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  1. mammaw W for her yeast rolls. Mom tried to make them and they were good but not like mammaw's. Mammaw C for her vegetable soup. I've not had great vegetables soup since she passed. My wife for her hummingbird cake, To die for is all I can say about that. Thanks for the memories to both mammaws.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎂🙂🎁🍦
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL.!!!!!!!!!!!!🍦🎁🎂🎈
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎂🎁🍦🙂
  6. Hey Mitch 865 : Tell us where your from in your profile and show pictures of the harvest .
  7. Sorry NO pictures but wife and I were going out to supper last night and saw two balloons in our area doing their thing. Always like to see them floating along.
  8. welcome to the forum. Stay safe during harvest!!!!!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍦🎁🎂🎈
  10. And a fine job you've done tooo
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎂🎁🍦
  12. do your homework on the M TRONIC. you'll buy one and never look back. Those things are amazing.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍦🎁🎂🎈
  14. for the Clay dirt, If yo can turn it in the Fall and let it freeze and thaw several times in the Winter months it will work better in the Spring.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎂🎁🍦🥳
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