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  1. 1456 injection pump question

    I got lucky. The tractor runs fine now. I took the top cover off the pump and watched the governor wieghts as you said and they all looked the same. I think the linkage arm wasn't in the grooves on the thrust washer and that was enough ( as Owen mentioned) to screw the governor up. You guys just saved me a trip to the pump shop. Thanks again.
  2. 1456 injection pump question

    Well, I put the pump back on the tractor and the inevitable happened. Either the tractor shuts down or runs wide open. Now what? I took the pump off again and noticed the linkage arm wasn't in the two grooves of the thrust washer/sleeve so I lined it up. also the washers that the governor wieghts fit into look to be lined up and the drive shaft fits in nicely. Should I try it again or am I wasting my time. Also the drive shaft is splined on these so is it possible that I could have been off a tooth so the drive shaft didnt go in quite far enough? Thanks for your help.
  3. 1456 injection pump question

    Got a question. I took the injection pump off the 1456 to replace the seals- I got fuel in the oil. I forgot to wire the throttle in the wide open position when i slid it off the shaft. What kind of issues will I have when I put this thing back together? Also the shaft has some noticeable wear rings on it where the seals ride. Should I be replacing the shaft also?
  4. 706 lift arms

    Yes, the marks are on the retainer on right side
  5. 706 lift arms

    Your talking about the bottom torsion shaft for a 3 pt right? The marks are on the right side (little triangles). Line up the splines so the timing marks line up and stick a pry bar in the yoke on the shaft and turn the torsion shaft counter clockwise slightly to get the dowels to line up. If your off by one spline, it makes the hitch do crazy stuff. This is for 3 pts. - assume fast hitches are similar
  6. 856 Drawbar Questions

    I put a drawbar support from a 1466 on a 806 once and it fit just fine so it should work.
  7. I have problem with my 3pt hitch on a 7120 and need a clue on what might be wrong. After it sits for a while it settles - not a big deal but when I start the tractor I used to have to put the hitch lever all the way down and then back up and the hitch would go up and it would work fine. Today when I did that the hitch came up and it sounds like the hydraulic system is still under pressure (whining and brings the motor down slightly). I have to put the hyd. lever all the way in the down position to get it to stop but the hitch will not go down. As soon as I move the lever up just a little the whining starts again. It like the tractor doesn't know the position of the hitch. Any ideas??