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  1. caseySD

    2016 cummins loss of power

    Isn't a 2016 still under warranty or are you over 100K with miles?
  2. caseySD

    Dot approved?????????

    ^^^ Someone will own that dealership some day.
  3. caseySD

    986 clutch booster leaking

    Price must've gone up. Had a few rebuilt by my local dealer over the years. I take it off and walk in. Tech rebuilds it while I wait. Hour at the most. Bill for labor and parts was always under $100. Been 8 years since I've had one done though.
  4. caseySD

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Need to find some 8 bolt hubs for mine too. Have 9.5L15 on the front now. Had 16.9-38 rears. Very well worn old deep treads. Tube finally came out the sidewall. Found some newer worn deep treads last week. 18.4-38. Started putting those on last Friday when I decided now would be a good time to fix the leaking axle seals. Waiting on parts now. Spose I better move the fenders in. Can't fit my hand between. Need a PTO rebuild also.
  5. caseySD

    What would you do?

    Hard lesson, learn from it, move on. Contractor keeps operating like that he won't be for much longer.
  6. caseySD

    Zero Turn Mower - time saver?

    Bought a new 46" tractor in 2011. Took 2 hours for a quick job, 3 hours for a complete nice job plus and hour after with the string trimmer. Bought a 54" zero turn in 2015. A quick job is now 45 min and a complete nice job is an hour and 15 min. String trimmer takes 10-15 min behind it.
  7. caseySD

    756 with D310

    Like what's been said already, oring on sleeve is most likely the culprit. As far as the tractor itself.... In good working order you'll be hard pressed to find anything better. I wouldn't be without mine. I feel they are one of the most underated tractors out there.
  8. caseySD

    Sprayer question

    Foam marker so he knows where to make his next pass. Same concept as having a bar with chains on your tractor for planting when the planter doesn't have markers.
  9. caseySD

    Mto and anyone that works on cars/trucks

    My vintage reference wasn't about the age but more about the era. Not sure about the newer ones but 2003 through at least 2012 just had chitty AC systems to begin with. My wife is driving a 2014 Ram now with less then 30k on it. I've already had to work on the AC system and am less then impressed. My first experience with the new 1234yf freon. Expensive little ******* to put it mildly. Thanks Europe.
  10. caseySD

    Mto and anyone that works on cars/trucks

    Those vintage dodge AC systems suck big time, especially if you have a quad/mega cab. Just not enough capacity.
  11. caseySD

    How did I ever live without one?

    It's all about what you want/like. I've had 3 wheelers for ever. Got along just fine with them. Bought a couple year old CanAm 4 wheeler. Put 100 miles on it the first year and 5 miles on it the second year. Sold it. Just naturally went to my 3 wheelers instead. Couple years later I got a Honda 500 rubicon. I run the tires off that and the 3 wheelers don't hardly move anymore. Local powersports place had a used 570 polaris ranger side by side last year. I took it home for a couple weeks. Just couldn't get used to it. Prefered the four wheeler so it went back. Some day when I get older maybe.
  12. caseySD

    3 Generations

    2nd gen is on the short list. War Dept says no right now but we'll have another driver in 2 years so that's my plan and he's on board with that.
  13. caseySD

    3 Generations

    Working today.
  14. caseySD

    2000 Chevy power steering pump

    GM power steering is gravy work here. If a person doesn't do it often I can see it being a beatch. Make sure you flush the system real good or that new pump won't last long.
  15. caseySD


    Looks like a great time as usual. Been trying hard to make it down but this year has been very trying to put it mildly. I'm still pondering a turn and burn....