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  1. 6oz per gallon would be the correct mixture, I would rather use a 3-way, you start out with 24D but also gets the weeds that 24D doesn't. Vegetation needs to be uncut and leafy so you get lots of contact, everyone wants to bushhog or trim the plant back then spray but all you are spraying in the stem and the plant simply doesn't absorb enough herbicide. If you have cattle or livestock in the pasture you need to switch to Grazon Next HL. Don't forget to use a surfactant, I use equal parts so same rate as herbicide, really gets the herbicide to the plant, makes it stick, and opens the pores so it can get in there and do its job.
  2. I only check in every couple months so might have missed a few topics.
  3. Have spent a lot of time on a CornPro 22ft gooseneck livestock trailer, it is average at best, not the best yet not the worst. Like someone else said it will rust and rot to nothing, I would buy a used aluminum over a new steel unless you are not pulling it in the salt. CornPro pulls hard, it is a heavy steel trailer and feels like it!
  4. If she somewhat recently had covid she is not eligible for the shot anyways.
  5. Cannonball hay beds are dumping flatbeds with gooseneck ball, works great for quick hookup as there is no cranking.
  6. Having lived on a chainsaw through a few hurricanes I would say hands down a 20in. bar with a spare 25in. for big cuts or to cut the 20in. out when it gets pinched. Have used a 28in. a few times for huge cuts, way to much bar to throw around unless needed. Really all depends on your condition, age, strength, Stihl have the ES Light series bar which is a game changer as it is light weight yet strong. I will take balance over length, when you can simply set the bar into wood and it drops through the cut like a warm knife in butter you got it made.
  7. Good luck finding anything. For me open carry is a G19 w/x300 Concealed carry is a G43X
  8. Leave Ted alone!
  9. There were some deep connections and men that should have been hung in my hometown over the windmills, scum.
  10. I was thinking when you made that post earlier to do just that, can easily put a access in it later.
  11. They didn't think that insulate the pipe?!?
  12. I have spent the last 5 years on 5100M's and think they are garbage, I would never consider a E model. Glad we are finally Tier 4 as the Tier 3 regen was nothing but problems and insane heat. Still several issues with each one I have ran all being electrical related. Run a new one now that will not shuttle shift as in will not move no matter what, when you let it warm up 20-30min. it seems to help but super frustrating. This is in Florida on 80* mornings, guessing it would not move at all in the cold... It is a shame that you don't have a Massey dealer as I demod one and it was much cheaper and seemed like a ok tractor. I think they are all plastic junk now with the Kubota being very loud in the cab. If I was cutting a check it would be for a used tractor, if financing you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I think the best Deere smaller tractors were the 64XX models which compare to a Maxum. You will find that the 5100 has ZERO torque, it will not lug or pull at all! Simply defuels and falls on its face.
  13. If only there was a mark on the pump and plate that you could line up... Lol
  14. 5140! Not even a question
  15. Please tell me you are not the one that marked the timing...
  16. I always said the HD 6.0 trucks should have come with 4.56 gears, a useless 6th gear does nothing for me, put some more gear on the bottom wo I can use it.
  17. It would be a 6.0 6-speed and it runs just as hard as anything else, bet it would be quicker then the Ford V10. Got to remember a gas motor doesn't run out of revs like a diesel so it will pull and pull.
  18. Spent lots of time on Ford ambulances, mostly V10's, had to do a shift with a rural service that had a new Duramax and that truck would rip, 100mph and pulled hard getting there. Was a truck chassis.
  19. Put a timer on it so it can start about 1am without having to run all night.
  20. To think I sold a NOS belly tank for $1200...
  21. SMiller

    Stu's pics

    I assure you it was a Detroit
  22. SMiller

    Stu's pics

    Did you not see the topic... You people
  23. SMiller

    Stu's pics

    Your not missing anything, if you are going to go make sure it's when he has his show/pull, it is legit, huge truck show at same time there. 76* today...
  24. SMiller

    Stu's pics

    Still alive IH beet harvester, pretty damn cool, way to many moving parts, bet it was a blast to operate...
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