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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!🍦🎈🎂🎁
  2. do any of you guys use a Redfield Revalution 2-7X33 scope and what do you think of it? Some reviews I've read say you can't bring it to center no way at all. Keep adjusting -doesn't move where shot is hitting. All comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance. Pembroke
  3. Happy Birthday to you all!!!!!!!!!!!🎁🍦🎂🎈
  4. i have gravel driveway and use Round-up 365 with good results. Lasts all year and part of next yr. Just my .02 cents worth.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!🎈🎂🍦🎁
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL !!!!!!!!!🎈🎁🎂🍦
  7. I have one of those and I feed mine through the side of the mill (not the front) and it comes out on the other side. You want to have the first small roller set so it squeezes the stalk about half way down and the other small roller set to finish squeezing the juice out of stalk. You need to turn slow enough so juice will have time to go down rollers and not follow stalk out of mill. Hope this helps. Pembroke
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!🍦🎂🎁🎈🥳
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎁🎂🍦
  10. littlered166

    Good news!

    Thanks for the update Mark. Glad to see him mending so fast. Mark, Take it easy on him for the first week or so. Don't wnat to reinjure that hand.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!🍦🎂🎁🎈
  12. littlered166


    ISRAELI Air Force and Navy boats
  13. at one time we used a Massy freguson belt drive mower and we mowed banks almost straight up with NO problem. Mark, I'd start with a small bank and gravitate to a steeper bank to ease your mind on this.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!🥳🎈🎁🎂🍦
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