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  1. 806

    IIRC, they may have changed it on the 56 series and later. Just look at your axle housings. There is still a drain plug on the housings but may not be a fill plug. On the 06's, these guys are spot on.....5 drain plugs.
  2. Spring plowing with the 656

    Great pics and rig. Spent many hours with a similar setup as a teenager. Ours was 5-14's as I recall pulling with a weighted down 706D. Still have the old girl. Glad to see the old iron still earning it's keep
  3. 706 Brake refresh

    I drained all the fluids when I did the range shifting repair work, and then refilled with Hytran. Ever since, I'm seeing hytran leaking from the left hand brake housing when the tractor is parked. I ordered the 3 orings but not the housing seal yet. I haven't torn into this yet, so I don't know what shape the friction discs are in. My question is, what do I need to look for on the primary and intermediate plates? Can these be "turned" at all? Seems like the last time we were in there (which was probably 15 years ago), the plates showed pitting / surface imperfections. The tractor only sees 25-50 hours of work each year but stopping when I need to is pretty important. I'll get pics when I get the housing pulled apart.
  4. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    I had no idea about this place. I'll bet that equipment looks even better in person. Work takes me in that direction once in a while....I'll have to see if I can see the workmanship in person. Thanks for sharing Brian!
  5. Salvage yard suggestion

    Need some suggestions for some salvage yards around IN or IL. I'm looking for some replacement parts for a bushhog 3126. I backed over some weeds and there was a short stump in there and I really bent up the chain bracket on the back. I doubt that I could straighten back up to where it can bolt back on. I figured someone on here might know of a yard that might have this kind of equipment. Thanks in advance!
  6. early 706 diesel on big iron

    Agree with Tom. Lots of things that shouldn't be on an early 706. Air cleaner through the hood, long hydraulic levers, platform extensions, etc. so I wouldn't look at it as collectable because of the early S/N. Just my $0.02 worth.
  7. 1066 with spare parts in hydraulic filter housing

    That is definitely a shift detent roller. I'm 99% sure it would be from the range section. It's kinda difficult for detent rollers to make it from the speed trans section back to the hyd filter. Detent rollers from the speed section are found when that section is drained. Its most likely broken because it went through the range gears before it ended up in the bottom of the housing. As others have said, pull the platform and range cover and give a look. IIRC you want to pull the cover with the Range shifted to Hi. At least it's that way on the 06's. Good luck and welcome!
  8. Hitch in-a-ride

    If that QH needs another IN home let me know. Great find. Great score. I run across these now and then but most of those I see are pretty beat up.
  9. D236 glow plug wiring question

    This is from memory and it's for a 706 so YMMV. i get constant 12v from the starter solenoid to one side of the meter. From the other meter post connect to one lug on the momentary switch. From the other lug on the switch down to the glow plugs (thru a junction block). If your meter is wired backwards, the needle will peg in the wrong direction. Just switch the wires on the meter if that happens. Remember, it's not until you complete the circuit (by pressing the momentary switch) that you'll get current flow through the meter. When all 6 of my plugs are connected I'm pushing somewhere like 42 amps across the switch and meter. If I ever need to rework it, I'll go with a high current relay like others have said and just use the momentary switch to energize the relay. Good luck!
  10. Good times with good equipment

    That is so cool. That truck reminds me my dads p/u, an all black 1977 Chevy 3/4 ton. The trim package was the Bonanza. Remember those? I remember dad always saying it rode like a log wagon. I smiled ear to ear driving that thing to school. i still have the roll bar that I bought and had in the back. Had kc lights on it back then. thanks for sharing your pics. I dig it.
  11. Lost 706 D

    It's always interesting to me to see the changes from original on a tractor. Always makes me wonder who made those changes / updates and why. Our 706D is, like i posted earlier, a 1963 built in December of that year (from what I found in the Wisconsin archive). I guess it's a bit weird in that it has FT fenders with dual lights, the side lights are still on it as well, but it still has the original fiberglass seat. Anyway, it's always interesting to see them as they are.
  12. Lost 706 D

    Sweet find all the way around. The 706 is probably a 1963. Mine is pretty close to the one pictured. Same seat but mine has the rainbow tach. Mine was built in December of 63. It's also a d282. Good luck on getting her running and saving all the good old iron.
  13. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Not picking this apart (and I'd love to have the tractor), it looks to me as though the paint isn't original. The only reason I say so is the 3rd picture (closeup of Hydro words) appears to show a section that was taped off and painted. It doesn't stop me from appreciating a low hour tractor however.
  14. More early '06 questions

    Jeff i like the old style too for the same reasons. My guess is that the extension tube was considered an improvement to help keep out the gunk that always collects under the platform.
  15. What width Disc Harrow was 560Diesel design to pull

    I would agree that there are a lot of variables but.... we pulled an IH 37 14' with the 706d ( the 282) and it handled the disk with ease. Granted the 706 is heavier and probably has less tire slippage with the same load but if you aren't discing clay I'd go with the 14'.