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  1. This thread wouldn't have been complete without the resident liberal blowing hot air...
  2. A solution for a problem that never existed...
  3. If you cant handle farming like a big boy then get out. Donald Trump is your president, now suck it up and deal with it...
  4. 115* heat index the other day, 106* yesterday, today will be the same, get tough, drink water...
  5. MTO is going to call PETA on all you...
  6. I think you will see collector tractors make a comeback but I dont think the 88 series will ride back up with them. Huge fan of them and will gladly buy a cheap one but the rise and fall of them already took place.
  7. It would take a nice clean 5088 with a fresh overhaul to justify a new diff., not saying it isn't the right thing to do but a run down worn out 5088 is not going to be worth putting that kind of money into when you will never get it back. This coming from a huge fan of the '88 series.
  8. 19 years behind a trimmer, have yet to see a reason for one bigger then 100cc's, currently use a FS111RX and only use 1/3 of the power 90% of the time.
  9. I watched a brand new Ram 3500 pull into a parking lot pulling a huge 5th wheel camper, right as he came to a stop the drag link snapped, the guy had just made a 1000 mile trip, how it didn't happen traveling down the highway we will never know.
  10. Stihl 261, smallest pro saw, super light and powerful.
  11. Your a hero... And by hero I mean idiot.
  12. Thank God you made that disclaimer as MTO already copied and pasted your post to PETA...
  13. Bullshit, the 3 employees were already fired, you are fake news and only spreading their false message. You called PETA for someone abusing animals, you called the biggest dog killer in the US to come "rescue" the dogs, the same agency that kills more dogs then anyone...
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