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  1. SMiller


    Here for the oil thread...
  2. I love dyno days, everyone's 800hp trucks leave making 400hp. My 580hp truck puts 422hp to the wheels, nothing impressive these days.
  3. Tilt was a option on '88 series.
  4. Nothing but .gov welfare pieces of crap would have those put on their land. **** windmills and those that have anything to do with them.
  5. The tractor club I grew up around wanted nothing to do with the younger guys getting in and they hated tractors newer then '55 to include not allowing any tractor newer then '55 to pull. Just a bunch of crab ass old pricks and yes they had the nerve to ask why the young guy wouldn't join the club when it died it's slow painful death. And just like everyone else said if they had something it was gold and rotted away outside for years, screw the old pricks, let them melt your crap after your sale, good riddance...
  6. Iron works bbq is legit, it is downtown, guessing it is across the street from the conference center you will be at. (Beef rib and brisket are legit) Torchy's tacos in the trailer park is legit as well (wrangler taco is legit) Lupe Tortilla is my favorite mexican place there is Austin/Round Rock, see if Rick will meet you there for dinner... As Brian said it is queer/liberal capital, bunch of weirdos and freaks and traffic is absolute stand still as in takes a hour to go 10 miles. I have not been to the Alamo but heard it is not all it is talked up to be.
  7. Well not now but soon enough it will be here, cant wait to drive one.
  8. I have a new 6.2 gas and a old 6.0 sitting side by side in the garage. I drove a fleet of 6.2's and idling all day with lights and A/C full blast then WOT when moving and never got under 8.8mpg. Average 12-14mpg in new 6.2 and same mileage with old 6.0, 6.2 is quiet, cheap oil changes, and zero issues. 6.0 not so much but I still love it and the power is insane. Next truck will be a new 7.3/10-speed/4.30 gears. Driving my last diesel now...
  9. EGR delete yes, head studs are not needed, after all it is the EGR that clogs which turns coolant to steam which stretches head bolts which blows the head gaskets. Yes the 6.0 could have used more head bolts but with a proper working/flowing oil cooler and EGR delete there is no reason for head bolts to stretch, lots of high mileage 6.0's out there with stock head bolts. I think the oil cooler plugging, Motorcraft gold coolant, plugged EGR's, and bad coolant caps were the true problem, we have had 17 years to learn, the 6.0 is a hard running engine, with proper knowledg
  10. Worst thing about a 6.0 is the ignorance surrounding it.
  11. Delete EGR, flush coolant for SCA coolant and install new Motorcraft coolant cap. Monitoring the coolant and oil temp is mandatory. Love mine
  12. Reminds me of the idiots down here that stop their vehicle in the traffic lane so they can help a turtle cross the road only to cause a 6 car pileup, but think of the turtle...
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