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  1. I have a LB white LP knipco that's about 4 years old. Sometimes a 20# works, sometimes it doesn't. A 30# works more often then a 20# but still not always. A 100# always works. I think the smaller tanks depend on the condition of the valve.
  2. Ayup. You were bad for business there.
  3. If you don't like the rules here there are other places. I don't participate much here anymore because I don't like the rules. Too warm and fuzzy for me.
  4. Rock island is a good entry level.
  5. Your hills and valleys ain't no match for our prairie blizzards.
  6. My boy is 13. I allowed him to sign up here after RPRU in huron this year. He met a few members and wanted in. He posted once or twice in the first week after the round up and hasn't been back since. Too busy fishing, farming and hunting.
  7. I've heard that place is a sh!thole. Management over there ain't got nothing on BJ here.
  8. Is the niece suffering from postpartum depression therefore looking for a break from the stress of a new baby and work?
  9. Take the radiator cap off, drive 6.8 ferd out and pull 6.0 Chevy in. Reinstall radiator cap. If you insist on fixing then use genuine Motorcraft coils, boots and plugs. Denso is good but that's for GM, not ford. One thing I've learned over the years is some parts are very sensitive to certain manufacturers. Not saying generic parts house parts don't work. Lots of people get by. I've had too many comebacks over the years with certain brands of parts so certain problems get specific brand parts. Coils on fords are one of those.
  10. That is what we call gravy in my industry.
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