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  1. NADA, your banker can give you the black book price, black book is usually about $200 less then NADA. These are the two quotes that banks lend off of. A once in a lifetime quality vehicle will being way more money so it really depends on if you want it vs if you are trying to finance.
  2. Today's technology really isn't about wax it is all about the sealer. A sealer will last a entire year through all climates, a good wax will quickly wear off. Wash, claybar, cleaner wax, sealer.
  3. I had a old boss like that, not going to name any names but his name rhymes with Kevin...
  4. I am not in witness protection, several on here have been to my place...
  5. Start in the middle, can only get half as crooked that way...
  6. I will be the odd man out, after a year of wearing the same boots I am tired of smelling them and ready for a new pair, I get a free pair each year so it works out regardless. Wear Irish Settler boots at work, comfy, waterproof, a d hold up well for a year of hard work. I wear Double H made in USA boots on days off and after about 3 years I toss them.
  7. 15* coolant temp drop with what turbo?
  8. Used oil is pure acid, if you must soak them in oil then use new oil.
  9. S2E is the best, you must have a good parts man.
  10. Funniest post I have read in a long time, you literally just told the moderator to not worry about your post. As a failed moderator of a forum that you were kicked off of I would think you would understand it is the moderators job to worry about everyone's post, even those that are really fed up with what others think and not in the mood. (Your words) You and your negative attitude are not wanted here...
  11. 3rd That guy is a blow hard idiot. I thought we got the point across last time that he is not wanted here, seems he goes from site to site being banned, someday he might figure out the problem is him and not the rest of the world.
  12. Mow year round here in Florida, never stops only slows down.
  13. That's called a disco, totally different yet still awesome, I am a beast on one...
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