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  1. IowaFarmall

    IH 1456

    Good luck!! I hope you can find it!
  2. Haven’t pulled it but reached my hand down and there was at least a good 1/4” of goop all over the pickup screen and tube. Rear end pretty clean otherwise. Spraying some diesel in to clean and rigged a can and filled with diesel and got the screen all cleaned. Going to keep spraying some in there this week and see if more will loosen up. I’m guessing this was the problem as I have no idea how any fluid could get through. Little hesitant of refilling though......
  3. Well.....Pulled the rear cover. Coupler is in place and everything seems to be fine. Going to go ahead and pull the pump out and see whats going on. Hopefully nothing too severe.
  4. No doubt!!!! NOT going to complain about it being not used very much but needing repair!!! I'm hoping maybe the coupler might be gone or maybe the pick-up tube has fallen off. I have seen where they don't always attach solid and after 50 years i could see maybe it detatched itself. Who knows!!! Guess thats the fun of it all sometimes. If I really needed it now I might be a little more concerned!!! I don't know the answer to your question but hope someone does. No worries on "hijacking"!!!! I enjoy reading and learning what others have experienced.
  5. With the bottom plug out I can pull the handle and the valve moves up and down within the housing. Everything on the linkage seems tight so I believe the original owner saying it wasn’t used or if it was very seldom. I am ok with pulling it if I need to but would think it beneficial to make sure the pump is working before I pull it. Is there anything in this unit which could lock up from non-use?
  6. Good idea about the driveshaft to the pto. I plan on pulling the cover anyway to check the return line.
  7. Here are a few quick pics.
  8. Picked up everything I thought I was going to need in town today to check pressures.....Came home and pulled the plug and grabbed the wrong fitting. Also, My PTO has a square block above the valve rod which the on/off actuator rod slides through. I do not see a "nut" or is that within the housing?
  9. Thanks everyone!! Good to know about the top pressure also being lower from the factory. Purchased this from the original owner and according to him he never remembered using the pto so this has me a little worried. Can anyone recommend a good repair manual?
  10. Dug into the PTO on my 656 which has never worked since i purchased it. The fluid is full and i changed the filter. I am going to change the fluid but wanted to get this fixed before changing in case I have to pull the PTO. I was hoping the small pin had broke but unfortunately this was not the case. When you engage the PTO absolutely nothing happens....no sound no trying to start. So on to the next thing. Going to try and check pressures if I can get a set-up made with a gauge. From what I have read 270 lbs is "normal" with no more than a 40 lb drop on to off. I guess my big question is I see a lot of information/posting about the pressure relief valve. Everything else on the tractor works so I have a hard time thinking this could be the issue but I am no expert. My hitch does drop down when not running. Seems this could be related to a leak in the return line above the PTO? Can this have that great of an effect on hydraulic pressure to where the PTO would not want to engage? Any information is appreciated !!! Thanks!!!
  11. I believe I need to replace that pin on my 656.....I have yet to drum up the ambition/courage to take care of it. I've heard it is a fairly easy thing to fix. Glad you found the pin and all ended up fine!!!
  12. Cork was still in use in 1969 as my 656 has them plugging numerous mounting holes.
  13. My 1945 H is set up the same way. Iron shift knob and a steel Farmall emblem on the front. My emblem is the same just made of steel. Mine has white letters but I don't know if that part is original or just how they came.
  14. Sorry to hear about all your troubles with this tractor, especially if it was misrepresented. Its always a worry when buying if not a machine you personally know. As I said before it does look like a nice shape original machine and the Western Special makes it much different from what I have around my area! Hope everything works out for you and problems aren't that severe.
  15. Looks like a nice machine!!! Original and straight it seems. Keep us posted on progress on the fixes!!
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