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  1. If only there was a mark on the pump and plate that you could line up... Lol
  2. 5140! Not even a question
  3. Please tell me you are not the one that marked the timing...
  4. That is exactly what I am saying, I go a couple time a year and they are all over down there. IHOutlaw has done a great job of scooping the good ones up along the way but still a ton of them down there.
  5. You have not been to Texas huh?
  6. Nice 986! I work for a guy that has a beef farm in Salam and my folks live in Henryville, small world.
  7. SMiller

    IH 1456

    I always thought if anything the big front rubber would keep the front end from walking around and keep it tighter. Seems most installed big fronts for loader work or saddle tanks, going to say that is what wore the front end, IH probably could have beefed up the front end from the get go, was not a IH front axle fan until the '88 series got the Magnum style axle.
  8. SMiller

    IH 1456

    It's getting there, really figured you would be farther along by now... No? Lol
  9. SMiller

    IH 1456

    Waiting on red K30 pics... Why you going to short change us like that?
  10. SMiller

    IH 1456

    Lack of PTO doesn't bother me one bit, would rather install a freshly rebuilt dual PTO anyways, not a big job.
  11. IHOutlaw on here is re-making a lot of quick hitch parts. Wish I would have known you were on the hunt before now.
  12. Even has the hard to find large capacity IH tool box.
  13. This, call Dave, don't cut a hole in the hood. He makes what you need to put a 5in. stack on a '66 series.
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