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  1. SMiller

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    Well not now but soon enough it will be here, cant wait to drive one.
  2. SMiller

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    I have a new 6.2 gas and a old 6.0 sitting side by side in the garage. I drove a fleet of 6.2's and idling all day with lights and A/C full blast then WOT when moving and never got under 8.8mpg. Average 12-14mpg in new 6.2 and same mileage with old 6.0, 6.2 is quiet, cheap oil changes, and zero issues. 6.0 not so much but I still love it and the power is insane. Next truck will be a new 7.3/10-speed/4.30 gears. Driving my last diesel now...
  3. SMiller

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    EGR delete yes, head studs are not needed, after all it is the EGR that clogs which turns coolant to steam which stretches head bolts which blows the head gaskets. Yes the 6.0 could have used more head bolts but with a proper working/flowing oil cooler and EGR delete there is no reason for head bolts to stretch, lots of high mileage 6.0's out there with stock head bolts. I think the oil cooler plugging, Motorcraft gold coolant, plugged EGR's, and bad coolant caps were the true problem, we have had 17 years to learn, the 6.0 is a hard running engine, with proper knowledge and monitoring it can go the distance and be a great engine. Even tuning has come a long way, good tuning with limited timing and boost while still adding a ton of power is now the norm and the engine handles it just fine. On another note don't believe the internet rumors, the early 6.0's had the problems and the later ones had all the updates, the "updates" were not better, the EGR which is the most crucial thing was MUCH worse in the late '04+ trucks, the '03-'04 had big tubes and did NOT plug meaning they didnt blow head gaskets.
  4. SMiller

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    Worst thing about a 6.0 is the ignorance surrounding it.
  5. SMiller

    Ford 6.0 diesel

    Delete EGR, flush coolant for SCA coolant and install new Motorcraft coolant cap. Monitoring the coolant and oil temp is mandatory. Love mine
  6. Sea is calm at least
  7. Reminds me of the idiots down here that stop their vehicle in the traffic lane so they can help a turtle cross the road only to cause a 6 car pileup, but think of the turtle...
  8. Lmao try again, the guy is a crook, as for his business model he just went to jail for running such a upstanding business practice, know your facts...
  9. 30,000 mile pads and rotors and you tell him to suck it up? Drove many GM HD trucks pulling loaded trailers everyday that went over 100,000 miles on original pads and rotors. Piss of Subaru
  10. SMiller

    560 Turbo

    My non-turbo'd 560 would suck the oil out of the air cleaner on a hard big rpm pull, never knew about the 660 having a deeper air cleaner, that would make sense as the 660 turns a lot of rpm. My 282 was a hard starter but I am sure the glowplugs a d wiring were original so I am just at fault as anything, had a friend with a restored 660 that would fire off strong on all 6 cylinders so just goes to show. Trick to keeping a 282 head from cracking was proper warm up and cool down which no one does. Never had a rear end problem even though I was weighted down and turned up.
  11. Uh, what Because of shifters maybe? Not following you here.
  12. 5288 all day everyday!
  13. I would rather have a Steiger ST310, never understood the love for those large frame IH tractors and I have ran several of them.
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