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  1. caseySD

    Removing a transfer case

    There is a sweet spot where they come out without removing any of the cross members. I can't describe it. I do them often. When I opened shop 8 years ago I fought them like you. I would undo the trans cross member and move the trans up and down. That worked fine until I figured out how to do it without some years later.
  2. caseySD

    Now seriously, who had this idea?

    We've had the dogs on the tube many a times but never a cat. I do at the moment though have 2 kittens that currently ride with me in the skidloader everyday doing chores.
  3. caseySD

    IH DV444 (7.3) Diesel Engine

    DV is the IDI 7.3, mid 94 and down. T444E is mid 94 and up 7.3 powerstroke.
  4. caseySD

    C263 connecting rod

    The 282 diesel is a modified gas block. Same concept at a GM 350 diesel or even a 6.2/6.5 Not a true diesel by design.
  5. caseySD


    Millet is popular around here when we get a July hail that wipes out a crop. Get millet in the ground and make hay. I wouldn't plant this late myself but I'm further north. May be fine down your way.
  6. caseySD

    small fridge

    $109 at Home Depot. 29qts/ Holds 48 pop cans.
  7. caseySD

    Rim width for a 16.9/38 tire

    I have 16.9's on both 14" rims and 16" rims. I like the 16" rims way better myself. Same way with 18.4's. 766 has them on 18" rims and they are way better then the 1086 on 16" rims.
  8. caseySD

    Trailer Winch Battery Questions

    One thing that has not been mentioned, If you plan to have a hot wire to always keep the battery charged full then make sure you used an automotive battery, not a deep cycle marine. Automotive batteries are designed for high loads and continuous charge. A deep cycle is designed to be run down over time then charge back up, not continuous charge.
  9. caseySD

    silverado starting issues

    Dime a dozen around here. Ford and GM both. Not sure when Ford started using them but GM started around 07/08. The FPCM regulates the pump to control the fuel flow for optimum fuel mileage. 75% or better of our roads are dirt. Given it's location above the spare tire and being poorly sealed from the factory they go out like crazy. I use a tube of silicone to seal new ones before I install.
  10. caseySD

    silverado starting issues

    Stop the train, back up..... It cranks and won't fire, right? First things first, check for fuel pressure. A failed pump will not give a CEL or code. Check the fuse under the hood first. If the fuse is good then you need to determine if your pickup has a FPCM. Fuel pump control module is located remotely above the spare tire. There is a test sequence for this. If the FPCM passes then it's the pump in the tank. That will be rare. 9 out of 10 times it's the FPCM.
  11. caseySD

    2016 cummins loss of power

    Isn't a 2016 still under warranty or are you over 100K with miles?
  12. caseySD

    Dot approved?????????

    ^^^ Someone will own that dealership some day.
  13. caseySD

    986 clutch booster leaking

    Price must've gone up. Had a few rebuilt by my local dealer over the years. I take it off and walk in. Tech rebuilds it while I wait. Hour at the most. Bill for labor and parts was always under $100. Been 8 years since I've had one done though.
  14. caseySD

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Need to find some 8 bolt hubs for mine too. Have 9.5L15 on the front now. Had 16.9-38 rears. Very well worn old deep treads. Tube finally came out the sidewall. Found some newer worn deep treads last week. 18.4-38. Started putting those on last Friday when I decided now would be a good time to fix the leaking axle seals. Waiting on parts now. Spose I better move the fenders in. Can't fit my hand between. Need a PTO rebuild also.
  15. caseySD

    What would you do?

    Hard lesson, learn from it, move on. Contractor keeps operating like that he won't be for much longer.