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  1. Butter shortage in France?

    Been years since I've seen a gallon of milk under $5 here in SD. ****** me off when we go to the twin cities or WI and milk is $1.99 gallon at a gas station.
  2. LED TVs vs. cold weather

    I have a LCD in my fish house. It takes an hour or 2 to warm up after I turn the heat on before it works. TV is about 7 years old. Been in the fish house now for 3 years. No issues.
  3. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    Even if you find a bad one that needs to be rebuilt, they're cheap and easy to rebuild. My local dealer carries all the pieces needed to rebuild.
  4. 706D 12v Battery Size

    Those were all 12 volt. They used two 6 volt batteries. First one was grounded to frame and positive went to ground of second battery. Positive of second battery then went to starter and accessories giving you 12 volt. You will always need glow plugs to start, even at 90* and even 15 min after shutdown in 90*. nature of the beast. Back to the battery deal, original would have been two 3EH connected in series. You can use two 3EE's or 3ET's in parallel also. I personally need function over form so I opt to use group 31 truck batteries in my machines.
  5. Safe distance between 706 tires

    Winner. 30" rows for 60" center is common practice here. Like said, unless your working hillsides it's plenty safe.
  6. ^^^ Ayup. Local to me graphics shop has made some amazing stuff for me over the years. A sticker like that would be a walk in the park for them.
  7. Towing Farmall M?

    To the OP... Unless your hauling several 100 miles every weekend to shows I think you'll do just fine with a decent 7k trailer and some common sense. Biggest issue will be narrowing the rear tires up enough to fit inside the fender wells of the trailer.
  8. Towing Farmall M?

    This. I ran years with a clapped out F150/300 straight six. No I didn't tug a 36' gooseneck grossing 40k but a 14k bumper hitch wasnt much issue. Was it safe or legal? Not often but I took my time, didn't set any land speed records and got done what I needed to do. Granted, my 3500 Cummins now is much better suited but we all gotta start somewhere and grow as we either need too or as the budget allows.
  9. 86 Hydro

    Most aftermarket hydraulic fluid is similar to 10-30 viscosity. Fill a IH hydro with that and they take close to an hour at 0* to warm up and function properly. Hytran works from the start. BTDT
  10. 86 Hydro

    It won't move when it gets cold with the 15-50. It's time to take it to Herr's.
  11. Towing Farmall M?

    I have a 2006 ABU 16' tandem 3500# axles. Trailer had channel crossmembers vs angle that a lot of manufactures like to use. Way heavier built. It weighs 2000# by itself. I recently put 10 ply 225/75R15 tires on it so tires are no longer the weak spot. I haul my skid loader all the time. It weighs 6000#. Trailer is constructed heavy enough it hasn't hurt anything. Your pickup will handle it as long as you use your head and drive like a white man.
  12. Anybody watch Miss America pageant last night?

    I wonder what her VMI is?
  13. Anybody watch Miss America pageant last night?

    Except that she pissed Trump pulled out of the Paris climate deal. I guess it don't matter where hey hail from....
  14. Son in laws first pull

    Nah, you married that.
  15. Feeder Market

    Been watching 6 weights sell for $1.50 and 9 weights sell for $1.80 the last few weeks. Not sure how that works Where are you at Hobby? I'll have 14 5-6 weights for sale here coming up.