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  1. International T6

    Yeah I know pics are important, but I never have been very good at that. I am more of a get it done kind of guy, access the situation and get it done. I am going to get it home and see what I can do with it. It won't be on the top of the list though I have a lot of projects going on. I wasn't really looking for another project but I didn't want to see it put in a box and then melted down. When I get it home I will try to get a couple photos at least.
  2. International T6

    Boy did I do it this time, (sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these things)I am helping an older guy move some things to his brothers place (the county is forcing a clean up) Anyway, I am getting a T6 crawler with a homemade hyd blade as partial payment for the hauling. It has been sitting for at least 25 years. Well I borrowed a friends dozer and took it over there to pull it out of its resting place (I couldn't get to it with the truck). It was down a narrow path down a hill in a wooded area. wouldn't you know it the tracks wouldn't move, tried gear shifter and it wouldn't move. ended up dragging it out while he pushed with the loader tractor. (I know I should have gotten pics but I am horrible about remembering to take them) When I looked down the hole in the hood the the manifold was full of water, I am beginning to wonder if it will be worth hauling home! Oh well it won't be any worse than some of the stuff I've been hauling for this guy lol.
  3. 982 what 2 do?

    Great thanks, I will check it out!
  4. 982 what 2 do?

    Does anyone have any info on what turbo is used with this upgrade? I can't find much info about it on the internet. I have a 782 with a blown KT17 (surprise suprise) and a lead on a d600. Sounds like an awesome project but I would like a little more info. Thanks