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  1. What did it sell for? I can't get on the auction site to see the price.
  2. https://www.agupdate.com/tristateneighbor/news/state-and-regional/red-power-rolls-on/article_3cb6a36c-d0f9-11ea-be50-0b2234dff7be.html
  3. Cooter has a couple of museums and restaurants. We stopped at his museum gift shop in Nashville Tennessee last year
  4. What is the address of the building in Sioux Falls? Might have to stop and check it out on the way to Red Power
  5. IH6588


    Patrick Buchanan who first ran in 1992 in the Republican primary is what Trump has modeled his campaign on more then Ross Perot. Trump was going to run as a independent on Ross Perot's Reform Party in 2000 but after losing some primaries to Buchanan, Trump dropped out. Trump has flirted with running over the next few elections until he finally ran
  6. IH6588


    Check out Fleet Farms Website. They had them on sale I bought the 7488 for $50 plus free shipping. I think they are running 20 percent off toys now.
  7. IH6588

    SMTA Gas Tank

    Can you replace a SMTA gas tank with a SM? Isn't the SMTA tank longer?
  8. I think it was 2007 the first one 7501 was found on a dealers lot for sale. Some IH Parts dealer from Indiana bought it. He brought it to Red Power Round Up in Madison Wi in 2009. Pretty neat to see. I don't know if he turned around and sold it later on
  9. It was bigger the previous two times. There were more outside vendors that wrapped around the buildings with the chapter exhibits and more tractors on display. Noticing the last 4 or 5 years the show has been less. I know a lot of older guys who have passed away that would bring stuff or come to the shows. Not many generation x's that grew up on farms to replace the previous generations of farmers. It will be interesting 10 years from now if the Roundup will still be able to be a stand alone show It was great show! Thanks for all the work into putting it on Chapter 17!
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