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  1. 5088 shifting into reverse?

    Thanks guys, so I should be able to slide the tire out drop the fuel tank down and that cover is there to gain access to those set screws. Seems pretty straight forward. But what is this spring you are talking about? Thanks again a lot.
  2. 5088 shifting into reverse?

    My 5088 shifter lever will slide right into low, medium and hi but for reverse it does not want to go all the way back in the slot. It will go into reverse and move but feels like it is not all the way in reverse. Tractor has 10000 hours and had clutch done 8000 hours. Where would be a good place to start looking. thanks for any suggestions
  3. 5488 rear axle seal?

    My dads 5488 has started to leak oil out of the rear axle. Is it possible to just slide the wheel off the axle and replace the seal? Or do you have to remove the bell housing then the axle to replace the seal? Thank you for any help.
  4. 5088 sentry maybe

    Thanks guys for the advice. This weekend my brother and I will try and do some troubleshooting. I have not priced a new sentry, but can they be rebuilt. It looks like Mike Links can rebuild them.
  5. 5088 sentry maybe

    Hi everyone i have a 5088 that the sentry light is coming on sometimes. When I start it up I have to push the clutch all the way to the floor to make it go out and it's fine for the day. Lately the sentry has been coming on more often especially when I take it out of gear. Today it was cold out and when I put it in reverse one the sentry light comes on and doesn't move but if I put it in reverse two it goes fine and it will shift to reverse one then. I tried this with medium 1,2,3 and 4 same symptoms. Can a bad hydraulic pump cause a problem. I say this because late this summer my power steering got a lot harder. While planting wheat with a three point drill when I have it raised up the tractor steers real easy due to the drill taking weight off the front. Any ideas greatly appreciated. thanks