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  1. Who did they copy...

    Why do you care... Nothing like a half-assed oil change...
  2. Anyone hear much about the Maryland shooting?

    The only war going on is the one in your head... Don't ever come here, you probably couldn't handle it, I thought you Aussies were supposed to be tough...
  3. Got A New Sponsor

    You shoot Glocks to huh My wife is a weirdo like you, she is right handed but cannot shut her left eye so she shoots iron sight rifles left handed, put a optic on the M4 and never looked back. Sucky part is she out shoots everyone left handed with her right eye closed, figure that out.
  4. Got A New Sponsor

    Why are your thumbs on the right side of the pistol?
  5. 756 Gasser vs Autumn Olive

    Pretty countryside, what's your 20?
  6. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Kind of impossible to find a 3/4 or1ton that doesn't have a hitch in the bed...
  7. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    If you are going to finance you will save some on interest, will help close the gap, then figure you are starting with new tires, battery, brakes, etc. You can make the numbers damn near match...
  8. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    How about a like new 3/4ton GMC? Just turned 100k, clean as new, always garaged, never pulled or pushed, never any salt or rust. Getting ready to switch to a crew cab.
  9. Crash Test

    Don't get to carried away, I recall GM bought the '59 off of eBay and it was pretty rotted out, what was or was not done to rig the test I do not know, no way was it a fare test regardless. Having said that the newer vehicles are much safer, that is a fact.
  10. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Last time I wanted a truck I looked hard for 2 years for what I wanted, never could find it so I gave up and ordered one. Now I find myself in the same boat and once again I am getting ready to throw in the towel and just order what I want, used prices are through the roof and I am way to picky, anything super clean and low miles is damn near new price.
  11. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    Your a good man Tony. God, guns, family, country.
  12. Guns

    You mad bro?