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  1. albert766

    New to forum

    Welcome cripes it looks warm in that second picture.
  2. John Deere fuel filters if I'm not mistaken
  3. When the wife and I toured the factory couple of years ago we were told to bring a camera with us. We videoed bits and pieces and took heaps of pics.The bloke that took us through the plant certainly didn't try and hide anything. We emailed them from NZ couple months before and they just booked us in. Just the two of us on the tour .Certainly interesting even the wife thought it was great.
  4. We went to he farmall land museum on our way to the roundup in Alabama two years ago. Went to the axial flow factory in the morning then on to farmall land in the arvo. One of the best days in my life.Even the Mrs. was lmpressed. Met Jerry there very nice fella.
  5. Used brillman twice.Good quality and shipping was reasonable.I recommend them no worries
  6. Drove a versatile 1150 for 5 seedings in west Aussie 30 years ago.Dropped a power shift in it for the last two seasons.Went from duals to triples about the same time.Made a beast out of an nice tractor. Just finished driving a jd 9510r, not much too write home about 💩
  7. Nothing finer than a black bonneted Pete. Couple of questions ,Do the Feds pester you much about logbooks? Over here we usually check the old girls aren't sitting down every couple of hours,once they've been in a crate they're generally pretty well behaved. Much of a problem over there? Might be a dairy cow thing over here,anyway keep those pics coming.
  8. Yes they are from Australia I have a self propelled 12' cut that come from our farm.I can remember working on it when we were kids.We use to bag off bags and then use to tip.them off in lines across the paddock. Had a Wisconsin engine on it .Steel wheels as well
  9. albert766

    New Zealand

    Mike I actually said I didn't,t know that we had so many mosques in NZ,not that I was stunned at how many there was.To be honest it has never bothered me if they want to come to NZ If they want to build a mosque good luck to them. As for that fuckwit Australian senator my old man always said if you can't say anything good about someone don,t bother saying anything.The other thing that surprises me is that if you couldn't,t see them clapping down on semi autos after this circus you really should get out more.I was a member of a target rifle club and really it wouldn't,t make any difference to me if they tightened up on semi autos
  10. albert766

    New Zealand

    A nutter stormed into a mosque with 2 ar15,s on a Friday afternoon packed with 500 people praying and let rip. Killed 40 and then drove 6miles to another mosque and did the same thing killing another 10 people. Another 40 odd in hospital.seems he didn't,t like muslims. Watching this on TV last night and a couple of things struck me,one was I didn't know we had so many mosques in New Zealand and the second was if we were able to carry something maybe he wouldn't,t have got to 50 people.Pistols are illegal over here unless your in a pistol club. It will be interesting to see where he got the semi auto from because if they aren't,t banned you have to have a bloody good reason to have one.Mike Newman would know more about this than I would. A sad day for Christchurch.A lot of people will be missing loved ones.I think we might have been a wee bit niave to think that this type of crap would ever happen over here.
  11. Worked on a wheat farm out the back of mukinbudin. The road we lived on was rabbit proof fence road.you could still see the old fence along the road.Worked out for there for 5 years,you only get 8 for murder
  12. I,m looking for 32" tyres for my wd40.The old girl has cast rims so not easy to change rim sizes.Either new tyres or good used tyres would be okay.18.4 x32 or 15 x32 would fit okay.Golng to try miller tyre in the morning hoping somebody can help
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