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  1. Thanks for telling how bagging system works. Sooo can you reuse the old bags or do you have to buy new each year?
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!🎈🎁🙂🎂🥳🍦
  3. Please explain how the bagging machine works for us who've not used them before. All we used is upright silos. Thanks. Pembroke
  4. Mark: Wouldn't todays oils be better for the drop downs and transmission than those of yesteryear? Maybe a little heavier oil for those. As for the steering it might be in the box or it might be loose tie rods. I have a Super A and the rods are a little loose along with play in steering box but doesn't shake yet. Just my two cents worth.
  5. TONY: I have a friend who lives in the southern part of CA. She's telling me that the AG water is somewhat limited to the farmers all the way up and down the valley of plenty. What's going to happen to the almond orchards if this continues? She's showing me pic of lakes drying up and mountains that have had snow on them forever and are now bare. Isn't there some way for the state to have some kind of water purification plant up north and pull water from Pacific to send through the valley? Curious and concerned for the farmers and the consumers. Thanks for info. Pembroke
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🍦🥳🎂🙂🎁🎈
  7. Man!!!!!!! That will cover a wide swath.. Nice looking set-up.
  8. Happy Birthday to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎁🙂🎂🥳🍦🎈
  9. Prayers from KY going up now.... Mark: Is there some way to start a go fund me page for this family?
  10. I had a Tape of CCR best hits. Wore it out. Son bought me a CD of the same. Bless his heart. Still like listening to those old hits.
  11. Well, clock ran for three days then stopped at 2:00AM on the dot. Started it back up and run for another day and stopped. Hasn't run since. You can start and it will run about a minute then stop. Looking for a wind up clock repairman. Ooooo well............
  12. Acme: Is there no way to get some rust buster onto the cable for several days and try to work throttle back and forth? Just a thought.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍦🥳🎈🎂🙂🎁🎈
  14. Thank you for shopping at ACE
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎁🙂🎂🎈🥳🍦
  16. update: Clock still running and keeping good time. I tinkered with rod holding pendulum until it started to catch and run somewhat. I then put a drop of oil on that part and it's never stopped running yet.
  17. So far I've soaked in gasoline for about 8 hrs and have removed from gas and let dry. Came home and used pressurized air to blow away any loose dirt/grime. 1/2 drop light weight oil on all spindles. Just a small amount of motor oil on springs. Returned to case and fine tuned the pendulum. For now running again. We'll see how long and let you know. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  18. going to try and clean the works myself soaking in gasoline for a couple hours and lightly blow dry. we'll see what happens. This old clock used to run pretty good. I think it stopped once and I squirted some wd40 around it. Should not have done that. collects dust and grime not working since. Soooooo
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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