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  1. Final Weekends to see it. Neat stuff. September Mecums Auctions sells the cars and pedal cars https://www.bing.com/search?q=earls+auto+and+toy+mus&form=ANNTH1&refig=03be166341874de1a552ff959f3f5c82#:~:text=Auto %26 Toy Museum-,www.elmersautoandtoymuseum.com,-Elmer's Auto %26
  2. Trying calling this guy. 715-520-7876 or 715-635-8629. He does gauges.
  3. Pictures after the show closed Sunday.
  4. It got really muddy Sunday from all the rain Saturday night. Alot of people were pulling out Sunday morning. The show had a great turn out of IH!
  5. Over 280 IH tractors and equipment. That is not including Cub Cadet
  6. Good Show. Nice grounds to have it. Attendance and vendors looked down from previous years. I'm sure Covid effect yet, plus holiday weekend, higher gas prices and the big thing is less collectors as time goes on. We were hoping for more parts vendors. We were discussing if the show in another 10 years can still be a stand alone show.
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