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  1. lots of different colors. I like that. Glad you had such a nice day for the ride.
  2. quick question: were all the Farmall Bs Narrow front end?
  3. nice bunch of epuipment. looks like you had a great day for show.
  4. Thanks for the pictures Tony. Looks like everyone had a great day.
  5. thanks for the pictures. Always enjoyed picking corn in the Fall with Farmall H and one row John Deere picker
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎁🎂🍦🎈😀
  7. the one in the middle is a lighter, the one on the right looks like a tool to smooth out mortor between bricks or blocks. not sure about one on left.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀🎈🍦🎂🎁 (and thanks for all you do here)
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!🎁🎂🍦🎈😀
  11. happy birthday sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀🎈🍦🎂🎁
  12. Wife had to put in new battery in her car today. Old one didn't last but 3 1/2 years. What battery do you guys use and how long do they last?
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎁🎂🍦🎈😀
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS WITH MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀🎈🍦🎂🎁
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎁🎂🍦🎈😀
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀🎈🍦🎂🎁
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎁🎂🍦🎈😀
  18. looks like it would be a nice set up under ideal conditions.
  19. Thanks for showing the Oliver on this forum. I grew up on the 88 row crop Oliver and still like to see them.
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀🎈🍦🎂🎁
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎂🎁🎈🍦😀
  22. way to go..!!!!!!! I wish I had a good mess of squirrel fried up with some fried potatoes and fresh greens. YUM!!!!!!
  23. how often does google earth update their pictures of an area. In a shot of my place not even close to the years of what it should be.
  24. happy birthday SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀🍦🎈🎁🎂
  25. I have a Beretta 948 with a 6 inch barrel and looking for a SIGHTED 3.5 INCH barrel. I know like looking for hens teeth but, I thought maybe some of you guys that shoot a lot might be able to look around or may know someone that might have one for sale. Thanks in advance for looking. Pembroke
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