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  1. I would grab it but I still use those for cultivating berries
  2. Hi horn Honker a guy north of me and south of where you got the McCormick went robotic his cows production went up 10 pounds a cow from the gossip I was told ?
  3. I find it amazing when a guy is trying to save money the odd things crap out that happens to me all the time !
  4. Find a two wheel drive f150 or 250 and do body swap cheaper in the long run.
  5. Find a two wheel drive f150 or 250 and do body swap cheaper in the long run.
  6. The other half backed into my disc 😁 wanted to buy her a new tail light for Christmas oh man Chevy Colorado tail lights are spendy ! Don't worry it was still my falt ! LoL
  7. That's why I stayed home to watch the dog and prune raspberries !
  8. I use a super C to cultivate strawberries and if it's over 90 degrees outside they can make a lot of funny sounds from boiling coolant to boiling gas in the gas tank when you shut them down !
  9. I bet it is all gm running gear it's cheaper to work on !
  10. Good job kinda jealous !!!
  11. The mail Jeep is sweet ! I like to roll in a samurai 😀
  12. SJH

    What the heck !

    Every time I call about a irrigation reel I get the up sale or it's junk grrrh !
  13. SJH

    Bought a Boat

    Have fun ! My boat is my getaway spot !
  14. When in doubt plant berries something to ponder on the side .
  15. Looks like there's lots of parts left to be had for what the dealership charges !
  16. What's the screen filter from the belly look like ? No matter what wear happens .
  17. SJH

    Tow bar

    Thanks for all the info guys !
  18. SJH

    Tow bar

    Has anyone rigged up a tow bar to pull a narrow front like a super C down the road with a pickup truck ? Thanks
  19. I have been through the Ford truck phase and I think a 50 series would be cheaper lol !
  20. I would ignore it I win a trip to Jamaica once a month ! Also the IRS calls and says they are going to have me arrested lol !
  21. Go for the CNC machinist ! I have a friend that did that worked long enough to get retirement good money easy work !
  22. Glad you got away for a bit ! It helps clear the mind !
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