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  1. Yes. Installed with inlets next to valve cover.
  2. Your right, Nebraska. I never thought of that.... I do have a good steady gravity stream of fuel through the filters. I just have to make sure its enough. Yes, I am using fleetguards 5019\5020. We did this to a d310 on a 706 and it works fine so I thought it would work here too. Nomorejohndeere probably had the best idea of just bypassing it and trying it. Thanks all.
  3. using 66 series filters and I will check the filter bases.
  4. not sure on the compression but I did have new seats put in the head for that reason. I measured the protrusion myself on they are right on.
  5. It only about 3' of steel line for a jumper. Nothing on the filter setup is leaking fuel so I assume it not sucking air.
  6. Didn't really check the blow by. It has to be drawing air somewhere , right?
  7. Just put a brand new engine in a 1206. I have new injectors in it and a relatively new inj. pump that came off a another 1206 of mine that ran excellent. It gives me a lot of white smoke and after some cranking it starts to pop and smoke turns to sooty black/gray . It pops and blubbers and tries to run and after about a minute (and my shop is full of smoke) it cleans right up instantly and runs fine. I bled the fuel system twice and acts like there is still air in the system. I let it run for a couple of minutes this morning and shut it off and tried to start it again after a couple of minutes and the same thing happens. The only thing that's different on this tractor is the fuel filters. I put the fuel filter system off of a 66 series on it but I have a steady gravity fuel flow at the inj. pump. Timing is at 7 degrees. Is there just still air in the system??? Thoughts??
  8. Thanks to all. You answered a few of my other questions also.
  9. I just did a bunch of pump work to a roosamaster 370 on my 1206. It maxes out at about 250 cc's of fuel. I have a series larger injector on the tractor. Are the stock lines still big enough? When do we need larger line?? Thoughts?
  10. I used to pull a bone stock Stage 2 Super M. We were allowed to run no larger than 16-9 tires in the 6000 lb class. What really made it a competitive tractor was when I put the 16 inch tires on 16 inch wide rims. Putting that little bit extra rubber on the ground made all the difference. It only had about 55 hp but was a 1st - 3rd place tractor all the time. I cut the stock rims in half with a plasma cutter and welded in a spacer from a old pair a clamp on duals to make them wider. Cost me almost nothing and worked well. I had a old crusty pair of traction torque goodyears about 40% on it.
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