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  1. SMiller


    Sure, bet you could even charge for the service, going to need to haul your own water if there is not a water source and will need insurance as any accident will fall back on you.
  2. I found the best rust proofing I did was move to Florida... I used fluid film in Indiana, never a spot of rust anywhere, oddly enough I never coated the backside of the fuel cap door and it looked horrible but never rusted through.
  3. I like my no-spill brand fuel jugs.
  4. 17.5 H rated tires are the best thing to ever happen to trailers.
  5. SMiller


    It blew right over, your friends are in the same county as me, you need to dive at Silver Springs. Let me know next time you are down this way.
  6. SMiller


    Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day for us here in central Florida, looks like tomorrow afternoon and evening will be the worst as far as wind and possible tornadoes. Bahamas took the full blast and stalled it out. It was a weird weather day here.
  7. Lorenzo is my hero
  8. Beef prices are crap, you better have a long term plan because it doesnr pencil out with today's prices.
  9. Glad to see I'm not the only Royal oak lump charcoal fan, there simply is nothing better. Although I disagree on the steak as I like to let it take on some smoke first then sear it to perfection.
  10. Surefire P3X fury
  11. I enjoy cooking, I stick to my go-to dishes, enjoy it the most in the winter time when I have the time to do it right. Fajitas on the disco Chili in the Dutch oven Steaks and potatoes/peppers Salsa Beef roast
  12. Auto steer is for men that dont know how to mow...
  13. SMiller


    My cowdog got trampled in the cow pens last year and I thought it was the end, couple days later and she was back to herself, made my heart break.
  14. I was told to avoid ceramics, will be interesting to here opinions.
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