products
  7. Was a dry start to last season to the point that the state of Western Australia ran out of Flexicoil 550lb shanks and getting the U bolts was a challenge as well. Don’t know how the other manufacturers went.
  8. How fast you going? We’re doing 35-40 ac hr with 54’ @ 5-6 mi/hr
  9. Yep boss and I could put the whole program in 48 hrs with that.....
  10. 214 ft I believe. The tractor is Aus made Baldwin which I believe has been repowered with a Cummins QSK19 turned up to 800hp, the air carts are Aus made Simplicity 18000L and I think the bar is made by Multi farming systems with the tynes at 15” spacing.
  11. Found this on YouTube this morning, I thought the neighbors new 76' Bourgault was big..... t
  12. 696IH

    696 trouble

    $960 seems right, Harvestaire is in Perth and I just looked a the latest catalogue and they quote $350 for the clutch plate and $600 for the pressure plate. They also have the iPTO shaft for $190 plus freight etc Neil’s or whomever quoted you is probably the best way to go. The 696 is an Aussie 766 with factory TA delete and was derated down to 90hp. Any Geelong built 66 series book should give you enough info in the clutch, but if you get stuck I “think” I have a full service manual here I could probably scan the relevant pages and email them to you. I’ll have a look in the morning, well later this morning.... just got home off the airseeder...
  13. You mean it hasn’t broken the crank yet.......
  14. 696IH

    696 trouble

    ❤️ 😍 Beautiful ! No harder to split than any other tractor, loader will need to come off if it’s in the way of the bell housing or has framework extending to the rear axle. It does sound like the iPTO shaft is cactus so you’ll need a new clutch as well as it drives off the back of the pressure plate. Inter dealer should have the parts if not Harvestaire do some 66 series bits. Andrew
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